Monday, October 26, 2015

Crowsnest Pass: We are going into debt and why.

Last week at the council meeting (Oct 20) we gave second and third readings to borrowing bylaws 934, 935 and 936 I will explain each in more detail.

Bylaw 934 is for the sum of $1.2 million which will be spent on upgrading the roofs at the MDM facility and the Crowsnest Sports Complex.
The MDM is used by a large number of groups for various programs and the gym is our only community hall that can hold a large crowd or an event of more than 150 people.
The Crowsnest Sports Complex is the arena in Coleman, both of these facilities are in dire need of their roofs being upgraded or they will continue to deteriorate and ultimately we will lose them.

Bylaw 935 is for the sum of $1,672,500 which will be spent on the Frank Wastewater Facility (Sewer plant). With this plant we have a provincial license to operate it that requires the municipality to upgrade the plant by 2019. The total upgrade of the plant will be in the range of $18 million with the expectation on our part that the project will be funded two thirds by the provincial and federal governments. The first phase of the project is for $5 million our share will be the $1.7 stated above, this project/borrowing will not proceed unless we receive the grants or council commits to borrow the full $5 million. The problem with that scenario is if you start the project before you get the grant you no longer qualify for the grants. Second the municipality by provincial law can only borrow up to $19 million so a big chunk of that would be eaten up by the Sewer Plant if we proceeded with that approach.

Bylaw 936 is for the sum of $700,000 which will be spent on either the upgrade of the York Creek lodge or the building of a new lodge. (We expect a decision in the next month). In 2010 previous council had made a commitment of $1 million to a proposal by the York Creek Lodge Board to upgrade the facility. This council felt it was important to fulfill that commitment so if the lodge proceeds we will be taking $300,000 out of reserves and borrowing the other $700,000 to honor that pledge.

How will this affect our taxes? It won't.

This year we are paying out of our operational budget the sum of $450,000 on our existing debt, that amount drops to $75,000 next year, $29,000 in 2017 and 2018.
The annual principal payments on the above: Bylaw 934 $100,000, Bylaw 935 $42,000, and Bylaw 936 $60,000. Our total principal payment for next year would be $277,000 depending on when we borrow the money, if the lodge or the sewer plant doesn't happen until later in the year then we will not see payments until 2017.
Based on the fact that we are paying more than those amounts right now this borrowing should have zero negative impact on our tax bills.          

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Castle Park my thoughts.

There is no doubt that there as been a lot of discussion for many years about the Castle area. Through both the South Saskatchewan Regional Plan and various other forums. 

But never once did this government or the previous one sit down with us and tell us, this is what you are getting, this is when you are getting it and this is what it is going to look like. Even now we have an announcement that we are getting two parks but please fill out a survey to tell us what you would like to see in the park. Good to have a consultation process but after the fact? I would have liked to have seen a survey open to the residents of this corner of the province asking them what they would like to see, even going has far has asking them if they were in favor of having a park. 

The morning of Sept 4th I received a call from a friend asking me if I was going to Stone's Throw for the announcement. I had no idea so I called the municipal office expecting that somebody had missed informing us. Not the case, nobody knew so I headed down to Stone's Throw. I found it intriguing that every pro park group within 200 km was very aware of the announcement. I asked people how long they knew? some told me for a week. Another person said to me it was all over Facebook, well normally local governments are informed especially when we are all going to be partners in a new imitative.  

After the announcement I approached one of the minister's assistants and asked why we were not informed, I was told that they wanted to keep it low key. Kind of surprising response especially when it took me ten minutes to find a parking space, having to avoid the "CTV" and "CBC" vehicles parked on main street. The crowd in Stone's Throw was large they were packed in like sardines. I told Minister Phillips assistant if you had given us some notice, we would have advertised on our website and they could have used the Elks Hall, would have been much more comfortable for everybody.  

How will this park affect us in the Crowsnest Pass? Who knows for sure it will be a while before any of us know what the park will really be. When asked if there were funds available to promote tourism and the other economic spin offs that come with this type of venture, the minister reminded us of the dire financial situation at hand in this province right now. (Which I believe was code for "No").  

One thing that is clear, logging and surface disturbance of any kind is ended. Just as many people will tell me that is bad as will tell me that is good. Personally I believe in responsible use of our resources where would our community be without the coal mines, our neighbors without the gas plant. 

Will this park be accessible to hunting, fishing, camping, OHV use ten years from now? Who knows. Will we have a thriving economy based on tourism creating lots of good paying jobs for young families to stay here? I'm going to be optimistic and say sure hope so. 

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

2016 Budget-Crowsnest Pass

Once again we have started the budget process in the Crowsnest Pass. The following meeting are all in Council Chambers, open to the public. Meeting start at 1pm, unless otherwise posted. 
Come on down and check it out for yourself. 

2016 Budget





June 11 - 12, 2015
Council Strategic Priorities
August 27, 2015
Budget Process
Budget Overview
Setting 2016 - 2018 Budget Guidelines
 August 27, 2015 
October 1, 2015
New Initiatives
October 15, 2015
Grants to Community Organizations
October 29, 2015
Council Boards and Associations
November 12, 2015
Council Boards and Associations
November 26, 2015
Council Boards and Associations
December 10, 2015
Draft Operating Budget Presentation
December 11, 2015
Draft Operating Budget Presentation
Council Debate & Resolution

Friday, September 4, 2015

Castle Special Management Area-Two new parks announced

If you wish to voice your opinion on this initiative go to the following address and you only have until October 5 to provide your Input:

Province to fully protect Castle area

September 04, 2015 Media inquiries
Commercial forestry in the Castle Special Management Area has been stopped and the process to designate the entire area under Parks’ legislation is underway.  
Castle Lynx II
A view of the Lynx Creek Valley within the Castle area. Photo credit: John Novotny
“Protecting the Castle is critically important for the biodiversity and water quality of this entire region. Under Parks’ legislation, and with the input of all Albertans, we will permanently protect this special place for future generations to enjoy as we transition the land to support good local jobs in tourism and recreation.”

Shannon Phillips, Minister of Environment and Parks
Government is protecting the area with two new designations within the Castle: an expanded Wildland Provincial Park and a new Provincial Park.
Covering nearly 104,000 hectares, the Castle area is an ecologically-diverse expanse of mountains, foothills, forests, grasslands, rivers and lakes in southwestern Alberta. It is prized for its headwaters, biodiversity and functions as a key wildlife corridor. The Castle is culturally significant to First Nations, and forms part of the Crown of the Continent – the mountainous region where Alberta, British Columbia and Montana meet.
“This will mean more visitor signatures in our guestbook from all over Canada, the U.S. and beyond, who come to play in our backyard. As parents of three young kids, we know how special and pristine this area is, and the importance of preserving it for our kids to enjoy with theirs one day.”

Jessica Atkinson, Owner, Stone’s Throw CafĂ©, Blairmore 
“We applaud the government for protecting this significant piece of the southern Alberta Rocky Mountain landscape. As a business owner in a protected area, we know the benefits and jobs they create. These are jobs and opportunities that are compatible with this landscape and preserve the critical watersheds that they hold.”

Beth Russell-Towe, Owner, Bear Mountain Motel
Designating the Castle under the Provincial Parks Act will allow government to focus on stewardship, protecting and enhancing biodiversity, and boosting the local economy by promoting the area as an outdoor destination for Albertans and out-of-province visitors.
Consultation with Albertans on the future of the Castle Special Management Area begins today and will remain open for the next 30 days. For more information and to participate, please visit
Aboriginal consultation will also begin immediately. The province is fully committed to upholding First Nation Treaty Rights across Alberta.
In addition to discontinuing commercial forestry within the Castle area, there will be a prohibition on surface rights access for any new petroleum and natural gas leases. Existing petroleum and natural gas leases will be honoured. No new tenure will be sold for extracting metallic, mineral, coal or surface resources. Existing leases for metallic, mineral and coal commodities will be cancelled, consistent with direction under the South Saskatchewan Regional Plan. Current livestock grazing permits will be respected. 

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Crowsnest Pass feeling the economic downturn.

Bad news this week our Super Value (formally Extra Foods) is closing down. Back in July Loblaws had announced that they would be closing 52 stores over the next 12 months (see story below). We were hopeful that ours would survive.

Unfortunately I think the moment Wal-Mart opened in Pincher Creek a lot of people that used to shop here drive that extra 30 minutes down the highway to do their shopping.
I feel very bad for the people that worked there, they had some excellent employees I also feel bad for our community it's always good to have choices.

Now we join the ranks of our neighbors to the west Sparwood and Elkford that have had one grocery store for the last twenty years.  It's a story that's going to be repeated many times, in many other communities.

Just had a discussion this morning with somebody that tells me that half of Teck's employee's don't even live in this area any more. They commute from Lethbridge, Calgary, Cranbrook etc.

Loblaws closing 52 unprofitable stores over next 12 months

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Crowsnest Pass Fall Winter Guide and Ski Hill Pass sale.

Please check out the new Fall/Winter guide for the Crowsnest Pass, highlights all our various community groups, facilities, FCSS and Recreation programs etc .

Awesome deal on ski passes for the coming season.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

OFF-SITE LEVY in the Crowsnest Pass

Good news if you paid an off-site levy in the Crowsnest Pass during the period of 2001 to 2011 you may be eligible for a refund. Council recently passed a policy to refund this regressive, anti development form of taxation.

Check out the following:

If you feel you qualify or have questions contact the municipal office.

My opinion of an off-site levy is based on the fact that we has a community are not growing in the sense that the number of people utilizing our Infrastructure is not increasing. We are being forced to replace Infrastructure because it is old, antiquated and does not meet today's standards. Not because we have a population that is 20% higher than it was 20 years ago.
Communities that have tremendous growth impose off site levies because they are growing rapidly they have more people flushing the toilets, turning on the taps, driving on the roads.

Friday, August 14, 2015

Getting the answers you want! Alberta climate change

Remember the Prentice survey not too long ago, prior to his financial plan being released to the taxpayers. A blatant exercise in presenting the questions in such away to achieve the answers that fulfill your political objectives. (Would you be willing to pay more taxes? or shut schools, and throw seniors out on to the street, that kind of stuff)  

Well I didn't think Prentice could be out done until I got the email today on the new governments "climate leadership discussions".

Check it out for yourself, if you believe that Alberta should increase taxes to subsidize green energy, allow Ontario and Quebec to set energy policy for us through "cap and trade". This is the survey for you, I am sure that every environmental group in the province and beyond our borders are filling out the survey as we speak.

At the end of the day these survey's mean nothing if 100% of the responses said expand the "oilsands" "build more coal mines" and "do not" use our tax dollars to subsidize green energy (check out Ontario if you want to see how well that worked). What do you think the government would do?

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Annexation the answer? Why not?

I was recently asked why we had dropped the previous council's proposal to annex part of  the MD of Ranchlands.

I will comment more shortly but in the mean time I would draw your attention to the following links:

The first link provides numerous examples where annexation as been successful, if you click on the board order number it provides all the background on each annexation.

Please pay special attention to the following in particular Appendix "B" on Page 22:

Monday, June 1, 2015

Rum Runner Days, Summer event???????

Open Discussion/Meeting for Marquee Summer Event 2016

Time: 7:00 pm
Location: Elks Hall, 2025 129 Street, Blairmore

The Municipal Council of Crowsnest Pass would like to invite all interested User Groups and Non-Profit Organizations of the Municipality to a meeting to discuss the possibility of a marquee Summer Event in 2016.Interest in moving forward with this event will be determined at the meeting.
Thursday night you get to be part of the decision, you could be part of the event.
Got an idea drop by share it, put your name on the list.  

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Crowsnest Pass Service Plus program 2015

The big green bins will be at the following locations:

Coleman Sportsplex

June 11-13  9am-3pm

Blairmore Shop

June 15-17  12pm-6pm

Hillcrest Shop

June 18-20  9am-3pm

Toxic and E-waste Round-up

Coleman Sportsplex   June 13  9am-3pm

Teck Coal and the news we didn't want to hear!

Teck Responds to Steelmaking Coal Market Conditions

Vancouver, B.C. – Teck Resources Limited (TSX: TCK.A and TCK.B, NYSE: TCK) ("Teck") announced today it will be implementing temporary shutdowns in the third quarter at its six Canadian steelmaking coal operations in order to align production and inventories with changing coal market conditions.
Each of Teck’s steelmaking coal operations will be temporarily shut down for approximately three weeks in the quarter. Shutdowns will be staggered over the summer months among the operations. Teck will continue to meet all contracted and committed coal sales for its entire suite of products.
Third quarter production will be reduced by approximately 1.5 million tonnes (Mt) to 5.7 Mt, a reduction of 22% for the quarter, with expected sales in the range of 6.0 – 6.5 Mt. Annual coal production is now estimated at 25 – 26 Mt.  Additional coal production adjustments will be considered over the course of 2015 as market conditions continue to evolve.
Guidance for unit operating and distribution costs for the year is unchanged. Capitalized stripping is expected to be about $65 million lower than original guidance reflecting lower coal production and reduced stripping costs this year due to lower diesel costs and productivity improvements since the start of the year. 

“Rather than push incremental tonnes into an over-supplied market, we are taking a disciplined approach to managing our mine production in line with market conditions,” said Don Lindsay, President and CEO. “We will continue to focus on reducing costs and improving efficiency to ensure our mines are cash positive throughout the cycle and well-positioned when markets improve.” 

This measure builds on cost reductions previously undertaken across Teck – which have resulted in $640 million in annualized savings to date – and the margin improvement program for 2015, which is on track to exceed the $100 million target previously announced. 

Shut down schedule:
Line Creek/Coal Mountain   June 28-July 5
Elkview July 2-July 5
Greenhills/Cardinal River July 6-July 13
Fording River July 14-July 21
Line Creek/Coal Mountain July 22-Aug 2
Elkview Aug 3-Aug 6
Greenhills/Cardinal River Aug 7-Aug 18
Elkview Aug 19-Aug 26
Fording Aug 27-Sept 7
Elkview Sept 8-Sept 11

Monday, April 27, 2015

Alta link Update---Crowsnest Pass no longer an option

On a positive note you can see that based on the following information the Alta Link line is not coming to the Crowsnest Pass:
A lot of effort went in to this process, and a lot of our residents voiced their concerns about this power link. Bottom link for once speaking up made a difference.

Dear Municipal Stakeholder:
Today, as part of my commitment to keep you informed of AltaLink’s projects in your area, I’m pleased to send you the Castle Rock Ridge to Chapel Rock round 2 public consultation material being mailed in the coming days to the landowners and stakeholders in your Municipal District.  AltaLink will also be providing your municipal office with printed versions of this material so you’ll have exactly what stakeholders will receive in their mail boxes.  All the project details and the proposed schedule are shown in the Newsletter and other information attached.
AltaLink has refined the routing under consideration by adjusting some proposed routes and eliminating other routes and substation sites.  The Dropped Route Letter will only be sent to the Stakeholders whose land is on dropped routes but is included in this email for information purposes.
The proposed project includes:
·       A new substation, to be called Chapel Rock Substation, located near the existing 500 kV (500,000 volts) 1201L transmission line. The proposed substation site will be approximately 255 by 210 metres (820 by 1,150 feet).
·       The existing Castle Rock Ridge Substation will be expanded as part of this project to accommodate the termination of the proposed new 240 kV transmission line. We are proposing to extend the northeast and northwest fence by approximately 25 metres (82 feet) in each direction.
·       Approximately five to 15 kilometres (3.1 to 9.3 miles) of two new, single circuit 500 kV transmission lines will also be required. The length of these lines depends on the location of the Chapel Rock Substation. We are proposing to use two single circuit, guyed structures for the portion within the hills west of Highway 22. These structures will be used for straight portions of the line. At locations where the line deflects, self-supporting steel lattice structures will be used.
·       Approximately 24 to 37 kilometres (15 to 23 miles) of new double circuit 240 kV transmission line from the existing Castle Rock Ridge Substation to the proposed Chapel Rock Substation. Final line length is dependent on the route approved by the AUC.
Open Houses
May 26, 2015
Cowley, Ab
3 to 7 p.m.
Cowley District Hall
122 Cameron Street, Cowley
May 27, 2015
Pincher Creek, Ab
3 to 7 p.m.
Heritage Hotel
919 Waterton Avenue
Pincher Creek
June 2, 2015
Calgary, Ab
3 to 7 p.m.
Coast Plaza Hotel
1316 33 Street NE
There are numerous ways for the public and stakeholders to provide input including:
o   email us at           
o   calling our toll-free line at 1-877-269-5903
o   our website
o   participating in a one-on-one consultation
Alberta Electric System Operator (AESO)
o   calling the toll-free line at 1-888-866-2959
Alberta Utilities Commission (AUC)
o   calling at 780-427-4903 (You can call toll-free by dialing 310-0000 before the number.)

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Crowsnest Pass council opposes transmission line

Crowsnest Pass council opposes transmission line

Great article on the Crowsnest Council's position on the Altalink line.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Taxes in the Crowsnest Pass 2015

Well we are almost at the end of the budget process, we did first reading of the mill rate bylaw last night.

The common questions I get asked:

How much are taxes going up?  2%

This will generate an additional $140,000 in tax revenue, which will be off set by a $146,000 drop in the School foundation rate. So unless your assessment went way up, the average resident should see virtually no increase in their over all taxes.

Is the mill rate going down? yes 3.2% our assessment base was up this year with 1% new development and a little over 3% in increased property values so the mill rate had to decease or taxes would have gone up an additional 3%.

What's happening to our utility bills? They are going up $4.98 per month.

What about Franchise Fees? No change.

Is the municipality hiring new staff? We will be hiring one position this fall to replace a person who is anticipated to retire next year. (CUPE position).

Are we putting money into reserves? Yes 2% of our operating budget.

The problem today we still have a deficit of $117,000

Municipal Options?

Increase revenue by that amount.
Decrease spending
Run with a deficit which with provincial approval we could have up to three years to fix.


When we sat down with Administration on Monday April 13 to resolve the deficit we came up with the following cuts. The first item the municipality was informed late Friday that almost $20,000 the province as always paid us In Lieu of taxes on the seniors buildings (Westwinds and Tecumesh Manor) were cut in the most recent provincial budget so our deficit actually increased at the start of the meeting.

·      Decrease in Senior’s housing revenue of ($18,904)
·      Reduce administration contingency budget by $50,000
·      Remove budget for by-elections of $4,500
·      Reduce Deputy Fire Chief contracted services by $20,000
·      Increase enforcement services fines revenue by $10,000
·      Budget to receive $50,000 back from the 2014 Hillcrest 100th anniversary
·      Reduce costs to produce municipal newsletter by $10,000
·      Reduce fire/rescue budget by $5,000

Monday, April 6, 2015

Grassy Mountain Coal Project-Public Input

Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency
Public Notice - Revised
Grassy Mountain Coal Project — Public Comments Invited
April 1, 2015 — As part of the strengthened and modernized Canadian Environmental Assessment Act, 2012 (CEAA 2012) put in place to support the government's Responsible Resource Development Initiative, the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency (the Agency) must decide whether a federal environmental assessment is required for the proposed Grassy Mountain Coal Project, located in Alberta. To assist it in making its determination, the Agency is seeking comments from the public on the project and its potential effects on the environment.
Benga Mining Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of Riversdale Resources Limited, is proposing to construct and operate an open-pit metallurgical coal mine near the Crowsnest Pass, approximately seven kilometres north of the community of Blairmore, in south-west Alberta. As proposed, the production capacity of the project would be a maximum of four million tonnes of clean coal per year, over a mine-life of about 25 years.
Written comments must be submitted by April 20, 2015 to:
Grassy Mountain Coal Project
Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency
Canada Place
9700 Jasper Avenue, Suite 1145
Edmonton, Alberta T5J 4C3
Telephone: 780-495-2037
Fax: 780-495-2876
For further details regarding the environmental assessment of the Grassy Mountain Coal Project, please visit Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency’s website at…

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Alta Link-Crowsnest Pass

If you are not aware by now Alta Link has one of their options, is looking at a Crowsnest Pass route to run their Castle Rock Ridge to Chapel Rock Transmission line.

Municipal council came out strongly opposed to this route for many issues including, environmental, aesthetics, etc. If you go out to the east side of Pincher Creek and take a look at the horrible sight of transmission lines it should be enough to tell you why we don't want them here.

I know our neighbors don't want to see this new transmission line neither. But at least they gain all the millions of tax dollars from the wind mills annually. Alta Link informed us that the transmission line would generate $80,000 a year in taxes for us.

We are being told that in the next couple of months Alta link will be coming back with their options narrowed down to two.

If you are concerned about this issue contact Altalink at or 1-877-269-5903.

Friday, March 27, 2015

MSI Grant Funding for Crowsnest Pass 2015

It appears the $521,174 MSI funding we received in March was just an advance on the 2015 funding. If you add the total back in to this years total we will receive $2,198,759 about $39,000 less than 2014.


MSI Capital Component $1,197,745
BMTG Component $333,900
Sub Total $1,531,645

Operating funding $145,940

Total MSI Funding $1,677,585


MSI Capital Component $1,771,588
BMTG Component $333,900
Sub Total $2,105,488

Operating Funding $131,924

Total MSI Funding $2,237,412

Monday, March 23, 2015

Government of Alberta Survey results

Survey says: Albertans understand budget challenge

March 23, 2015 Media inquiries
Results from government’s online budget survey are now available and show Albertans want a balanced approach to Budget 2015. 
The online Budget 2015 survey received 40,513 responses, which demonstrate a wide range of opinions with several clear themes.
  • Nine out of 10 respondents feel low oil prices will greatly or somewhat affect the Alberta government’s ability to budget. (Question 1)
  • Nine out of 10 respondents feel government needs to take action either immediately or within this year. (Question 3)
  • When asked what is the right balance to respond to the drop in revenue, Albertans were split almost evenly three ways between reducing spending, increasing revenue and running a deficit budget. (Question 6)
“Albertans have been paying attention and they understand government needs to make tough decisions to deal with our fiscal situation. I want to thank everyone who took the time to complete the survey. Budget 2015 will reflect the balanced and thoughtful approach Albertans have signaled they want. Government understands it can’t move too hard in any direction without risking further economic damage.”
Robin Campbell, President of the Treasury Board and Minister of Finance
When asked how the province can stabilize revenue, the top three choices from Albertans were raising tobacco taxes, increasing corporate taxes and introducing a graduated personal tax rate. (Question 9)
"Right now, businesses are struggling to keep people working.  We have seen thousands of jobs lost already this year and people are worried about their jobs. Increasing the corporate tax actually hurts the overall economy and puts jobs at risk - we will not do that. Budget 2015 will be fair and balanced as we protect working families and the most vulnerable."
Robin Campbell, President of the Treasury Board and Minister of Finance
Responses were about evenly split between north and south, with seven out of 10 responses coming from the greater Calgary and Edmonton regions. The majority of respondents have lived in Alberta between 11 and 41 years.
The Budget 2015 survey ran from February 5-28 and paper copies were mailed to Albertans on request. Results areavailable online and through the Open Data Portal.
In addition to the survey, various members of government, including Premier Jim Prentice, participated in a 26-stop speaking tour across Alberta that ran from early January to early March. Roughly 2,000 people attended the various events. In early December and January, Minister Campbell met with chief economists from various financial institutions and also hosted several meetings with stakeholders across Alberta.
Alberta’s budget will be released on March 26, and for the first time will be presented in a fully consolidated fiscal format supported by the Auditor General. Also for the first time, Budget 2015 will have a five-year detailed fiscal and capital plans within the context of a 10-year vision that will help Albertans see the fiscal outlook for the province.

Friday, March 6, 2015

Crowsnest Pass MSI Funding

Just released today MSI funding numbers


MSI Capital Component $1,771,588
BMTG Component $333,900
Sub Total $2,105,488

Operating Funding $131,924

Total MSI Funding $2,237,412

2015 March Funding


Thursday, February 5, 2015

Alberta Budget 2015 your Input

The Alberta government is now providing you the opportunity to provide your input on solving the $7 billion shortfall. Just go to the following address and click on take the survey.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Alberta fiscal crisis, how will it affect us?

It looks like Premier Prentice is preparing all of us for bad news. Just keep in mind that 30-40% of our revenue comes to us in the form of provincial grants.

Alberta Premier Jim Prentice says fiscal crisis means rollbacks on table for public sector ... and him

Monday, January 19, 2015

Municipality Of Crowsnest Pass Legal Matters

For Immediate Release - The Municipality was served as the defendant in a Legal Claim by the former Chief of the Blairmore Fire Department who is also a member of the Smoke Eaters Community Society. This Claim is currently in the hands of the Courts and the Municipality is finalizing the Statement of Defense.
The Municipality has also been served a Legal Claim by members of The Blairmore Smoke Eaters Community Society. This Claim had been turned over to Legal Counsel for preparation of the Statement of Defense.
Both claims were initiated from the events of 2012 and the Municipality has prepared this information press release so that the Community would be informed of these events having been initiated against the Municipality. As these claims are in a Legal process at this time the Municipality cannot elaborate further on details of the claims.  As the Municipality moves through the legal process, we will endeavor to keep the community advised within the constraints imposed upon it.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Some people are just plain stupid!

The following is a municipal press release regarding the issue of somebody running a snowmobile on our cross country trail system last weekend.

Snowmobile Damage to the Allison Cross Country Ski Trails

On the weekend of January 10 & 11, one or more snowmobiles accessed the Allison Chinook cross country ski trails multiple times. A fair amount of trail damage resulted, spanning roughly 13KM (40%) of the network. Trail conditions were restored the evening of Monday, January 12th, however, weekend users likely experienced some poor conditions. The ski club is now discussing measures to prevent future occurrences. In addition, several signs stating "no snowmobiles, ATV's or dirt-bikes" have been placed at the entry/exist points as a temporary measure.

Albert Stella Arena

Albert Stella Memorial Arena January 14, 2015

January 14, 2015 - For Immediate Release – The Municipality of Crowsnest Pass has completed its investigation into the health and safety concerns related to the Albert Stella Memorial Arena (ASMA).  As a result, a remediation plan and budget has been prepared that will allow the facility to safely remain open for the next 2 years.
At the Council meeting of January 13, Council approved the proposed remediation plan and contract in the amount of $61,845 plus GST.  The remediation work has already commenced and portions of the work will continue into the spring.  However, the majority of work will be completed quickly and public use of the facility is expected to resume over the next 2 - 3 weeks.  Once this short term solution is implemented, the Municipality will need to actively plan for the future of the facility. 
 The Municipality thanks the public and user groups for their patience during this short-term closure.  For more information please contact Lyle Hannan, Director of Community Services at (403) 562-8833. 
Note: It's important to note that the above press release and the actions of council last night only deal with a short term solution (Two years) to the issues within this facility. The full facility evaluation report is posted at the address below, it is a real eye opener.