Monday, January 19, 2015

Municipality Of Crowsnest Pass Legal Matters

For Immediate Release - The Municipality was served as the defendant in a Legal Claim by the former Chief of the Blairmore Fire Department who is also a member of the Smoke Eaters Community Society. This Claim is currently in the hands of the Courts and the Municipality is finalizing the Statement of Defense.
The Municipality has also been served a Legal Claim by members of The Blairmore Smoke Eaters Community Society. This Claim had been turned over to Legal Counsel for preparation of the Statement of Defense.
Both claims were initiated from the events of 2012 and the Municipality has prepared this information press release so that the Community would be informed of these events having been initiated against the Municipality. As these claims are in a Legal process at this time the Municipality cannot elaborate further on details of the claims.  As the Municipality moves through the legal process, we will endeavor to keep the community advised within the constraints imposed upon it.

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