Sunday, November 17, 2013

Christmas in the Mountains, Crowsnest pass style

Friday night I attended the Christmas in the Mountains, thanks to the decent weather there was a very good turn out.
Stopped by the Riversdale open house lots of interest,  seems like a decent group of individuals met some old friends there hopefully a good news story for the Pass.
Leaving Riversdale met up with the CJPR folks my wife encouraged me to sink Jingle Bells with her and we got one of the many turkeys being handed out.
Then we watched Marlene deal with her fear of heights and light up the Christmas tree, good for her I sweat walking up the stairs.
Checked out the Elks Hall lots of good stuff it looked like the vendors were doing well.
Kudo's to all the businesses that participated, it was nice to see Main Street so busy on a Friday night.
Did anybody hear how the dance went last night, we were going until we got whacked by that beautiful weather.

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Anonymous said...

It is a shame the turn out at the dance was so dismal as the music was excellent!