Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Crowsnest Pass Moving Forward

Well its been a week now since the election, only 1090 days to the next one (but who's counting).

Many lessons to be learnt the first obviously the agony of defeat, but that's OK that's part of what life is all about.

Another lesson is the kindness in the comments made by many good people over the last week those I appreciate.

Next lesson I have learnt is how two faced a "few" people are, they know who they are the one's that say one thing to my face and another behind my back.

After the dismay of losing I have spent the last three or four days asking people where I went wrong, (any constructive comments I would appreciate).
I found real strange the fellow at Tim Hortons that told me that I should have lied to the Quad Squad, I said what do you mean? he said well you told them you would not look at the OHV bylaw but I know of at least three candidates that said they would, but have no intention of doing anything about it. I hope those are not the type of people we elected to our council.

I always prided myself on the ability to understand numbers, and recognize very much the financial situation of the municipality, its massive dependency on the residential tax base.

In a way its almost a relief to know that others are going to have the burden of dealing with that for the next three years, I will watch very curiously to see how well these folks do with that.
Keeping in mind that we raised taxes 3% this year and left the new council with an anticipated surplus of $450,000 for the 2010 financial year.

The commitments that were made during the election, I am very excited to see how the new council follows through with these:
  • The 90 day Task force made up of prominent citizens with some outside expertise.
  • The make up of that committee, and more importantly the recommendations they bring forth and the implementation of such recommendations.
  • The marketing of the community, the rejuvenated economic growth that will be brought forth.
  • Bringing in of new Business and how that will be achieved (Tax Incentives, etc).
  • The ongoing commitment to reduce inefficiencies at the municipality, whether it be the issue of duplication of services and facilities, or anywhere else that tax dollars are not spent effectively.
  • The drive to keep tax increases at or around 0% or even reducing them, budget will be in there laps in November and hopefully keeping with last councils precedent of having it completed prior to year end we will have a clear picture of this council's financial direction in 2010.
  • The issue of affordable housing, where will the homes go, how many will be built, the types of affordable housing, what financial commitment will the municipality make.
  • The Recreation Facility/Indoor Pool, this issue created a lot of conversation and excitement during the election, where will it go, when will it be built, what will it cost the taxpayers.

Now I recognize that all of these commitments will not be achieved over night, but I wish the new council well there are some fairly lofty expectations out there. But when they achieve the things listed above that will be a good sign that this community is doing well.

At the end of the day that is what is most important that the community is successful.


Anonymous said...

Dean, You did the right thing while you were on council. The problem was you did it to often. You lost votes on the Center, OHV, Unsightly premises,Joey and Ray.I think you did a great job, unfortuntely you lost voters because of each of these issues.
I will be pleased with the next council if they accomplish 25 % of the things on that list.

Crowsnest Pass Home said...

Its funny that you mention the words "to often".
But then we hear that we need new people for the reasons of "change".

Anonymous said...


Good to see you at the meeting tonight. So what is your first impression of the new council?

Crowsnest Pass Home said...

Anonymous 9:50pm I will write later today about the meeting.

My first impression, the Mayor obviously as ran one or two meetings in his time. He seemed well prepared and comes across as very professional.
Councilors first impression, I reserve judgement at this time, way too early yet, the agenda was very light.
No challenges to test the councilors yet.

But they are coming, it will be sooner or later.
Budget will clearly show where people stand.
Within the process administration will be working together now to put that budget together any projects that are near and dear to councilors hearts or platforms will have to brought forward very quickly if the dollars are to be found to satisfy them in 2011.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for being classier in defeat than your fellow candidates... some of their behavior have beeb just plain disgusting.