Monday, August 29, 2011

Interesting Poll results, New CAO when?

I asked the following question:

Should the municipality spend the additional tax dollars to send all members of council to conventions?

Not surprisingly out of 39 people that took a moment to vote a solid 76% agreed with the arguments presented on my previous post regarding the issue of the Convention attendance policy.
While there is no question that there is "some" value to sending some members of council to these events there is no question that the odd meeting can be set up with the right people, also no question that some of the education sessions are of value. But it does not take 8-9 people to take notes in a education session or pick up relevant literature and it does not take 8-9 voices to represent the municipalities interests in those meetings. Has a former Mayor told me at my first convention they are a nice perk for councils and CAO's but not at a cost of $30,000 per year!

My next poll is regarding the search for a CAO, last year when we went through the debate about hiring a new CAO, the minority on council were adamant that it should have been left for the next council to fill the position, I and some of my fellow councilors disagreed stating that there would not be enough time for a new council to be placed in office and find a CAO in time to deal with the budget process 2 months. Of course the minority of council felt that was an ample time.

Based on that debate and considering the last CAO gave his notice on May 19th, pleased take a moment to address my new poll which asks the simple question are you surprised that a permanent CAO as not been found three and a half months after giving his notice?  


Anonymous said...

Pretty soon they will be looking for an entire new workforce.

Anonymous said...

Dean Good source tells me that within two weeks a new CAO will be in place.


Anonymous said...

Harold you are dreaming who is going to come to the Pass? If they are lucky they will convince one of the remaining administrators to take the job. If not us taxpayers will keep paying the high priced consultant for how long?