Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Monday, December 23, 2013

Comments and legacies

Recent comment from a previous post: 

"Judging from snow removal,(or lack there of) I don't think this council will be making all the changes they led people to believe. This is understandable though, because it is one thing to talk at a ratepayer's meeting and another to follow through when given the chance as a councillor. I understand this council voted on wheather or not to go ahead with the entrance signs and the outcome was for. I don't want to start rumours, so Dean, please let us know if that was the case."

Now my thoughts:

Comment-Snow removal as been a problem and I agree it does need to be improved. 

Legacy-We as a council had no input into the budget we are presently operating with, or the hiring process over the last three years, while we have an ample force on the administrative side we are obviously lacking on the public works side. 

Comment-Making all the changes we led people to believe, we have barely got our feet wet, give us chance we have gone through orientations, we have found a new CAO and as I stated already we have not even began the budget process. 

Legacy-There are many we have horrible labor relations, a lot of bylaws and procedures that need to be reviewed the work as only just begun, changes will happen.

Comment-Council voted on weather or not to go ahead with the entrance signs, no this was not true this council voted only on the location of the signs. Previous council made those decisions a long time ago to proceed with the signs, personally I really dislike the logo and think it was an absolute waste of money and if commitments had not been made by the previous council/administration I would have cancelled them in an heart beat. 

Legacy-We were put in a position where tenders had been let out (prior to the election) big dollars had been paid out, the signs were in the process of being built. For the last twelve months all I heard was the previous Mayor talk about the legacy issues his council was left to deal with, I guess we could do the same. Cancelling these signs at this point would have put us in the position of wasting the taxpayers dollars that had already been paid out. Plus leaving a contractor in a position that had accepted a tender to do the work with a couple of signs that I don't think anybody else would have took of their hands. 

How do you cancel a tender (legal agreement with somebody to do work) that has been given out, a substantial part paid for and the work almost completed.
Stuff like that makes lawyers very wealthy.

Hopefully I answered the comment and look forward to further questions.  


Wednesday, December 18, 2013

SSRP and it's impact on the Crowsnest Pass

South Saskatchewan Regional Plan

If you wish to comment on this plan go to the following address www.landuse.alberta.ca  we had Mr Gene Wusaty CEO of Altitude Resources inc provide a presentation about is companies assets north of Grassy Mountain and their intention to begin exploration in the second quarter of 2014 last night at the council meeting. They are very concerned that the SSRP and it's plan of increasing park land adjacent to their leases will inhibit the ability to develop and operate coal mines north of us.
Again if you wish to have any input on the SSRP you need to go to the address above and voice your concerns prior to Jan 15,2014.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

It's been a while!

I know it as been a while since I last posted anything. The only excuse I have? we have been busy. Between reviewing information, going through orientations, looking for a new CAO it as been very busy. Now I will address issues that people have contacted me about.

New CAO:

Last week we hired Mr Sheldon Steinke as our new CAO, several things impressed me he possesses a tremendous amount of experience (Former CAO of Coaldale and the County of Lethbridge, plus a wealth of experience in the Canadian Military). I felt that it was especially important with the challenges we will be facing to have a seasoned veteran in place.

Policies and Bylaws:

In the new year council will be reviewing all of the bylaws and policies that the municipality as in place. What amazed me when I received the complete package of bylaws and policies was contrary to what we have been told over the last three years there were many policies and bylaws in place prior to 2011.

CPO program:

Remember not that long ago we were told that this program would pay for itself? well after reviewing budget numbers for 2013 for this area, it showed  the following; Income of  $110,080 and Expenditures of $357,923 which provides a cost recovery of less than 31%. It remains a long way from being self sufficient.

Ski Hill:

I was asked the question if I "support putting a little money into the ski hill". First of all I sat on the ski hill board for six years. I feel that recreation is important and having a ski hill that is affordable for families, easily accessible and sits right in the middle of one of our communities is one of the many things that makes our community special. So yes I support putting a little money in to the ski hill, actually we have for a long time since I first sat on council in 2004 and for many years prior to that. I believe the community as put in access of $200,000 every year to subsidize the ski hill ($228,703 for 2013). Last week I went up to the ski lodge and checked out the open house for the Chair lift. One of the board members told me they will be bringing there plan to council in the next few months I look forward to seeing that.
On the down side unfortunately our ski hill manager Dave Morrison who as ran the hill for the last 10 years is leaving us this Friday. Best of luck to Dave he did a hell of a job with the resources he had available and I wish him the best of luck in his future.  


Received the following today, sounds like good news for the Pass.