Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Special Council Meeting of March 29,2011

Special Council Meeting of March 29,2011

Adoption of Agenda:
No additions
Motion to accept the Agenda was passed unanimously

Adoption of previous minutes: None

Delegations: None

Administrative and Agency Reports: None

Business arising from the Minutes: None

Correspondence: None

Committee Reports: None


1. Bylaw 820, Mill rate Bylaw.
Director of Finance presented the mill rate bylaw provided information on the breakdown of the bylaw. Discussion began with the following questions and or comments: Does administration have a 5-year projection for linear assessment? Yes it going down
Are assessment values based on market values of June 2010? Yes
How does market values for June 2010 compare to values for June 2009? Pretty well the same.
Are power lines part of linear assessment? Yes
Is school foundation charged on just residential? No but our business sector is so small that the residential is hit with the brunt of any increase.
CPR did their assessment go up when they added the by pass line and upgraded their bridges? Administration to check on this, assessor believes it is based on tonnage that passes through.
Is there any change to the mill rate? No not the municipal portion
How much will tax rates increase? Administration stated on a commercial property worth $1.2 million $118 on a residential anywhere from $8-22.
Is our commercial high compared to other municipalities? Assessor explained that our ratio of non-residential to non-residential is 2-1, where Lethbridge is at 4-1 and Calgary is at 5-1.
Councilor Saindon requested where dollars from jobs not being filled and savings on equipment purchases were going. Administration explained that before those dollars were spent elsewhere information would come back to council.
Motion for first reading passed by a vote of 4-3 (Saje, Gallant, Saindon opposed)

2. Bylaw 823, Discharge of Septage into Municipal Owned Septage Disposable Facility.
Discussion: Mayor Decoux wanted to know why this was brought to a special meeting of council. Administration stated that it is a revenue issue needed to be implemented immediately.
Does this policy fit within the Municipal Environmental Sustainability Plan? Administration stated that this is a service that many municipalities provide we need to have it put in place. Motion to passed second reading passed unanimously. Motion to pass third reading passed unanimously.

Notices of Motion: None

Other Business:
1. Maplevue Hall Demolition: Discussion
Request for a 60-day extension on the demolition from the Crowsnest Heritage Board.
Felt that heritage board had many opportunities to approach council previously; it would not be fair on the contractor to delay now.
Felt that the heritage board should be more pro active and approach the municipality with a list of municipal owned building that they would like to have some input on.
Councilor Saje felt if the roof was good should give the heritage board the time to look at it.
Councilor Londsbury felt that the building is an eyesore and should be dealt with also concerned about the old Cameron school in West Coleman.
Motion to proceed with the demolition passed 6-1 (Saje opposed)

G + P Meeting March 29, 2011

G + P Meeting March 29, 2011

Adoption of Agenda:
Councilor Saje added Personnel In Camera
Councilor Saindon added two Land Issues In Camera
Motion to accept agenda with additions passed unanimously


1. Scott Warris, Treasurer-Crowsnest Boys and Girls Club

Presented a lot of information on what the Boys and Girls club have done over the last year. Spoke to the support they have received from the community. Requested that council support them as they attempt to raise $70,000 this spring.

2. Carrie Bahr-Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami.

Spoke about the cultural exchange program with Hokuto City in Japan, she also raised with council that the high school is doing a fund raiser today (March 30) to assist in helping the Japanese recovery. She asked for council to match the funds raised. She also requested that council look into the possibility of becoming a sister city with Hokuto.

Topics for Discussion:

1. Policy Committee Terms of Reference:

Two year term for councilors,
Invitation to other people that can be drawn on for resource information needs to be more strongly worded.
Quorum should be three people two of which must be council members.
Canadian spelling of councilor should have two “l”
Should be an opportunity for public input into significant policies.
CAO stated that the policy could be posted on the municipality web site.
Motion to have administration bring back the policy passed Unanimously.

2. Large item Residential Pickup:

Request from administration to rescind the previous spring cleanup policy.
The mayor asked how and when did the program begin.
Administration stated that it originally began to clean up the community and provide a service for residents who could not get to the landfill.
Is there a limit on household furniture and appliances?
Councilor Saindon questioned the costs of last years cleanup, administration stated it was $66,000 by his calculations he came up with in excess of $120,000.
He also questioned this years budget number felt that doing the cleanup in nine days was optimistic. Felt the municipality could look at the option of contracting out the service.
Most of council felt administration should look at providing the services for the elderly and the handicapped.
Councilor Gail also agree with providing the service for the older folks but realizes that people have got to start looking at cutbacks.
Councilor Saindon asked that the municipality look at a different option, provide a loader, truck and two labours for two weeks and strategically located bins for 60 days.
Mayor Decoux felt that the public should be notified that this is the last year, or that the service will be changed and provided to a selected group, also that the public needs to understand that some services will be reduced or cut.

Motion was made to have administration bring this back to council with the input from councilors considered, Motion was passed 6-1 (Saindon opposed)

3. Equipment Replacement Policy

Motion was made to take this policy back to the Policy Committee on April 20 and bring back to the G+P meeting on April 26th. Passed Unanimously.

4. Snow Clearing and Ice Control Policy

Councilor Mitchell wanted to know how many graders the municipality has on the road, how many in Blairmore. He wants the public to know that we live in the mountains and that they can not expect to have bare pavement.
Councilor Londsbury wanted to know if the School zone definition refers to route or the area in around schools
Councilor Gail stated that there was seven bricks in the paper, felt that the papers needed to get the message out that public needs to have compassion and patience.
Councilor Gallant wanted to know if the policy was drawn up in consultation with the employees and if they were in agreement, Myron Thompson replied that the Leadhands agreed with most aspects but that there was some debate.
Councilor Saindon asked why graders were not running outside of regular hours.
Myron stated that a letter had been sent to the union requesting that double shifting being allowed on the graders for snow plowing, drainage issues etc, administration was waiting for a response.

Motion to recommended this policy to council passed unanimously.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Teck/Elkview latest update

UPDATE - Tuesday, March 29, 2011 - 2:30pm


◦The mediator - Mr. Vince Ready - contacted both parties this afternoon by way of letter requesting "that the parties return to the bargaining table for exploratory talks in an attempt to find a resolution to this protracted dispute."

◦The Company contacted our President, Chris Nand this afternoon stating that they will be in Vancouver on Friday to meet. Chris responded that he will be there with our bargaining committee.

Taxes are going up, Zero per cent tax Increase is fading away fast, who will step up to the plate? Anybody? Nobody?

Zero per cent tax Increase, who will step up to the plate?. Somebody must if that is to become real.
Tonight March 29th there is a special council meeting, one of the agenda items is the (PROPOSED) Mill rate bylaw No.820 for 2011.

Last year in 2010 the Municipality collected $8,984,288 from the taxpayers of the Crowsnest Pass of which,

$6,432,821 was for general municipal taxation.
$2,366,925 was for the Alberta School Foundation Fund.
$   184,542 was for the Seniors Housing.

The PROPOSED Bylaw for 2011 will collect $9,401,120

$6,555,990 for General Municipal Taxation
$2,542,134 for Alberta School Foundation Fund.
$   302,996 for Seniors Housing

By my math that's an increase of 4.64%, which is a far cry from a ZERO per cent. An additional $416,832 is going to be collected by our local taxman.
Back to my original question who will step up to the plate to get this down to zero, remember any councilor can make amendments to the bylaw at any of the three readings.

The plan presented by administration calls for first reading tonight and second and third reading on April 5th.

Not a lot of time.

Friday, March 25, 2011

One Liberal's response to latest opinion poll

Good article in today's Calgary Sun regarding the Ipsos opinion poll that came out yesterday.

March 24, 2011

Conservatives @ 43% up 3%
Liberals @ 24% down 3%
NDP @ 16% same
Bloc @ 10% same
Greens @ 6% up 1%

The last time there was a 19% lead going into an election was 1984 when Mulroney cleaned house, and the Liberals were left with 40 seats.

Does history always repeat itself?

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Its amazing how one word can change the way people view an issue.

On March 8, the Herald asked the following question:

“Do you support the municipality launching a shuttle bus service to transport Crowsnest Pass residents to indoor pool facilities in neighboring communities?”

The results out of 61 people that voted 49% said Yes, 44% said No and 7% were undecided.

Shortly after the Promoter ran a very similar question except they added that one little word “PAY” would you pay for that same shuttle?

The results were out of 51 people that voted 16% said Yes, 73% said No and 11% were undecided.

It really is amazing out that one-word “PAY” changes everything.

Think about it folks, even if they come up with corporate sponsors to cover the shuttle up front how long do you think that will last, within a year the taxpayers will be paying for a service that only a very small portion of the public will use.

The message that I heard from this poll and around town is we the taxpayers of the Crowsnest Pass do not want to pay for this service.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

It's only garbage, Spring Cleanup in the Crowsnest Pass

Well here, we go again the old issue of Spring Cleanup.

This annual ritual (some years bi annual) where we take our municipal workforce away from jobs that they should be doing and turn them into garbage men (nothing derogatory towards garbage men) for anywhere from two to six months.

Over the last seven years this absolute waste of time as cost the taxpayers anywhere from $100,000 to $400,000 per year in total somewhere around $2 million.

Wow, we could have put in place three new graders, three new loaders and probably a couple of brand new trucks without incurring one dollar of debt in that timeframe.

So new council made up of mostly people that pledged to go after the inefficiencies within the municipality to keep the cost of taxes down takes another look at this issue.

Lo and behold, they have come up with a new plan they are going to remain being one of the few communities in the province that still does this silliness but they are going to do it differently.

We the taxpayers are going to be supplied with a list of items that are eligible to be removed by our public works employees, (temporary garbage men). For two weeks, the taxpayers will have the opportunity to call the municipality to notify them of the need to have their garbage picked up.
Then the municipal employees will come around and pick them up. The dollars allowed in the budget for this Myron Thompson stated $10,000 just for labour.
My response to that is “dream on” at our labour rates that works out to a little under 300 hours of labour over a one month period that “two” employees assigned to this.

Think about a few things:

How hard is it going to be to call the municipal office those two weeks?
We have over 3200 residences in the Crowsnest Pass imagine if only half of them call for a pick up, the logistic nightmare of coordinating that exercise?.

If house number one and four on a block calls to schedule a pick up, number three sees his neighbors putting out material so he just goes ahead and puts his out will the municipal employees just drive by because he did not schedule?

Councilor Saindon stated I believe correctly that this cleanup will cost just as much as the old one. He as also stated on his blog that he is clearly opposed to this, I hope he can convince his colleagues, it is time for the Crowsnest Pass to recognize as so many other communities have this is not a luxury we can afford.

Its time to end the debate on Spring Cleanup.

NOTE: Surprising results on my poll regarding the new cleanup only 2 voters (5%) felt the new idea was good, 11 voters (30%) felt the municipality should stick with the old cleanup. Lastly 23 voters (63%) felt that the municipality doing cleanups should just end.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tax Increase! Maybe Not.

There seems to be some interest amongst our Council about maintaining the Status Quo on tax levels. In simple terms no increase, where does this come from check out Councilor’s Saindon Blog he states the following.

“Can we still have no tax tax increase this year? My answer to that is yes and your administration and council will work to that end. Certain budget adjustments and programs may feel a further pinch ,but I am confident we can find the extra needed to offset the school board and senior’s housing increases for this year.”

How will Council and administration pull this off?

Well let me say this, politicians and administrators will always find a good reason to spend our money, there is no shortage of worthy causes to help.
Through my previous experiences on council when you hear a politician or administrator tell you that the budget is as tight as it can be, there is no further room to cut don’t believe them.
There may be no further “political will” buts there’s always room, anybody that’s ever drawn up a budget knows that there’s always wiggle room built in.

Let me give you an example, the new jobs that were created. From what I heard from the budget process there was dollars placed into the budget for 10 months wages for a Public Works Foreman, the opportunity to apply for the job is open until March 25. Then there will be interviews, the person hired will probably need to give notice so realistically they will not start until June 1 at the earliest there’s three months wages probably $20,000.

The other positions were budgetted for a full year, none of those positions have been posted yet so there is at least three more months wages probably minimum $50,000.

The only problem with this approach is it gives a misleading dollar figure for wages moving forward, because next year the municipality will be faced with the cost for a full year.

Anyway that’s just my ideas on reaching a zero percent tax increase, but it will take more than that to offset the almost $200,000 increase in the ASFF and the Seniors foundation.

More than anything else it's about "political will"

Friday, March 18, 2011

Crowsnest Pass Council Meeting March 15, 2011

Council Meeting of March 15,2011

Adoption of Agenda:

No additions
Motion to accept the Agenda was passed unanimously

Adoption of previous minutes.

1. Council meeting of March 1, 2011. Motion to accept the minutes was accepted unanimously.

Delegations: None

Administrative and Agency Reports:

CAO Clifford gave a verbal report that information on the Sawback Ridge development will be presented at the next Council Meeting

Director of Public Works Myron Thompson gave a verbal presentation on the issue of Spring Cleanup. Intention to start May 24th, Residents will be allowed to place out three items from a list of eligible items to be communicated prior. Residents will be expected to call the municipal office the two weeks prior to May 24th to book their pickup.

Councilors made the following comments:
Should the municipality look at picking large items up more than once a year.
Electronic recycling should also be done more than once a year
Fridges can be dropped of at Devlins any time of the year
Concern over the cost of this type of pickup being no cheaper than previous cleanups. Cleanup last year cost $442 per tonne, also Councilor Saindon stated that 80-90% of residents have the ability to take their own garbage to the landfill.

Business arising from the Minutes:

1.Outstanding Action Items from Motions of Council (2004-2010) Administration requested more time for this process, council granted until May 3

Correspondence: None

1. Hector Goudreau, Minister of Municipal Affairs-2011 MSI Funding municipality to receive approximately $1.9million from the province, $1.7 for capital and $200,000 for operational.

2. Hector Goudreau, Minister of Municipal Affairs-Clarification Letter sent to the wrong person a second time, Mayor Decoux asked administration to ensure this does not happen again.

3. Office of the Prime Minister-Receipt of Correspondence, Municipality had sent the Prime Ministers office a thank you letter, they sent the municipality a letter thanking them for thanking them.

Committee Reports:

1.Minutes of March 8, 2011 Goverance and Priorities Committee. Councilor Mitchell pointed out that the minutes stated that council members “will” attend the Mayors Prayer Breakfast it should have stated “may”. Motion to accept minutes as amended passed unanimously.


1.Bylaw 819, Borrowing Bylaw-Grader & Hydraulic Excavator. At this point confusion set in, council started to question administration. Councilor Londsbury was surprised with the 5 year term he was under the impression that the items were to be paid off in this budget. Councilor Saje also stated that he knew the Municipality was doing short term financing but thought they would be paying it off in 3-4 months when the property tax dollars came in. Administration stated that it out been clearly shown in the budget that there would be a payment of $116,000 a year for the next five years. Mayor Decoux and several other councilors indicated that was there interpretation also. Motion to pass first reading passed unanimously.

2.Bylaw 822, Operating Line of Credit- authorizes the Municipality to borrow up to $1 million for an operating line. Motion to passed first reading passed unanimously

3.Bylaw 823, Discharge of Septage into Municipal Owned Septage Disposable Facility. Motion to passed first reading passed unanimously

Notices of Motion: None

Other Business:

1. Capital Equipment and Project Tendering update, this was a presentation by Myron Thompson relevant to the purchase of new equipment and the tendering process to demolish the Maplevue Hall. Motion to accept passed unanimously.

2. 10 Year Capital Infrastructure Plan, Continuation of Previous plans for Infrastructure, with the need for the Municipality to spend $42 milion over the next ten years. The major project being the upgrading of the Frank Sewer Plant, most of these costs will be covered by grants with the exception of approximately $430,000 a year which the municipality will have to provide, the Director of Public Works suggested that this amount should be placed in reserves each year for that purpose. Motion to accept passed unanimously.

3. Pinkest Town in the West. Motion to accept passed unanimously

4. Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast. Motion to accept passed unanimously

5. Reschedule the March 22 G+P meeting to March 29 if there is enough agenda items to deal with. Motion to accept passed unanimously

6. Volunteer Directory-Administration informed council that Director of Community Services will be bringing forth information on this to Council at a later date.

7.Community Enhancement-Mayor Decoux announced that he had been approached by Frank Loseth who as a group of volunteers that are ready and willing to help clean up the community, Mayor Decoux suggested that Mr Loseth be invited to a meeting of council to present his ideas.

Council Member reports: None

Public Input: Resident Joe Mahieux came to present to council his concerns about Bylaw 798 (Community Standards) specifically Part #3, Section 5. This bans the parking of Campers, Trailers etc on municipal boulevards. Asked that council take another look at this, which they agreed to and stated they would respond to him in a timely fashion.

Motion to go In Camera: Passed Unanimously

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Councilors not clear on increasing Municipal debt load? Do we really know what's going on?

Imagine going through a budget process, then two months later Two councilors indicate that they didn't realize the Municipality was assuming over half a million dollars in term debt.

More exciting news a new approach to Spring Cleanup????

Will my taxes really be going up?

And how to make yourself look good with a surplus

More to follow......

Monday, March 14, 2011

Teck/Elkview reach a deal

Posted on the Steelworkers web site @

Copy of letter sent to CEO Don Lindsay of Teck

Friday, March 11, 2011

Crowsnest Pass Economy, Cause for Concern.

Its with great sadness I read today that the Video Mill is shutting down in Blairmore, it is only six weeks ago that our local Curves closed.

Some people may not see these has substantial losses, I disagree every business lost has some kind of impact. Every business in our community was the result of somebody investing their time, effort and money. Both of those businesses employed a number of people, people who will no longer have those incomes to spend in our community.

What are the answers? Most of us do not know but optimistically they are not far away.

I hope that we do not lose any other businesses prior to the Study being completed by the Economic Task Force, which is comprised of a group of highly regarded professionals, brought together by our Mayor. We can only hope that this study will provide the opportunities for Council to seize that will lead to the revitalization of our community.

G+P meeting March 8, 2011

G + P Meeting March 8, 2011

Adoption of Agenda:

Councilor Saje added Personnel In Camera

Councilor Gallant added Personnel and Land In Camera

Motion to accept agenda with additions passed unanimously

Delegations: None

Topics for Discussion:

1.Capital Equipment and Project Tendering Update
Maplevue Hall- Tender closes on March 14 apparently there are a minimum of four companies that have looked at it, so quotes are expected.

Councilor Saje wanted to know if the property had been offered for sale with the building left.

Councilor Saje wanted to know if there was an opportunity to buy equipment from the US to take advantage of the dollar. Administration informed council that is where the equipment would originate.

Councilor Saindon requested information on the Train the Trainer program. The municipalities highest-level Equipment Operators are expected to train the other operators; they have never been provided the necessary training in the past to allow them to be certified to train lesser-experienced operators.

Councilor Mitchell stated that funding for the Maplevue hall would come out of Land Reserves to be replaced when the land sells.

Public Works Director Myron Thompson stated that he had miscalculated on the pricing for Graders he did not allow for the snow wing, but with two bids already, he expects the Graders to still be under budget.

Motion to send this issue to the Council Meeting of March 15 passed unanimously.

2.Affordable Housing Update

Lynne Cox presented Council with a copy of the needs assessment that was done by the previous affordable housing committee. She stated that the committee had fulfilled its mandate as laid out at the time. That the committee had not met in a year and was disbanded with one of the Co-chairs no longer being a resident of the Crowsnest Pass:

Councilor Saje, stated that the demographic numbers in the report were based on the 2001 and 2006 census, since then Alberta has gone through a Boom and Bust cycle, so how relevant are the numbers since.

Councilor Gail, spoke about how now options need to be looked at such as trailer courts or bringing in new developers.

Councilor Gallant, raised a number of issues, what defines affordable housing, is there funding available for this, felt Council should discuss further at their next retreat.

Councilor Saindon, felt council needs to determine its involvement including the structure of a new committee

Councilor Mitchell felt it was a great report, where now.

Councilor Londsbury, felt the report was really good but wondered why it sat collecting dust for so long. Mayor Decoux stated that the executive summary had been given to the Task Force.

Motion was made to send to the next council retreat on March 31, passed unanimously

3.Pinkest Town in the West.

Cao Tully informed council that past practice had been not to declare a day to support a particular group because of the sheer volume of groups that would request.

Councilor Mitchell, had no problem with this, felt the group was just looking for support for their effort.

Councilor Saje, Is looking for ways to spur increased community involvement, felt it would be good to look at a policy to address this.

Councilor Gallant, felt it would be good to assist them with awareness and fund raising.

Councilor Gail, agrees with Councilor Saje.

Councilor Saindon, felt that the municipality should publicize the event to assist.

Councilor Londsbury, felt these types of events are a good opportunity to involve the community and unite the different areas together.

Motion to support the initiative was passed unanimously

4.Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast.
Most members of council felt this was a personnel issue and each councilor should decide himself if they wish to attend or not. Motion to support that position was passed unanimously.

Motion to go In Camera: Passed Unanimously.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Simplest of Questions

I know I have touched on this issue previously, but its important enough to talk about it some more.

I was asked a question on the weekend by a municipal employee.

It was phrased this way: "How can two councils be so different, last year all we heard was the municipality had no money, then this year we hear that we are getting five more employees and a bunch of new equipment"

Simple question with a simple answer.

The municipalities reserves had been significantly depleted by infrastructure over the last 5-6 years. Last year council determined it made sense to not increase the number of employees but to put money back into reserves. ($450,000)
Previous council knew that the municipalities equipment fleet was old and needed to be replaced, so for the last five years was putting money into new equipment. ($250,000)

So now you come to 2011 its not like the municipality suddenly got wealthy, in the paragraph above there is $700,000 accounted for. So if you took a different approach and dispersed that money in different ways, lets say $3-400,000 in wages.
$120,000 to make a payment on the $560,000 debt to buy new equipment. The balance to pay for any other additional costs to offset a 0% tax increase.

Again its not like the municipalities financial situation got better, it would be no different than a couple saying we are not going to pay our mortgage this month or put any money in savings because we are going on a holiday, when we get back we will go out and finance a brand new truck. Short term appearance to the rest of the world is that you are doing very well.

Moving forward how does the municipality pay that $3-400,000 per year in wages year after year plus the $120,000 payment on its new debt. Plus will there be no further requests for new equipment next year? and eventually those reserves do have to be replenish at some point.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Interesting article on the Coal Industry

I think the following will be of interest to some of my local readers from todays Financial Post:

Anglo coal settlement good news for Teck

The settlement of Anglo American’s metallurgical coal contract pricing at US$330 per tonne for the second quarter of 2011 bodes well for other coal producers such as Teck Resources Ltd.

Platts reported the April-June price achieved by Anglo American selling into several Japanese steel mills, which compares to US$225 per tonne for the January-March quarter.

Consensus for second quarter contract pricing appears to have been in the US$300 range, according to Desjardins Securities analyst John Hughes. He expected BHP Billiton to settle first for the quarter, although it had apparently been trying to negotiate a monthly, rather than a quarterly pricing period for 50% of its coal sold in a calendar quarter.

“We view Anglo American securing a historically high metallurgical coal price as positive for coal producers worldwide, including Teck Resources,” Mr. Hughes told clients.

While he acknowledged that pricing during the second quarter was influenced by supply constraints in Australia due to weather issues, the analyst believes tight supply and demand conditions in the seaborne market will remain a key factor through 2012.

Assuming Teck secures a similar price of US$330 for the second quarter, Mr. Hughes estimates its average realized metallurgical coal price (including lower grade material) will total US$308. That compares with US$208 for the first quarter.

He is forecasting earnings per share of $1.34 for Teck in the second quarter, compared with estimated earnings of $1.12 in the first quarter and actual earnings of 93¢ in the fourth quarter of 2010.


Tale of two polls place your vote

Which ever side you stand on this issue, here is your chance to vote.
Interesting two papers two polls, both ask about a shuttle service to neighbourhood facilities.
One is different in that it specifically asks if you would pay the other does not, I am curious to see how much of a variation there is between the two.

The Herald.

The Promoter.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Public Transportation and Indoor Swimming Pool

The following Notices of Motions were presented at the last two Council Meeting the first regarding Public Transportation and the second regarding an Indoor Swimming Pool recreation program.

I am providing them as a benefit for my readers I will comment more over the next few days.
The one obvious question that I assume will jump out at everybody is how are these programs going to be paid for, Councilor Saje does offer some options how realistic they are I don't know.

Staying on that issue Council set a budget that I suspect will "not" mean 0% tax increases this year, which did not place any money into reserves, and in fact put the municipality further in debt to buy new equipment (Almost $600,000).
But did do its share to help the economic recovery by creating additional employment.

Notice of Motion for Councillor Andrew Saje
February 15, 2011

The Need for Alternative Public Transportation

WHEREAS it is important to realize that the Crowsnest Pass is a unique linear mountain community spanning a corridor distance of over 30 kms.

AND WHEREAS it is important to realize that alternative modes of transportation for its citizens is vital to the community’s sustainability.

AND WHEREAS it is realized that greener (Mother Nature friendly)public modes of transportation are welcome by the citizens of the Crowsnest Pass.

AND WHEREAS the Crowsnest Pass has a diverse community requiring a broader mode of public transportation.

AND WHEREAS the Crowsnest Pass has a gap for low income individuals and families, youth,and seniors,who do not fit the criteria for the Town Rounder and were not able to get around the municipality easily due to its long geographical constraints.


1. Direct Administration to create a plan to implement an alternative public transportation system. The specific scope, timeframe and potential resources required for this study be identified and reported to Council no later than one Governance and Priorities Committee or Council meeting before the 2011 Spring Town Hall meeting and further.

2. Request that Administration investigate all transportation revenue avenues besides fare box recovery including but not limited to advertising, grants,and corporate contributions.


DATE: March 1, 2011

SUBJECT: 2011 – 2012 Fall – Winter – Spring Indoor Pool and Recreation Program

WHEREAS it is important that Council realized from the 2010 Fall election that indoor pool and facility programs of a Recreation Centre are important for the quality of life for the citizens of the Crowsnest Pass.

AND WHEREAS it is important to realize that Council is aware that with the current trend of a declining population that the construction and maintenance of a local Recreational Facility cannot be considered until the stabilization of sustainability is achieved.

AND WHEREAS it is realized that an interim solution can be attained by partnering with our neighboring communities and establishing a shuttle service program to their indoor Recreation Facility.

AND WHEREAS such a shuttle service program would help neighboring Recreational Facilities with maintenance and program costs and would enhance neighboring community spirit and relations.

AND WHEREAS it is important for the major employers of the Crowsnest Pass residence that their employees and their families enjoy alternative fall to spring indoor programs.

AND WHEREAS it is realized by Council that such a shuttle service program would provide valuable statistical information for the demand of Indoor Recreation Programs and would impact the implementation of the future Recreation Center in the Crowsnest Pass.


1. Direct Administration to contact our neighboring communities and propose the creation of a collaborative fall to spring indoor pool and recreation program using a shuttle service from the Crowsnest Pass to their facility and further

2. Request that Administration contact all major employers and all potential contributing organizations to receive financial commitments covering the costs of buses,labour, maintenance,and program fees for such a service and further

3. The specific scope, timeframe and potential resources required for this program be identified and provided to Council no later than May 25, 2011.

Council Meeting of March 3,2011

Council Meeting of March 3,2011

Adoption of Agenda:

Councilor Mitchell added under other business, Heritage Board Appointment and Pass Powderkeg

Councilor Sage added under Notices of Motion, Citizen Samaritan ship

Mayor Decoux added Land and Personnel under In Camera.

Motion to accept the amended Agenda was passed unanimously

Adoption of previous minutes.

1. Council meeting of February 15, 2011. Motion to accept the minutes was accepted unanimously.


Ms Aggie Mitchell presented on behalf of the Pinkest Town in the West which will be in the Pass August 12-13, requested of council to declare a day in support for the first week in June.

Motion was made to table this until the next GPC which passed unanimously.

More information available at

Administrative and Agency Reports:
CAO Clifford gave a verbal report on the municipalities response to the road closure on Monday night. Felt that Staff, responders and the local business sector did a very good job handling the situation. Will analyze further and look for areas to improve.

Concerns raised by council included: Consistency of information between various responders, radio station, social networks, better coordination of truck parking including usage of the parking area in Frank.

Business arising from the Minutes: None

Correspondence: None

Committee Reports:

1. Subdivision and Development Board Minutes of January 26, 2011.
Motion to accept passed unanimously

Bylaws: None

Notices of Motion:

1. Councilor Saje-Provided a Notice of Motion on the 2011-2012 Fall-Winter-Spring Indoor Pool and Recreation Program. I will post this Notice of Motion shortly.

2. Councilor Saje-Provided a Notice of Motion regarding having administration look at and report back to council on setting up a program to recognize citizens that go above and beyond the call of duty. (Citizen Samaritan ship) Motion to accept was passed unanimously.

Other Business:

1. Sawback Ridge Subdivision Extension, Council requested this to be dealt with in Camera

2. Letter of support for the Pass Powderkeg Societies application for a CIP grant. Motion to accept passed unanimously.

3. Recommendation to place Loretta Thompson on the Crowsnest Heritage Board. Motion to accept passed unanimously.

Council Member reports:

Councilor Saje mentioned how lucky we are to have what we have in regards to democracy when you see what is happening in Libya.

Councilor Gail talked about how we need to do a better job on tourism, also spoke to having CPR do a better clean up on their property in the Pass.
Mayor Decoux responded that this will be dealt with more later in the year with a Community Enhancement Plan.

Councilor Londsbury announced that the York Creek Lodge has now filed its application for the renovation and expansion of the Lodge. He also informed council that all renovations at the Tecumesh Manor have been completed.

Councilor Mitchell informed council that there is a group of individuals working on bringing forth recommendations to change the signage bylaw.

Mayor Decoux shared some comments about the Economic Task Force:The group met for the first time the previous week, he stated that over half the group was or is Crowsnest Pass residents at some point in their life’s. He also stated that the group as already reviewed over a 1000 pages of previous studies and have asked for more. The Task force in addition will be talking to other groups, individuals, businesses etc. Lastly that the board is independent of council.

Public Input: None

Motion to go In Camera: Passed Unanimously