Friday, June 28, 2013

June 30 tax deadline where does our money go?

Over the last two weeks I have been adding the following to the bottom of all my posts, “Note: Keep in mind one very important number $4325.  I have received a lot of calls, emails and questions asking me why $4325.
It is a very important number, it is directly related to one of the most important choices the taxpayers are going to have to make this fall. The choice between candidates who support a large bureaucracy at the municipal office more suited to administrating a community a lot larger than ours. Or candidates that support running a community that recognizes our wealthy neighbors are not going to give us money to maintain this large bureaucracy.
Why talk about this now? Several reasons two days from now taxes are due what better time than now to recognize a very important financial issue. Then the election is only “16” weeks away. It is time for potential candidates to talk about where they stand on this and other important issues.
Back to the $4325 that is what our Municipal Administration is costing us every single working day (Mon-Fri). Some people will not want to believe that number but do the math. Consider the following numbers arrived at with the best information I could access. (If present council and or administration feels I am off on any one of these I would gladly change my numbers)

CAO  $160,000
Director of Finance $110,000
Director of Planning, Engineering and Public Works $120,000
Director of Protective Services and Facilities $110,000
Fire Chief $95,000
Economic Development Officer $100,000
Deputy Fire Chief $85,000
Public Works Supt $85,000

Total of $865,000

Additional 30% to cover costs of benefits, WCB, EI, CPP, Health Insurance, Pensions etc.

Raises the total to $1,124,500 divided by 260 days is $4,325 a day.

Keep in mind this in no way reflects the cost to the taxpayers of pickups, computers, cell phones, office supplies etc.

Can we afford this and where do potential candidates stand on this issue.

Think about this when you slip your cheque into the municipal mail box this weekend.      


Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Mayor's Corner and local media

The Mayor found the time to describe his feeling about the local newspapers I have had responses from people stating that he is 100% right to that's BS and everything in between. I would like to get a sense of how many readers feel about the Mayor's attempt to communicate with the public every month. Go over to the new poll on the right and take a moment to express your opinion of the Mayors Newsletter.

Turn up the volume and check this out:

If you can't hear it, it sounds like "We have two newspapers and they put out a lot of crap"

Note: Keep in mind one very important number $4325

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Pass Herald a sign of the times

This week's Pass Herald (On line) is a very good reflection of what's going on in this community at this time. Obviously we start with the flood how could you not. 

At the last council meeting CAO Thompson mentioned that discussions had started with the Bellevue Seniors on their hall, he gave a sense that they were going well and more meeting were to come. 
When I read the article "Seniors Centre debate continues" available @ it certainly does not give the impression that we have amicable negotiations going on here.  

Then I read the article "Council severs ties with Pool Board" available @
we seem to be getting a very common theme here in the Crowsnest Pass. 
(For those that want to compare this to when the structure of the ski hill was changed I will be answering that issue shortly) 

Lastly there is an article from guest writer S.C Rudegan titled "Who's in charge" available @

Two very important paragraphs that I am taking from this very well written article:

If we forget what made us angry, if we, for example, vote in the same people who caused this community such grief and turmoil, who led us to be laughed at by surrounding municipalities, if we do not continue to demand accountability and transparency, then a year from now we will be whining the same destructful tune. 

There is nothing wrong with being angry, if that anger is turned into action. Action that is positive, life-enhancing, and inclusive. The way ahead is not to return to the path already followed. It is to create something better. Expect more, and that’s what we’ll get. Give up the battle, surrender without winning, believe that we deserve nothing better – and that will be our destiny.
But not a future worth fighting for.

This community and it's people do deserve better, when you read the first two articles above and place that in context with what's happened in the last three years it certainly describes the tone of our community. 
We are indeed having change rammed down our throat, Mayor Decoux said last week the public voted for change and that's what they are getting. We all know that change is inevitable but the question is always how much and how fast and if it is the right change.
Our council and administration are following a script put together (Strategic Plan) that was not created for the most part and or brought into by the vast majority of the residents of this community. That I believe in it's self will mean lots of change at the ballot box this fall, unless of course Bruce is right and he really does have the "silent majority"!     

Note: Keep in mind one very important number $4325

Politics resume, do not forget June 30

The emergency is over we fared well for the most part. Some common comments I heard during the flood: Our staff was under manned, thank goodness Pincher Creek send a dozen people down here Thursday night. The communications between the municipal staff and the Fire/Rescue departments at times was very lacking. When the glory gets dished out lets make sure the credit goes to the people on the front lines at 5am in the morning and still there 14 hours later.
I am sure mistakes were made, just as there is every time one of these emergencies takes place, that debate will go on for a while. But for the most part a lot of people worked hard long hours and we did far better than most community's in Southern Alberta.

Reminder: Sunday is June 30 the dateline for taxes (July 1 the office is closed) you will not get any sympathy if you go in July 2 and try to pay them what you will get is an extra 20% tacked on to your bill. For the average home owner in the Pass that could be around $400.

Note: Keep in mind one very important number $4325


Sunday, June 23, 2013

Crowsnest Pass state of Emergency lifted

State of emergency has been lifted in the Crowsnest Pass.

You can get more information on the municipal website link on the right hand side.

Kudos to the people on the front line who ensured we did not end up in the terrible situation that other communities see themselves in. A lot of people worked very hard and hopefully they get the credit they deserve. All in all we got off pretty lucky.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Flood news and Teck update

For all those people in the Pass that work at Teck it appears that Fording River and Coal Mountain operations are down. Line Creek, Greenhills and Elkview operations are running.


More amazing pictures

Southern Alberta braces for rain amid flood warning.

Pictures sent to CBC from people all over Southern Alberta:

Update from the Municipality on the power situation.

Press Release – June 22, 2013 at 1200 hrs
The AltaLink Transmission line was inspected this morning and it is determined that the
risk of power disruption has been alleviated. Discussion with Fortis also indicates their
distributions systems are not in jeopardy at this time. In summary, electrical systems
providing power to the Municipality are not compromised and disruption in power is
not anticipated.
Members of the Municipality’s Emergency Operation Centre and Mayor Decoux were
included in a helicopter reconnaissance of the Municipality and surrounding area. The
flight provided insight into the scope of damage and in preparation for recovery
planning processes.
Residents that have sustained damage during the June 20th flood event are encouraged
to call the Municipal Office starting Monday, June 24th and register with their personal
information in preparation for the Disaster Relief Program.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Coal mining news

Tumbler Ridge mine reopening

The Quintette mine is reopening.
The provincial government gave the final green light late Thursday on the coal project near Tumbler Ridge, about 150 kilometres northeast of Prince George. Minister of Energy and Mines Bill Bennett announced the final approval of the permit applications by Teck Resources Ltd., owners of the mine.
Teck Resources still has some corporate decision-making to do, but according to Bennett, if the project goes ahead as proposed it would inject $860 million into the facilities and operations, and part of that is an employment force of more than 500 new full-time jobs in the area.
Bennett said the reopening of Quintette, which previously operated from 1982 to 2000, required the partnership of the Saulteau First Nations, West Moberly First Nations, McLeod Lake Indian Band, Doig River First Nation, Halfway River First Nation and Prophet River First Nations.
Quintette is expected to yield three million metric tonnes of steel-making coal per year using an open pit mining method. Coal from this project will be shipped south to Prince George then west to Prince Rupert for shipping to overseas markets.

Article available at

Bellecrest Days, More news on the flood

Bellecrest Days have been cancelled

The following comes from the Calgary Herald

Crowsnest Pass over the worst, Lethbridge and Medicine Hat still waiting for rivers to crest

"In Crowsnest Pass, the community is already in a “repair and rebuild phase.”
“The rivers are starting to recede, and I don’t think there’s a prediction for any further rainfall,” said Mayor Bruce Decoux. “We’ve come through it all right ... But it’s still probably more damage than we’ve ever seen before.”
Four bridges in Crowsnest are closed, waiting to be assessed by structural engineers. Sartoris Road — a major route for tourists, campers, and hikers — has been washed out in several places and Decoux said it likely won’t be repaired before late summer".

Rest of the story available at the following:

New Flood pictures from around Southern Alberta including the Crowsnest Pass

Terrible News

Alberta Government Responds

Great tool for checking the highways

Thursday, June 20, 2013

State of Emergency in the Crowsnest Pass

What a mess, hopefully everybody is safe. Really feel for the people along Drum Creek in Hillcrest the banks are being gobbled up by the water. Lyons creek in Blairmore is a mess three hoes working on it. Highway 3 (12:30) is down to one lane, water every where I suspect it will be closing soon.

Was sent the following video taken at the lakes:

Pictures from the Government of Alberta Web site:

There are also regular updates available on the municipal web site at:

From the Pincher Creek Voice:

Check out what's happening in the Elk Valley and with Teck:

NEW VIDEO from Thursday morning:

Weather outlook for Crowsnest Pass:

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Ratepayers Meeting June 20th meeting is cancelled

Ratepayers Association General Meeting

7pm June 20 at the Bellevue Legion anybody welcome.


Russell Farmer Associates
Mayor's Corner
FOIP Documentation
Auction of Fire Equipment
Questions and Answers

Note: Keep in mind one very important number $4325

My neighbour will not give, should I take

Interesting article in today's Nanton News regarding the attempted annexation of Ranchlands by the Municipality of Crowsnest Pass by Sheena Read

Couple of quotes

"Imagine having something, and your neighbour decides he wants it, and sets a plan in motion to ensure he takes it from you."

"Now imagine finding out that there’s not one, but two industries wanting to develop right in those areas that the neighbouring municipality wants, and that’s what the neighbour is wanting. There will be development, and that means taxes.
Imagine not telling your neighbour that such developments were going to happen on his land."

Rest of the article available at:

Note: Keep in mind one very important number $4325

June 18 G+P and Council meeting.

G+P meeting

Some interesting delegations showed up for the afternoon meeting.

Leone Stacheruk with a large group of Swimming Pool Society members appeared before council to present their position on changes at the Swimming pool. The Society felt that they had not been treated fairly over the last year, that they were not interested in running the pool on a daily basis only that they wished to hire the manager and have input into the pool budget as they had for the previous twenty years. Communications between administration and the society appeared to be terrible at the best but Council assured them that they would take their comments in consideration at the council meeting that night. Then the Mayor went on to talk about how change is difficult but this is what the people of the Crowsnest Pass voted for and this is what they are getting.
Mrs Stacheruk at the closing of her presentation told Mayor Decoux to keep in mind not “all changes are not for the better”   

Val Brekenridge then gave a presentation on behalf of the Hillcrest Memorial Mine Committee, next year is the 100th anniversary of the Hillcrest Mine Disaster, 236 men died in what a lot of people do not realize was Canada’s largest single mine disaster. The group is going to be putting on a memorial from June 19-21 2014, inviting dignitaries from the Governor General, Prime Minister and down. They need $150,000 to back stop this event and are seeking support from various levels of government, corporate sponsors, and anybody else that is willing.

Penny Warris gave an update on the Rum Runner Days event coming up the third weekend of July all of the information is available at

Next came topics of discussion starting with the anti-bullying bylaw which Councillor Saje had brought forward previously with a draft anticipated by this time the Director for this area Mr Headrick informed council that there was a lot more research to be done in this area. He also informed council that an offer will be made on Friday to an individual with a wealth of knowledge in the issue of bullying to take on the FCSS coordinator position which would help in moving the bylaw forward.

At this point, I had to leave due to a prior commitment.

Council Meeting

I was surprised to arrive at council chambers to a packed house of concerned taxpayers.

Picking up my agenda I was surprised to see the Pass Pool authority item on the agenda this council has taken a consistent position for almost three years that an item dealt with at G+P does not come to council on the same day. So that council can have time to digest the information presented and have time to formulate an opinion to have an intelligent debate
I was also surprised by the absence on the agenda of an update on the hotel, nothing from Medican, Group Vachon or the Penrose group of companies. Maybe the CAO was going to present a verbal update.

The meeting began with a public hearing on the new land use bylaw most of the speakers were opposed to the bylaw, over concerns regarding the historical down town areas and issues with the signage portion. At this point in a very rare move the Mayor attempted to persuade council to move the agenda around to bring forth the 2 + 3 reading. In another rare move Council disagreed with the Mayor and left the agenda the way it was written.

CAO Report Mr Thompson informed us of a number of issues, the Workplace Evaluation will be complete by the end of the month, Grading of roads after delays caused by rain are now finally complete, and street sweeping should be completed by June 28th.
RC Strategies will be the consultant used to do the Recreation Feasibility study. We were also informed that the EDO as met with a large number of groups and will be continuing that process to get herself familiar with the community.

Dave Morrison the ski hill manager then gave a very in depth report on the operations of the ski hill apparently both usage and revenue were up this season despite a late start, good news for a very important part of our recreation program.

Pass Pool Authority, council in a rare move apparently had enough time to digest the information they were provided earlier in the day and voted to remove the Pass Pool authority. Strangely they used the Ski Hill Society has an example of what they wanted to achieve at the pool. A board that provides the municipality it’s budget for municipal approval, hires the Manager who in turn hires the employee’s. The board takes no active role in the day to day operation of the facility and all expenditures and revenues go through the municipality. Unless I completely miss understood, the pool society it was exactly what they have done for twenty some years and what they wished to continue doing. During the debate Councilor Saje even made the point we do not need to get rid of the authority just agree on the terms of reference. Even so council voted 6-1 to get rid of the board (Councilor Gallant was opposed I tried to catch his reason for voting against but never heard one, the cynical part of me thought he might be playing politics but that’s just my opinion)

2013 Development Permitting and Business Licensing Report the Mayor was very excited about numbers being up but did not share a lot with us. (Maybe this is the beginning of the economic boom)

Subdivision extension approval was given to Wolfgang Weinrich on his 50 unit RV park.

Bylaw 868 Land Use Bylaw after much debate, concerns about themes and signage concerns received both second and third reading.        

Note: Keep in mind one very important number $4325

Monday, June 17, 2013

Municipal Nomination Day coming soon. Time to step forward even sooner.

Municipal Nomination Day is not that far away, September 23 it will be here before you know it. 

The time frame between now and then will give everybody both for those that are happy and those that are not with the present council the opportunity to put forth their names, get out there meeting people and explaining their positions.

In a community that's has political as the Crowsnest Pass only the most naive person would wait until September 23 to begin their campaign.

From the email that was being sent around town last week the incumbents and their supporters have obviously started the process of getting re-elected. It's normal in most communities for the incumbents to have an advantage.

The average person on the street usually does not have a lot of money, or any kind of organization behind them. That's why it's so important for anybody that is considering running to start doing their homework now talk to you family, friends, fellow workers, anybody you know see if you have their support. 

Be prepared understand that it will cost you a few dollars for signs, advertising etc. Keep in mind you will not get elected sitting on your couch it will take a lot of your time.

Who can be a candidate and what are the rules for running for office I have found the following information on the municipal affairs web site: 

Who can run for office?

To become a candidate you must be at  least 18 years of age on nomination day, a Canadian citizen, and you must have been a resident of the local jurisdiction for the 6 consecutive months preceding nomination day.

Who can not run for office?

You are not eligible to become a candidate under any of the following circumstances:
If you are the auditor of the municipality
If you are a municipal employee, unless you take the entitled leave of absence
If your property taxes are more than $50 in arrears or you are in default, for more
than 90 days, for any other debt in excess of $500 to the municipality.
If you have, within the previous 10 years,been convicted of a offense under the
Local Authorities Election Act, the Election Act or the Canada Elections Act
If you are a judge, member of parliament, senator, or member of the legislative
assembly, you must resign that position before you take office as a member of

What can you promise has a candidate?

Any promise you make as part of your election campaign that involves
municipal expenditures or the activities of the employees, can only be carried out if you can convince a majority of council that it is a good idea.


Your form must be signed by at least five people eligible to vote in the election. These people must be eligible to vote and residents in the local jurisdiction on the
date of signing the nomination paper. Your form will be refused if it has not been
signed by the required number of eligible electors.


The nomination form states that you are required to make an affidavit saying that
you are eligible for nomination, not otherwise disqualified from office, and that
you will accept the office if you are elected. You must swear or affirm that
affidavit before a Commissioner for Oaths or the returning officer. Ensure you are
aware of the contents of Sections 12, 21, 22, 23, 47, 147 and 151 of the Local
Authorities Election Act.

Filing the Form?

The completed form is to be filed with the returning officer between 10 a.m. and noon on nomination day, unless the municipality has passed a bylaw prior to June 30th in the year in which a general election is held, stating that the returning officer may receive nominations earlier than 10 a.m.

Late Nominations?

The returning officer cannot accept nominations after noon on nomination day.
Be sure that your nomination paper is filed on time

Allowable campaign Expenses?

The payment of the following expenses (related to the campaign) is not  considered a contravention of the legislation:
Your personal expenses
Cost of acquiring premises, accommodation, goods or services for proper election campaign expenses
Payments for the costs of printing and advertising
Reasonable payment to any person for the hire of transportation used by a candidate or speakers in travelling to and from public meetings or by any person in connection with and for the proper purposes of an election.

Campaign Contributions?

A candidate must open a bank account in their own name or the name of the
campaign as soon as possible after the amount of contributions exceeds $5000 in aggregate or the amount of contributions and any of the candidate’s own funds
exceeds $5000 in aggregate.
All contributions must be deposited in that account, and the money is to be used only for campaign expenses. A candidate whose campaign is entirely self funded has by no more than $10,000 in a campaign period is not required to open a bank account. Contributions of real and personal property and services have a
value. Receipts must be issued for every contribution and obtained for every
expense. Records of all contributions and expenses are to be kept for at least 2 years.

Term of Office?

If you are elected in a general election, you will be expected to serve a four-year term. This term will officially begin at the organizational meeting of the council. In a by-election, you take office as soon as you take the oath of office. A term of office may be ended early by resignation or disqualification from office.

Note: Keep in mind one very important number $4325

Friday, June 14, 2013

Fire Equipment Auction-CNP grabs the dollars

Well what does obsolete Fire Equipment sell for, you know the stuff that is well past it's prime no value to our community, to costly to get certified, not adequate for fire fighting needs etc, etc. If you don't have a good reason for getting rid of the stuff the politicians or the administrators will find one.
So surprisingly (My source at the auction) tells me that the majority of the equipment was purchased by "Fire Departments"?.
Ladder Truck went for $5,500
Hillcrest Fire Truck (Pumper) $12,000
Coleman Tanker Truck $30,000
Coleman Suburban $4,500
Coleman support truck $6,500
Hillcrest Suburban $800
Pick up trucks for anywhere between $300-1,200

If it wasn't for the Coleman Tanker this would have been a complete disaster for the municipality.
Even if next council choices to stay with three Fire Halls why would you have not kept the Hillcrest Fire Truck has a spare that $12,000 will pay the salaries of our bloated administration for 2.8 days  

Note: Keep in mind one very important number $4325

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Alberta Government takes charge

Maybe one level of government is starting to listen to the taxpayers.

The Alberta Government today fired the entire Alberta Health Services Board

Entire Alberta Health Services board fired over issue of executive bonuses

Its time folks, all across this country at all three levels of government. Taxpayers  in advance of the politicians are recognizing that we can not continue to spend more than we take in. Large layers of bureaucrats making big salaries, collecting large bonuses can not continue doing business the way we have in the past. Especially when the front line workers that deliver the services that matter to the taxpayers are being asked to take wage cuts or freezes and run with less people.
On this issue I give the Redford government some credit, they did the right thing and sent the correct message.  

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Riversdale Resources Update

Update on what is no question one of the most important things to happen to the Crowsnest Pass the development of Grassy Mountain by the Riversdale Resources goup. I and anybody that wishes to see the business sector pick up around here certainly hopes this delay of the public offering is short. This article is dated May 10 if anybody finds anything more recent I will be glad to post it.

Thanks to the reader that sent me this information.

Riversdale Resources delays IPO

Talking to some folks that work at Teck last night they are anticipating the market will start turning around later this fall, in line with that I was also sent the following article by one of my readers very good read..

Despite its many doubters, the coal industry could soon roar back to life

Following a brutal year.

To the two individuals that sent me comments accusing me of trying to blame council for the down turn in the coal market. Stop being so silly, first I reported news that I think is relevant and of interest to some of my readers, and second of course I recognize its not council's fault if the coal market goes in the toilet that would be has stupid as council trying to take credit for Riversdale coming here.

Great Opportunity to support your hospital.

Easy way to support your community health foundation.

For the month of June if you have any bottles, can, milk jugs etc take them down to the Bottle depot in Frank. Brent sets up a box every month for people to support a good cause this month it is the health foundation, which raises money to buy all the things the Alberta Government does not for our hospital.

Good cause, gets rid of your unwanted recyclables and keep in mind sooner or later every one of us will use the hospital.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Mayor's Rally packing them in.

Unfortunately I was unable to attend the Mayor's wiener roast tonight at the Firemen's park. Anybody that had the chance to attend let us in the minority know how it went.
Wow this is getting ridiculous, maybe June 18we can have cheer leaders at the council chambers, hand out noise makers for when somebody makes a motion.

1,2,3,4 who do we adore?

Here is the email that was floating around thanks to my readers I have now received this four times please don't send any more:

Crowsnest Community Connections BBQ June 10- 5:30pm Fireman's Park Bellevue 


We would like to invite you and your family to join us for a community BBQ to show support for Council, Administration, Fire and other leaders of Crowsnest Pass. Please join us to encourage those who are creating positive changes in our community and show our appreciation for the work they are doing. 

When: Monday June 10th, from 5:30-8:00pm (We have ordered up a warm summer evening with no wind for this event :) ) 

(Or we will use the shelter and have a bonfire....) 

Where: Fireman's Park - Bellevue - north end of 25th Ave 

What: BBQ - we will be making burgers and, hotdogs available for a donation. 

You should bring something to share for potluck (only if you wish to), your refreshments, your plate and cutlery, and your lawn chair. 

Who: Crowsnest Community Connections ~ Anyone is welcome who would like to show positive support - please invite a friend ! 

Why: Because now is the time to connect a wave of positive support throughout our community. Plus this is a great way to meet wonderful new friends and catch up with old friends! 

RSVP: to this email if you can. But please come even if you don't RSVP and just come at the last minute. 

Looking forward to "connecting" with you there. 

Penny Warris (563-5613) 

Inez Hendrickson (564-5257) 

This is the ad from the Shootin the breeze does it bare any resemblance to what was being emailed around?????

Crowsnest Community Connections Picnic

Date:Mon. 10 Jun, 2013 5:30 pm - 8:00 pm
Duration:2 Hours 30 Minutes
Location:Fireman's Park
Crowsnest Community Connections Picnic - Mon, June 10, 5:30pm – 8:00pm at Fireman's Park - Bellevue - north end of 25th Ave. BBQ - we will be making burgers & hotdogs, available for a donation. You should bring something to share for potluck (only if you wish to), your refreshments, plate, cutlery, and lawn chair.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Secret Meeting in the Crowsnest Pass

If you are having problems reading the letter below, just click on the letter and it should pop up. 

For more Information on this story check out what the CNP ratepayers have to say in today Pass Herald

I filed a request for information on the secret "briefing meeting" and a few other issues, above is what I received back. First impression is that they are telling me little but some of what they have provided me is very revealing.
First of all these "briefing meetings" have been going on for eighteen months since January 11 of 2012 why is it only in the last month that the CAO and or Councilors have felt the need to tell the public these meeting are taking place. 
Mayor and councilors have received $1890 for attending these meetings,  the information supplied to me surprisingly there was not a need for a "informal verbal briefing" meeting for eight months. 
My next two questions indicate that council was given no information, documentation, plus out of those meeting came no direction, action plans etc. It leads one to ask why bother it sounds like the taxpayers paid almost $2,000 for council to listen to the CAO recite from memory (because there was no documentation available) a bunch of information that could have been put on paper and reviewed at a G+P meeting, if it was confidential under the terms of FOIP then it could have been dealt with at a regular meeting In Camera.
Then I requested information on the tenders on the demolition of the Crowsnest Centre, one of the conditions of the Medican agreement is that Medican receives a credit of $800,000 for demolition which is deducted of the purchase price of $1.3 million. Which is fine if that was what the true cost of demolition is, but if we had quotes lower than that, say around the $560,000 mark then are the taxpayers receiving true value for this disposal of municipal assets?
From everything we have been told the agreement between the Municipality and Medican has been concluded in fact it was released by the municipality and placed on the Transparency CNP site (link to the right). Within the answer I received on that question the reason for not releasing the information I requested is that "negotiations are continuing relative to this property" So is there a deal in place or not?
Are we really just waiting for Best Western to bestow their name on this property or is there more to this story?     

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Hotel Update! this is not another Quebec Manufacturer tale??

Here is the latest update on the hotel development if these are "typical development path requirements" why put unrealistic time lines in the contract? and now I see we have a new partner in this dance the Penrose Group of Companies. 

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Contradictions and confusion highlights of the June 4 Council meeting.

Council meeting of June 4, 2013, Confusion, arrived at the meeting to see a representive of the Blairmore Smoke Eaters and two lawyers at the meeting. Next thing we know CAO Thompson is back and forth talking to these people who prior to the meeting starting leave. Mayor Decoux calls the meeting to order, asks CAO Thompson what that was all about. He informs council that he was off the previous week when communications between the office and the lawyers took place. The communications obviously did not work that well because the lawyers had the impression they could talk to council and the administration had the impression that they were not to talk to council. CAO Thompson stated he would clear it up and provide a formal apology if the mistake was on their end.

Contradictions, the new Economic Development Officer was introduced to council the Mayor stated “our team is now complete”, the new EDO is a lady named Sherry Poole. Bit of a contradiction on the same day that the administrative team grows by one and now becomes complete. The employees are informed that the municipality is contracting out road grading because they do not have enough operators working in Public Works to do it themselves. Mayor Decoux also announced there will soon be another wine and cheese event so the Chamber, Community Futures, Business leaders can meet the new EDO.    

Election news: Andrew Saje announced that he will, not be running in the up coming election. He also informed the public that he made a very lengthy submission in writing to the Municipal Inspector that he is having his lawyer summarize and will be realizing to the public in the not to distant future.

CAO Thompson also informed council that there will be more information coming about the hotel deal shortly.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Fire Equipment for Sale

Well it's official you can go to the site below and see the Ladder truck and the Hillcrest Pumper Truck are up for sale. I guess as I predicted previously Bruce is going to make it has difficult as possible for a future council to have the option to reverse their decisions.