Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Municipal Press Release Crowsnest Pass


Crowsnest Pass Operational Services (Public Works) is implementing
plans to improve overall efficiency and service delivery to community

These plans include numerous functional changes that will see improved
utilization of resources, improved efficiency and increased accountability.

The first step will be the consolidation of the Blairmore and Coleman shops
into one facility which will be the Blairmore Facility. This facility will now be
known as the Crowsnest West Facility, while Hillcrest facility, which also
serves Bellevue, will be known as Crowsnest East Facility.

These changes will take place over a relatively short period of time and
residents should be assured that service levels will not be reduced as a
result of these changes.

Myron Thompson
Director of Operational Services
Municipality of Crowsnest Pass

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Rum Runner Days weekend.

Well here is your chance to make your comments about the weekend, good bad or indifferent. Weather it be the parade, show and shine, carnival, Thunder in the Valley, etc.

What did you think, is the weekend worth the $100,000 of taxpayers money that goes in to it?

Should the weekend continue in its present form, should the municipality be taking over the entire weekend as suggested by our local leaders or just leaving it alone.

Looking forward to any and all comments, now's your chance to speak.