Thursday, September 30, 2010

Crowsnest Pass Adult Education

Had a chance today to tour the 2nd floor of the MD McEachern School for the Crowsnest Pass Adult Education component of the facility.
What a great job has been done by our staff and the good folks that moved over there, the rooms are bright, clean and well laid out.
Spoke to some of the people running the various programs they are very happy with the facility, the staff are treating them well, the facility is great and they have all of the technology they require.
Everybody when they get the opportunity should take a ride up to Bellevue check out the facility and see what courses these great groups have to offer.

I can still remember when I said to council "imagine placing an education facility in a school".

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My position on concerns raised at the Crowsnest Pass Forum

Question: Building of a Recreation Centre including a Indoor Swimming Pool.

I have addressed this issue previously here but I will reinforce my position again.
This is something this community needs in the worse way, the issue of course which we all recognize is how do we pay for it and would the taxpayers be prepared to make a twenty five year commitment.
My position would be that council would direct administration to come up with a business plan, design, costs etc, and sources of revenue, ie. Federal/Provincial grants, Corporate opportunities, and fundraising. Then determine what it would cost the Municipality for the capital costs (that's why I use the 25 year number) and ongoing operations. Calculate exactly what its going to cost the individual tax payer in additional taxation.
Provide all this information to the taxpayer and let them decide if they wish to proceed in a plebiscite.

Question: Should we do more to enforce the Bear Smart Bylaw.

Of course we live in an area where this issue can not be ignored, we also have to find ways especially in the country residential areas to encourage people to work with this. Lots of them already do but for the ones that don't we have to find ways to help. Enforcement yes but education first.

Question: Road Conditions, Pot holes etc

Over the last few years we have spent $20 million on infrastructure under the ground, we are now reaching the point where the major jobs have been done, we need to focus now on the roads themselves, I recognize that we have a problem I drive these streets every day of the week.
But we also need to take a look at the way we do our road maintenance program, right now we basically take the dollars that we allow for repairing roads and chase the areas that have the worse problems or where the people scream the loudest. That only works short term we need to come up with a long term plan that is maintained year after year.
For example the District of Sparwood does 10% of its roads every year.

Please keep in mind I was sitting at the far end of the forum so if I do not have your question exactly right, please let me know.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Responses to concerns raised at the forum

I wrote down the concerns raised at the forum over the next week I will attempt to answer as many as I can. The first one was the issue of the 4-3 and the secret meeting of council members.

Election 2010-Did you know?

During the debate over the Crowsnest Centre the Mayor created the impression that the 4-3 vote was a common process,

More than 95% of council motions are NOT determined by 4-3.

On the Centre debate it was, but not on many other issues.

All seven members of council dug in their heals and took a strong position. Nobody asked Irwin, Taje or Mitchell why they did not change their stand?

The Mayor and his team raised the issue of councillors meeting outside of council chambers. Was this true? On the Centre issue - Yes.

Now let’s put the whole truth on the table and go to the municipal web site or stop at the office and ask for a copy of the Organizational Reports.

On Page 62 of the Cuff Report (2009) it states the following “Both the majority group on Council and those deemed to be the opposition have met as separate groups before council meetings to discuss the issues”

On Page 39 of the Activation Analysis Report (2000), it states the following “There is currently a perception of block voting by the Mayor and councillors, with many items receiving the same spilt vote”

Its very interesting to hear the group of three scolding the other members of council for what they were doing themselves, and in some cases doing so for ten years or more.

For more information check out my Blog at or phone at 563 4128, email

On October 18 vote for Dean Ward

Democracy is alive and well in the Crowsnest Pass

Well the political Forum came and went last night, was very surprised and impressed with the turn out, especially when I read about a number of communities that can not even get enough people to run.

The Chamber did a very good job and I was impressed with the way the moderator (Val Danielson) controlled the meeting.

The down side was that we tried to learn about candidates, their positions, and get a sense of their abilities to lead this community in a span of less than three hours.
Very difficult to say the least some people impressed me some did not, but then we only had four opportunities to speak basically four and a half minutes.
Its really tough because there was five people there that I have never met before or heard speak.
Its really hard to judge what if somebody was having a off night?

Anyway irregardless its going to be an interesting campaign for the next three weeks.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Commotion about promotion in the Crowsnest Pass.

Commotion about promotion, on Tuesday September 21 I raised the issue of elected representatives participating in promoting private ventures.

The following is what I presented to council:

To eliminate the possibility, perceived or real of members of municipal council, being seen as endorsing a private corporation, development, public offering, raising of funds for a private project, or any other non-governmental process.

"Henceforth no member of council shall be permitted to endorse any project, appear in any promotional video, pamphlet, or publication of any type, or attend shareholders meetings, without first presenting to council the reasons for such involvement and receiving its approval".

This motion in no way intends to limit a councilor’s ability to do the following:
Volunteer at a function, or an event put on by a private group.
Attend a shareholders meeting as a private citizen, or investor.
Appear in various types of marketing, or promotional material that promotes the community itself.

I believe politicians cross a line when they are seen or even perceived to be seen as promoting a private enterprise. Promote the community absolutely but not a business. This may come back to bite us in the rear end. Council directed administration to bring back a policy for this issue to our next council meeting.

Where this came from is the Mayor's appearance in the bridgegate video.

Censorship as raised its ugly Head

I hate to say this because I do not like using censorship, but its my blog so I guess I get to make the rules.
I have now received a couple of comments that refer to people in a personnel way, I will not allow this on my site. If you want to make comments for or against something I post I have no problem with that. Or about issues related to the Crowsnest Pass.
The minute you start attacking somebodies health, age or mistakes they made 15 years ago, I have no interest.
Stop being a twit and Go comment somewhere else.

I have said this before and I will not say this is again I will just delete the comment.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Crowsnest Pass 2007 Election results

I was asked if I would provide the results from the 2007 election.

Cole 1182
Taje 1178
Salus 1175
Ward 1172
Mitchell 1082
Macleod 1074
Sygutek 963
French 747
Janusz 694
Stolarik 582
Thomson 482
Saltarelli 397
Karasz 288

Sorry I did not keep the numbers for the Mayors position.

Common misconception on municipal voting Day

Well now the race as began I have an issue that as been brought up to me the last two elections and was brought up with me again yesterday before the ink was even dry on the nomination forms.
The misconception is that when you are voting for councilors you have to vote for six.
This is not true you can vote for any number between 1 and 6.

The danger with this misconception is that I have had people tell me that they knew three people that they wanted to choice and then filled out the other three spots with names that were familiar to them.
By taking this approach especially when you have a lot of candidates running and the vote being spilt many ways, you could be helping to defeat the candidates that are important to you.

So please keep in mind if there are six candidates that you think will do a good job for you vote for six, but if you think there is only two then vote for two.

Last election there was only ten votes between the top four candidates, a few mistaken votes here and there could make a difference.
Imagine if a candidate you were really pushing for lost by 1 or 2 votes to a candidate that you picked just to get to six.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Important issues for 2010 election, Poll results.

I know its not scientific but my poll on what do you, as my readers see as the most important issues for the upcoming election 64 of you choose to vote which is about double what I usually get, so thanks to everybody for taking the time.

The issues ranked in the following order:

1. Attracting Business 50 votes 78%
2. Taxation Levels 46 votes 71%
3. Community Standards 32 votes 50%
3. Rec Facility/Indoor Pool 32 votes 50%
5. Development 31 votes 48%
6. Affordable Housing 29 votes 45%
7. Public Transit System 20 votes 31%

List of Candidates for the Election

Its now official no candidates withdrew their name.

Bruce Decoux
John Salus
John Prince

Dave Cole
John Irwin
Siegbert Gail
George Hoff
Jamie Thomson
Merle Sandau
Dean Ward
Larry Mitchell
Brian Gallant
Doreen Glavin
Emile J Saindon
Andrew Saje
Donald J R Vaters
Sasha JaegerBaird
Ian Macleod
Jerry Lonsbury
Douglas Raines
Steve Bottrell
Gail Patricia Sygutek

I have printed the names in the order they appeared under each catergory.

For those following the Bridgecreek story

108 investors

$15 million, a resurrection; Innoka Resort rises on site of Bighorn Mountain Resort

By Marty Hope, Calgary HeraldSeptember 18, 2010

They wanted their money back, to be sure -- but at the same time, they wanted their second home back as well.
Innoka Resort -- a 20-unit development at Kananaskis Way and Montane Road in Canmore -- is being created in response to the frustration of a group of investors.
They found themselves left in the lurch when the developer of what was then called Bighorn Mountain Resort went into receivership in 2009.
With the total support of 108 investors who have put up $15 million of their own money, Richard LeBlanc is spearheading the redevelopment of the recreation property.
To help relaunch the project, a shaman from the nearby Stoney reserve cleansed the land of the bad karma and blessed the investors on their quest toward success.
As CEO of Innoka Point Resort Corp. and an investor in the previous venture, LeBlanc says the project is "an exercise in the repatriation of lost equity."
The fractional ownership development will have 20 units in five blocks, with units ranging from 2,500 to 2,700 square feet.
Based on a one-eighth ownership, prices begin at $165,000 in the first block, says Cara Katterhagen, an investor and director of marketing for Innoka.
LeBlanc has been CEO since March -- and in the interim, he has cleared the required legal roadblocks to allow investors to purchase the property and to carry on with completion of the development.
"While there are strong and lingering emotional tones still, the reality is that we are in the business of developing a resort -- and that we must do so ourselves," says LeBlanc.
As a result, a vision of success has arisen from a financial nightmare -- and that vision, is closer to becoming reality each day now that work has resumed on the partially completed development.
The resort's existing footprint will be used.
Each unit has three bedrooms (each with their own ensuite), a media room with a pullout sofa, flat-screen TVs, as well as granite or stone counters.
Other features include slate and hardwood flooring, high-end commercial appliances, stacked in-suite laundry, garage with private storage, and three decks.
Prices in the first phase for the exterior units start at $165,000, while interior units start at $175,000. These units will be first offered to investors (shareholders and associates), says Katterhagen.
While prices for subsequent blocks haven't been finalized, they could be $5,000 higher.
Prices are based on an eighth share, giving each owner six weeks of usage in one week increments throughout the year on a rotating schedule.
LeBlanc hopes to have the first block complete by the end of October.
Completion of the remaining blocks will depend on sales, but as each block is at least partially constructed, construction time frames are expected to be about six to eight weeks per block.
This is a phased development; construction will depend on the sales pace. It is expected to take 18 to 24 months to complete the project.
In addition to the residences, there is also a 5,000-square-foot amenities building on site.
The use of the building has not been finally determined, but it will include a hot tub, exercise room, and quite possibly a restaurant/ lounge and a spa.
The building is also mostly constructed and requires interior finishing. Owners and guests will have full access to all the facilities. The zoning for Innoka is commercial, which limits occupancy to 30 day -- therefore, it cannot be used as a permanent residence.
The company has chosen to sell Innoka as eighths, keeping prices under $200,000 and broadening market accessibility to a larger group of buyers.
If owners cannot or choose not to use their unit, they can place it in a rental pool, which will generate income and leverage their investment.
Innoka Resort will incorporate a First Nations theme, which includes using sustainable material wherever possible, as well as sacred materials -- for example, using sage in the landscaping plan.
There will also be the use of symbols, with the biggest one, at least visually, involving First Nations artwork. Each unit will mostly feature original works by First Nations artists.
"The effort to re-start construction and to inherit self-operation -- there is no money for an external party to make profit -- requires a strong mentality of backfilling lost equity," says LeBlanc. "We do not dream of making a profit building, though we may come close. It is simply of reducing our loss."
The effort and challenge put into building and selling Innoka has resulted in the creation of another company, Buzz Resorts Corp., that will operate Innoka, which will become a condo corporation, he says.
"We will not simply build and sell, but we will stand behind what we complete and support it going forward through Buzz," says LeBlanc, adding that this will also open up revenue and asset channels for investors and may provide a "beachhead" for future endeavours.

PROJECT: Innoka Resort will have 20 timeshare units developed in five blocks. It is the result of a group of 108 investors in a previous project that went into receivership banding together to bring it back to life -- and completion.
DEVELOPER: Innoka Point Resort Corp.
AREA: Canmore (Kananaskis Way and Montane Road).
PRICE: Based on a one-eighth ownership, prices begin at $165,000.

The riddle is solved, credibilty and affordable Housing

On my previous post I have filled in the gaps on the Credibility and Affordable Housing.
Yes these were the same folks that are going to build Affordable Housing in Blairmore????

One of the things you learn over a number of years as a councilor is that you really have to look at the credibilty of the group in front of you, especially when you are talking about waiving land use bylaws, and walking away from off site levies to the tune of $120,000.

Does anybody really want to see another eyesore behind the Blairmore Legion?

Friday, September 17, 2010

Nomination day is almost here.

Well Nomination day is Monday September 20th.

Still thinking about running you can pick up a nomination form at the municipal office until 4:30 today. You can even down load a copy of the form from our Municipal Web site.

You have to have your nomination form in to the municipal office between 10am and noon on Monday.

Its shaping up to be a fairly diverse group of candidates I fully expect at least two for Mayor, and twenty for Councilor position if not more.

If you went on rumours around town there would be more people running than voting. Democracy is alive and well in the Crowsnest Pass.
In contrast I was talking to a councilor from Pincher Creek and they do not even have seven names that have annouced yet.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Cost of utilities in the Crowsnest Pass

I ran this back in Febuary now we are getting close to the election I thought I would run it again to compare our rates to other Southern Alberta communities.

Cost of living in the Crowsnest Pass, really to compare taxes to other communities is comparing “apples to oranges” which I have been so wisely told by a number of my readers, what we can compare though and have a fairly accurate comparison is our cost of utilities, those being: water, sewer, storm water, garbage and recycling.
Anyway I have comparisons from eight other rural communities in Southern Alberta.

Crowsnest Pass

Water $23.00
Sewer $16.05
Storm Water $0
Garbage $17.82
Recycling $2.50
Total of $59.37 per month

Pincher Creek

Water $61.32 (No meter)
Sewer $16.06
Storm Water $0
Garbage $18.35
Recycling $3.58
Total of $99.31 per month

Ft Macleod

Water $37.87 (plus meter)
Sewer $23.40
Storm Water $0
Garbage $13.35
Recycling $0
Total of $74.62 per month (plus water meter charges)


Water $19.32 (plus meter)
Sewer $12.98
Storm Water $4.95
Garbage $19.44
Recycling $2.49
Total of $59.18 per month (plus water meter charges)


Water $15.00 (plus meter)
Sewer $12.50
Storm Water $0
Garbage $20.00
Recycling $0
Total of $47.50 per month (plus water meter charges)


Water $30.00 (plus meter)
Sewer $10.90
Storm Water $0
Garbage $9.80
Recycling $0
Total of $50.70 per month (plus water meter charges)


Water $12.65 (plus meter)
Sewer $18.90
Storm Water $0
Garbage $7.35
Recycling $0
Total of $38.90 per month (plus water meter charges)


Water $24.81 (plus meter)
Sewer $26.56
Storm Water $6.33
Garbage $16.65
Recycling $2.04
Total of $76.39 per month (plus water meter charges)


Water $34.60 (plus meter)
Sewer $19.92
Storm Water $0
Garbage $13.34
Recycling $0
Total of $67.86 per month (plus water meter charges)

What struck me has a little surprising was almost every community I looked at has water meters in place.

Quiz about credibility, and Affordable Housing

Can you name the company below, give you a clue this is the company that approached the municipality about building affordable housing just recently.
"Talking" about Affordable housing is something this group as been doing for awhile.
Notice the references to affordable housing in May 2006, Feb 2007, April 2007, and July 2007.
Number of Affordable Housing units built so far? zero

Here's a little bit of history, I will fill in the name of the company at a later date.

October 2005 – Council unanimously approves Bridgegate Resort Village at Crowsnest Lakes – plans include a luxury hotel with conference centre, condominium complexes, an indoor aquatic and fitness centre; project could start spring of 2006.
It goes without saying this is the most exciting thing we,ve seen in many years, said Councillor Gary Taje. This area structure plan will redefine the Crowsnest Pass and set it on course for the future.
I’ve been active in projects in Calgary and Canmore and this is the most exciting one of my entire life, said Bill Bradley, co-owner of Bridgecreek Development Corp. This is conceived to be the largest lake-front development in the history of the Rockies, and the Crowsnest Pass is going to get it.The development would be on the site of the old Sentinel power plant on a total of 27 acres. Bradley says one of their plans is a complete restoration of the power plant building, making it the condominium sales office, then eventually, a recreation-type facility.

December 2005- Subdivision approval next step for Bridgegate,
Bradley says if everything goes as planned, land servicing, an on-site sales office and condominium pre-sales for Phase One (a 132-unit tower) could begin in the spring. As well, several local residents, along with Bridgecreek, are looking into the possibility of restoring the old Sentinel dance hall, which Bradley says has huge restoration potential.

January 2006 – Bridgecreek takes title for 27 acres at the lakes with amenities expected to total $90 million; first phase of development slated for early 2007. Bradley says currently the project is slightly ahead of schedule, which means land servicing could begin as early as June. The first phase of development is slated for early 2007.

March 2006 – Addition of a 5,000-seat indoor skating rink and an interpretive centre for the lakes raises the projected costs to $1.5 billion; hoping to start developing sometime in 2006.
Sentinel water and sewer outlined. Drain says the project would take 1.5 years to build and would last for 50 years. The tendering of contracts for this project is estimated to take place in January 2007.

May 2006 – Bridgecreek Corporation President, Colin Becker, says the company is planning on putting greenspace, river-side lots, condos, and affordable seniors housing on the property

July 2006 – Council presented with plans for River Run in Blairmore; plans for the site now include public walking trails heated geothermally making them accessible all year round

August 2006 – River Run plans approved including large hotel, mid-density and low-density residential and municipal reserve; work to begin in fall 2006

December 2006 – Land-use amendment passed for Bridgegate Resort Village at the lakes; plans include some above ground parking and 800 to 1,000 underground stalls on site; work on River Run and Bridgegate to begin summer and fall 2007; $25 million sewer line will connect the lake project to Coleman; plans include a 300,000 square-foot, 234-suite condo for private vacation club and a 20,000 square-foot spa.
Bill Bradley said that whatever happens, the plan is to put both projects on the market by the summer.If the province does not provide the funding for the sewer line, Bradley plans a second plan to construct a state of the art, filter box, tertiary waste water system. The system would handle all the waste and water at the Crowsnest Lake. In the worst case scenario he said they would pay the $25 million or more and fund the project themselves. "If the sewer does not come, we’ll do it on our own and it will not cost the municipality one cent. We don’t want to have to wait for the province," said Bradley.

January 2007 – River Run work to begin April with show homes ready in July 2007; plans include having over 50 per cent green space on property, ponds, and a resort hotel with a pool, water slides, and a conference centre

February 2007- Chamber hears Bridgecreek plans
In lieu of the plant restoration, Bradley said they already have another plan in the works. We,ll build a very large spa which will be an international attraction. The spa will be 50,000 square feet. which is very significant in size, he explained.
The development will consist of 55 river-front single-family two-storey and bungalow homes, two large storm water ponds, 68 semi-detached homes backing on to the west side of the pond, 80 townhouses on the eastside of the development, 34 single-family homes on the north side, 42 semi-detached homes adjacent to Highway 3 across from the golf course, a senior’s complex, and a 100-unit mini-rise condo.
Although no formal announcement has been made as of yet, Bradley said Bridgegate is also looking in to ways of providing some forms of affordable housing throughout the community for staff accommodations, seniors, and others living on limited means. The corporation is currently looking at several properties in the area for the potential housing areas.

April 2007 – Bridgecreek commits to millions
One of the biggest barriers that Bill Bradley of Bridgecreek Development Corporation faced was $17 million worth of infrastructure.
But with the clock ticking and the need to move things forward, Bradley made the commitment to front the $17 million needed, and asked for council,s support during a committee meeting on April 17. On March 30 Bradley stated in a letter to Chief Administrative Officer Gord Lundy that Bridgegate as developer is prepared to finance the cost of the project. "We are keen to proceed as quickly as possible to see the project come out of the ground," said Bradley to council.The costs would include a $6-million reservoir system, and $11-million for sanitary extension connecting Bridgegate on the lake to West Coleman. Bridgegate is prepared to finance the project in hope that grant money from the municipal provincial and federal levels can be attained to assist with the cost of the infrastructure. "In the worst-case scenario we would like to proceed without a grant," said Bradley.
The progress of the River Run Development in Blairmore was also discussed. “We are geared up to commencing services of River Run as early as this summer," said Bradley who added that the project would include 10 to 15 per cent affordable housing. Bradley stated that the rental units would be available in the $300 to $500 range.

June 2007 – Bridgecreek gives municipality $490,000 to fund sewer line at lakes and a $6 million grant application has been filed by municipality; lake project to include restaurants, a resort hotel, a casino, cinemas, a twin-tower high-rise complex, condos, and recreational facilities. Bridgecreek confirmed that over 1,000 names are on a waiting list to purchase and invest in the completed project.

July 2007 – River Run Rolling
Construction of bridges to the site will be put out to tender soon, which will pave the way for primary construction of the new neighbourhood. An issue brought up by Pass residents and members of council concerning the project is the concern of affordable housing. Bridgecreek is amending their project to address the issue. Part of this project is being set aside for lower cost, affordable housing, confirmed Sterling. As a company, we are looking at acquiring additional lands to address the affordable housing issue.

August 2007 – The 10 km sewer line at lakes given go-ahead by municipality

January 2008 – River Run set to begin construction of first phase in spring 2008 with river-front homes, semi-detached homes, and condos; deal with Radisson finalized for hotel and conference centre featuring over 200 suites and a large aquapark/pool complex available to the public; unveiling event planned for February 2008

April 2008 –Coal slack at River Run deemed “inert” and not to be removed; bridge to be installed next spring, with bridge’s abutments installed in fall 2008; River Run construction to begin later this year; construction at the lakes to start this year; project rechristened “Trout Landing at Crowsnest Lakes” and scaling back plans; old power plant will remain and Bridgecreek will spend $500,000 to remove asbestos and renovate interior

October 2008 – Construction to begin spring 2009 on River Run and unveiling units of phase one of lakes project this fall

January 2009- The plans for River Run are now to put the infrastructure in the spring of ’09, build 42 townhouses in the summer, put the bridge in the fall, and “come out much bigger” in 2010.
For the lakes project, Bradley said they’ll begin selling units in ’09 and build in 2010. “As community builders, we’re still going forward,” .

What's the old saying?
Fool me once shame on you
Fool me twice shame on me.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Lets talk about advertising in the Crowsnest Pass

Since my first day on council I have always argued that municipal services, should be tendered out to get the best possible deal for the taxpayers.
A good example of that is the debate we recently had about the engineering on the Sentinel Bridge. For more than seven years we have used the same firm without going to bids to see if we could get a better deal.
Anyway back to advertising, if you go almost any where else other than the Crowsnest Pass you will find that most towns, cities and municipalities put out there advertising for tender to receive the best possible deal.
I have argued ever year since 2004 that we should do that, for some strange reason the majority of council disagreed with that position until a couple of years ago.
Arguments were made that not everybody reads the same paper, which I suspect is the case everywhere.
The argument was made that I had a bias against one of the papers, which was never the case and was certainly covered by the fact that my position and the one that council agreed to was that the advertising would be decided by competition and go to the lowest bid.
Which as indeed been proven by the fact that each paper as had the advertising for one year.
So lets get back to the dollars and cents did this attempt to save taxpayers dollars work?

2008 the municipality spent $98865.07
2009 $39994.10 was spent
2010 to the end of August we spent $15157.24 prorated to the end of the year that would come to $22735.86 a drop of $76129.21 since 2008.

Competition is a good thing and I certainly hope that the next council takes the same position on engineering.

Voter Apathy in Alberta, Why do so few Choose?

Why do so few choose?

Looking at numbers from the last three municipal elections in Alberta.
The minority really do make the decisions for the rest of us.

2001 38% of Albertans voted in municipal elections
2004 40%
2007 34%

Locally here in the Crowsnest Pass we went from 67% in 2001 which was one of the highest turnouts in the province to 54% in 2004, and down to 48% in 2007.
All of our numbers compared to provincial averages were high but still a minority made the decision in 2007.

In 2007 2449 people in the Crowsnest Pass did not vote.

I just can not understand why more people do not participate.
Are most people satisfied with what they have or have they just given up?

Friday, September 10, 2010

Election 2010 Crowsnest Pass

Well the election will be here before you know it.
Already there is ten candidates running for seven positions with ten days to go, I'm sure that number will double by the deadline.
Starting to hear what candidates have to say regarding the "issues" in this coming election.
I am interested in seeing what my readers see as the "issues", please take a moment go to the side of my blog and make your choices you can vote for more than one.
Feel free to leave comments all opinions are fair.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Notice of Motion for September 21, 2010

I will be bringing forth a motion to put in place a policy that elected officials will not be allowed to be seen to promote or endorse a private business venture.

I have no problem with politicians promoting our community, if somebody wants to participate as part of a marketing program, such as a promotional video talking about the great things our community as to offer that's fine. But the moment that politician talks about this being a great project or investment a line is crossed.

That is a line that should not be crossed.

Crowsnest Pass Council Highlights for September 7.

Understanding that its less than six weeks to the next election, it would be very easy for council to sit back and be a lame duck authority.
One thing about this council whether you or disagree with their positions, we have not been scared to make decisions and that will continue until the last meeting of this term.

Some issues we dealt with on Tuesday were:

Agricultural Services Board,

Presently the Taxpayers incur the bulk of the cost of our weed control Inspector and program. By establishing a weed control board the municipal can access up to $150,000 of provincial funding.

Ski Hill Groomer.

The ski hill groomer is running at about 10000 more hours than it should be, and costing substantial dollars to maintain each year. We had a plan to apply for a $60,000 grant from CFEP and for the Municipality to finance the other $60,000 to be repaid by the savings on maintenance costs occurred annually. Our Community Services Director asked that Council authorize him to pursue a different grant that would provide for the total cost of the groomer.

Environmental Reserve Policy

Council took the position that we are going to put in place a 3m wide easement where ever possible along water ways to maintain the public access to the rivers and the ability to maintain walking trails.

Development Agreement Security

Council put in place a policy to ensure that no development will proceed in the future without security in place. I was pleasantly surprised when all of council voted in favour of this policy, with the exception of our good Mayor!

Election Update both myself and Councilor Cole announced Tuesday night that we will be running in the election on October 18th.

Rumour of the day, I am being told that there is a group trying to put together a slate of candidates that would support reopening and refurbishing the Crowsnest Centre.
(Interesting the Nokomis Report in 1989 dollars stated somewhere between $4-7million)