Monday, August 22, 2011

Is this the way business should be conducted?

On Tuesday August 16, an  item titled “Enforcement Services Audit” appeared on the agenda, with a recommendation coming forth from Administration stating the following.

“That council direct administration to engage Transitional Solutions Inc. to undertake an Enforcement Services Audit to examine the existing Municipal enforcement practices in reference to the enforcement of Provincial statutes and Municipal Bylaws. The Audit is not to exceed $7,000 and will be assumed within the Municipal Enforcement Budget.

The argument was made by the Interim CAO Kevin Robins about concerns in this area that required clarification. Administration also stated that the Municipality did not have the expertise internally to conduct this audit.

This recommendation was voted on by Council, which subsequently passed by a vote of 6-1 with only Councilor Saje opposed.

What appears at first impression has just another study to clear up an area of confusion and answer questions raised by council and the residents of the community due to frustrations in the area of the Municipality’s enforcement program.

Upon further study this recommendation raises other questions? the Interim CAO who is also the CEO of the Transitional Solutions is recommending that the municipality conduct an audit on our Enforcement Services using an outside contractor that just happens to be “Transitional Solutions”.

I know its only $7,000 but no tendering process no opportunity for any other company to take a look at this?????
Does anybody else have concerns regarding even the perception of a conflict of interest?


Anonymous said...

Conflict of interest if I ever saw one. Shame on council and the CAO.And I do not care if it is only 7,000$.The principal of the whole thing is so wrong.

Anonymous said...

Kevin Robins--Ceo Transitional Solutions
Kevin Robins--Ceo Crowsnest Pass

CNP orders untendered survey from Transitional Solutions

Has an odour doesn't it.

'course Larry has told us there is no such thing as conflict of interest

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Anonymous said...

Dean this issue is indeed nonsense lets hope Transitional solutions don't do infrastructure projects.
Second of all this crap with a Interim CAO how long will it go on for? (Got to be four months already)
Didn't Larry give you guys crap for hiring a CAO last year. Didn't he argue that new council would have lots of time to hire a CAO prior to the budget process beginning?
Just a couple of questions for you to answer, thanks for your time.


Anonymous said...

"The more things change the more they stay the same!"

Good luck Crowsnest Pass

Anonymous said...

The optics of this decision by Council are horrible. However, beyond that, one must ask the question, why is it necessary to study enforcment services? I'll be the first to admit that the Municipality has a huge problem in this area. The solution however is obvious to just about everyone, and I will give it to Council for free. It goes like this. Tell the By-law Officer to start enforcing the by-laws -- how complicated is that? Forget about traffic tickets -- the RCMP are doing a fine job in that department. For example, start handing out tickets for violations of the Community Standards Bylaw. That by-law has been in place for two years, and I have yet to see any sign of improvement. Start enforcing the Land Use Bylaw -- and that involves more than the By-law Officer. The Development Officer, the Subdivision and Development Authority, and Council all need to get serious about enforcement, instead of always trying to find reasons to waive by-law provisions. Until some of this starts to happen, this place will remain a sorry joke.

Anonymous said...

This is not just about optics this council should have gone beyond what would have normally been done to tender this audit due to the relationship between the interim CAO and the people doing the audit.
Its become more than optics its about the judgement of the people making the decision.


Anonymous said...

Keith, by using the term "optics" I wasn't trying to downplay how unbelievably bad Council's decision is. I agree with 100% with your comments. My main point was that such a study is not necessary, regardless of who they want to give the contract to. This Municipality either doesn't care, or they are so afraid of going to court, that they never enforce anything. Who loses? The people who obey the by-laws.

Anonymous said...

Unbeliveable! Hate to say it but I voted for these guys.
What the hell is taking so long to find a CAO. I hear from some of the Town employees that the CAO and the Public Words Supt are only working here four days a week. Does that mean that we only pay them 80% of their salary?


Anonymous said...

Nothing has changed, same crap went on when dealing with engineering firms, they would tender the first project, the consultant would "buy" the job and then any other projects would be direct award. What ever happened to transparency in government!

Anonymous said...

So we paid our volunteer task force to study our studies and tell us nothing new.$2,250.00 in gifts now this $7000.00+ travel, gas, so far. . . .and of course there was no one smart enough here so we paid gas and travel and lodging?
Is there not even one man on our new counsil that is not afraid to speak up?

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