Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Old mine site in Coleman

Check out the following article;


Should this site be saved? over the years I have heard many complaints about the old Mine site at the east end of the golf course. Designated an historical site years ago, and then no dollars provided to preserve it. My fear is that the same happens in Coleman, in these economic times will either the Feds or the Province throw in the necessary dollars to make these into operating functional historical sites or will they just throw a chain link fence around them and hope some day a rich benefactor comes in to save the site.

Curious to see what people think?

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Crowsnest Pass Volunteers Needed

Here is your chance for all those folks that have voiced their concerns over the appearance of our community.

The Crowsnest Advisory Committee, as struck up two committees to look at the following areas; "Community Beautification" and "Signage Bylaws". We are looking for interested volunteers to sit on this committee.

Most of us on the committee really want to see the public get involved, and hear what you have to say, there will should not be a huge time commitment here just a few hours over a few months, to sit down as a group and discuss where we need to do a better job in our community.

Anybody interested please contact Cathy at 403 562 7108 (Leave message if no answer)