Thursday, April 12, 2012

Former Fire Chief Speaks out.

Slagging off, Mr Prince beat me again he has printed the article from this week's Crowsnest Pass Promoter. Regarding the former Interim Fire Chiefs comments made at the last council meeting. 

Can not understand if they had the full support of Mayor and Council why this got of the tracks.

Begs the question who is running the good ship Crowsnest Pass?


Anonymous said...

I never think too much of people who trash their employer after they leave. Not in very good taste.

Anonymous said...

This is a quote from the (unapproved) Minutes of the meeting on April 3rd posted on the Municipal Website as of April 12: “PUBLIC INPUT
Mr. Ken Brands, on behalf of himself, the Office of the Fire Commissioner, and the Crowsnest
Pass Fire and Rescue Service, thanked Council for the approval and support of their operational
plans and budget plans, and provided comments in reference to his experience with Municipal
Council, Administration, and the Fire and Rescue Service”.
If the press was not present, this would seem like a congratulatory oration to anyone who reads it without the proper context. But since this is a small town - there appears to be no shortage of context. Thank goodness for the free press.

Anonymous said...

Annon. 4:40. You can also look at as a leader standing up for his team in order to restore the low morale. Especially important in a volunteer organization. Seems like another missed opportunity. Too bad.

Anonymous said...

Ken Brand's Fireworks Bylaw has been improved by our "enforcement person". The new version passed unanimously on Tuesday has some interesting features:

If you purchase your fireworks outside the Pass, you don't require a permit to set them off.

Retailers must record your ID, but not whether you have a permit to purchase.

There is a BIG difference between "you require a permit" and "we require you to have a permit". They got that wrong. (I had to check the definition of "require" in my dictionary). Lawyers love this garbage wording (loopholes). Judges hate dealing with it.

Did somebody say "hillbillies" ?