Saturday, March 29, 2008

School Enrollment In the Crowsnest Pass

School Enrollment in the Crowsnest Pass

In the Crowsnest Pass today our schools are in crisis regarding the issue of falling enrollment. In 1995-1996 school years, we had 1172 children in four schools this year we have 663 children in three schools. With another decline of ten percent in the 2008/09, school year anticipated. In 2002, we lost a school because our four schools were not being utilized to anywhere near their capacities, today our schools are only filled to forty one percent of capacity. We need desperately to either bring more young families to our community or find an alternative ways of utilizing our schools. Today we have the “Chinook Education Consortium” using a taxpayer subsided facility (The Crowsnest Centre which used to be our hospital). Would it not make sense to release the taxpayers of the burden of maintaining a building that the province felt was no longer adequate in 1989, move the education consortium into our school system, which in turn will protect and maintain our schools until we attract young families? We all know from previous experience it is too late to save a school, once the province makes the decision to close it.

School Enrollment number in the Crowsnest Pass from 1995 to Present

1995-1996 221 163 399 389 1172
1996-1997 225 142 379 407 1153
1997-1998 227 141 353 382 1103
1998-1999 218 149 338 385 1090
1999-2000 205 146 309 376 1036
2000-2001 193 155 299 357 1004
2001-2002 180 145 292 350 967
2002-2003 000 246 436 257 939
2003-2004 000 241 190 442 873
2004-2005 000 238 165 427 830
2005-2006 000 210 164 381 755
2006-2007 000 205 150 357 712
2007-2008 000 168 170 325 663

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Crowsnest Pass Home

Welcome to Crowsnest Pass Home, Why did I choose this name? because even though I have not lived here all of my life (Since 1983) I have grown to love this place we call the Crowsnest Pass and the people that live here. This is my home and always will be through both good, and especially bad times you find out how special the people really are.
I know my Blog will not be as slick and professional as some. However, I hope to use this blog to present and discuss issues that I feel are important for myself, for my family and for this community. I hope to get lots of feedback, I look for that. I do not claim for a second to have all of the answers. However, I believe if you look at things with an open mind and a willingness to change. Together we will find the answers.
Do we have many great things in the Pass? Absolutely Do we need change? Absolutely
Please take a moment think about what I present here and give me your views.