Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Teck tentative agreement at Fording River

Good news for the local economy Teck and the Steelworkers at Fording River have reached a tentative agreement, the Memorandum of agreement is available at http://www.usw7884.com/Final%20Draft%20of%20MOA.pdf


Anonymous said...

Dean how did they do compared to the Elkview mine are they going to have to walk out for ten weeks to enjoy the same success the guys at Elkview did?


Crowsnest Pass Home said...

Check out the Miners Journey post (Peter Rosner)


Anonymous said...

for another thread..


Anonymous said...

I am very glad to see this deal reached, hopefully it is accepted by both parties. If so it will show that labour disputes can be avoided if both parties have the "will".
Also if it is successful being a local restaurant owner I hope to see some of these folks spending their bonus in the local establishments. Its been a long winter.

Anonymous said...

I am the deal is good, for the guys I wouldn't want to work at the mines for any amount of money.