Monday, March 10, 2014

Crowsnest Pass Road Conditions


The Municipality would like to thank residents for their patience regarding the state of the roads in our community. As everyone is no doubt aware, the high temperatures over the weekend have caused thick slush and water run off throughout the community. The Operations Department is making every effort to clean the streets as expediently as possible. We had 3 Operations staff out on Friday evening, 5 working on Saturday, 8 staff working on Sunday and our full complement out today. Further, this morning we are experiencing extreme icy conditions and residents are asked to exercise extreme caution. If you have any immediate concerns please contact Operations at (403) 563-2220.

It looks like a lot of communities got hit with this on the weekend, Kudo's to everybody that worked hard to look after our streets. The number above goes straight to public works so if you are still experiencing problems give them a call. 


Anonymous said...

It would be nice to remove the snow/ice covering the storm drains so the puddles and runoff can drain. Running the plow blade on the road is great but doesn't solve the problem.

Anonymous said...

Actually, for anyone who knew or paid attention that is what was done on the weekend, not plow roads, but open up storm drains.