Thursday, December 1, 2011

Council Meeting of Nov 29, 2011 Crowsnest Pass

Occasionally where time as allowed I have been posting minutes of some of the council and G+P meeting.

Now Council as decided that they will post approved minutes by noon of the following day, after some members of council suggested that they had been approached by members of the public questioning why this was not being done.

Some people suggested to me that the only reason they were doing it was to out communicate myself with the general public. Wow does my blog really have that much power? I won't take any credit for that.

Back to the point of my post I am not going to do minutes as long as the municipality does they are coming out in a very timely fashion now and I know that the lady that does them can do a far better job than I do.

So if you are interested in the council minutes all you have to do is go to the municipal web site  you will find them underneath the council agenda column.

This of course will not stop me from commenting on these meeting as we all know minutes don't  provide you
with everything that happens at a meeting.


"Revised Municipal Reserve Policy and Procedure"

I found Councilors Londsbury comment about this policy very telling.  "First line of the policy states "The Municipality shall establish Capital and Operational Reserves" this is all well and good but will we have any money to place in reserves?"

Especially when you consider that in 2011 not a dollar was placed into such reserves.

Best of intentions mean nothing unless they are followed up, and as far as reserves the Mayors attempt at humour by saying I will give you a quarter if needs be to make sure something goes in there, does not cut it.

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Anonymous said...

Dean, it is your commentary that brings me back to this site. It's nice that the Municipality will being saving you the trouble of typing all the rest of it.