Thursday, September 3, 2015

Crowsnest Pass feeling the economic downturn.

Bad news this week our Super Value (formally Extra Foods) is closing down. Back in July Loblaws had announced that they would be closing 52 stores over the next 12 months (see story below). We were hopeful that ours would survive.

Unfortunately I think the moment Wal-Mart opened in Pincher Creek a lot of people that used to shop here drive that extra 30 minutes down the highway to do their shopping.
I feel very bad for the people that worked there, they had some excellent employees I also feel bad for our community it's always good to have choices.

Now we join the ranks of our neighbors to the west Sparwood and Elkford that have had one grocery store for the last twenty years.  It's a story that's going to be repeated many times, in many other communities.

Just had a discussion this morning with somebody that tells me that half of Teck's employee's don't even live in this area any more. They commute from Lethbridge, Calgary, Cranbrook etc.

Loblaws closing 52 unprofitable stores over next 12 months

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Anonymous said...

Why would they close just when we have a big coal mine opening? Did anyone tell Loblaws about that?