Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Good news in the Crowsnest Pass

Several things, I know it's not an economic boom but good news never the less:

1. Development permits we are already 25% ahead of the whole of 2013 with three months to go.

2. There has been as many real estate sales this year to the end of September as there was in the whole of 2013.

3. Our recreation department as created a new web site http://cnp.recdesk.com/recdeskportal/  that will provide you information on all our recreation program, facilities, parks, scheduling calendar, you can even buy ski passes on it. Please check it out, keep in mind it is new so there is bound to be glitches contact the rec department if you have any concerns.

4. We will be starting the 2015 budget process this Thursday 2-5pm in council chambers.



Anonymous said...

Speaking of developments, you should check out all the activity happening in downtown Coleman. Looks like a new building going up & two others being worked on.

Crowsnest Pass Home said...

Your right everybody should take a look, its been a long time since we have seen new buildings going up in our commercial areas.

Anonymous said...

Dean, can you ask to have the council minutes on the website updated more regularly?

Anonymous said...

The rec website is a great idea, good move in the right direction. As an aside, I was at the mass registration night and between that and all of the great info on the rec site, if people say "there's nothing to do in the Pass", they aren't looking very hard.

Anonymous said...

Is council also working on a new triennial budget?
Wondering the future of community facilities - back in 2010 the audits pointed concerns of MDM, ASMA, pool and sportsplex. Is council working on a strategic plan to repair or replace these facilities?

Crowsnest Pass Home said...

No triennial budget, just the 2015.
The facilities you mention plus all the others will be part of the budget process.
Regarding the council minutes I will follow up on those Monday.