Wednesday, December 18, 2013

SSRP and it's impact on the Crowsnest Pass

South Saskatchewan Regional Plan

If you wish to comment on this plan go to the following address  we had Mr Gene Wusaty CEO of Altitude Resources inc provide a presentation about is companies assets north of Grassy Mountain and their intention to begin exploration in the second quarter of 2014 last night at the council meeting. They are very concerned that the SSRP and it's plan of increasing park land adjacent to their leases will inhibit the ability to develop and operate coal mines north of us.
Again if you wish to have any input on the SSRP you need to go to the address above and voice your concerns prior to Jan 15,2014.


Anonymous said...

They "mothballed" Chickaloon due to environmental and legislative pressures.

Riversdale acquired this prospect from Devon Energy and Consol Energy (who obviously realised that it was of no asset, but with proven resources). They were denied their development years ago due to the location being within the Sask Water Shed and the inherent heavy metal and toxins involved in the mining of coal. The containment of such toxins has not been realized even with today's technology.

-With the impending SSRP I can't see it.

- The promotion of resource development can exist on the fine edge of legality.

-I will not be first in line for their IPO (If it ever takes place.)

I wonder how many hopes and dreams have been dashed in Alaska’s Mat-Su Valley? For some reason I still remember our own River Run (where 'their' living comes easy). If a few private investors lose their $60mill already invested due to greed, so be it.

Peter Rosner said...

Did you not seen this coming when the Nature Conservatory bought out Ranchlands and limited the development on the ranching properties. Right from the beginning I knew that development was going to face huge obstacles from the environmentalists.