Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Taxation in the Crowsnest Pass

Municipality of Crowsnest Pass General Municipal Taxation

2009-$6,360,015-Increase of $82,326 equivalent to 1.3%
2010-$6,432,821-Increase of $72,806 equivalent to 1.1%
2011-$6,555,990-Increase of $123,169 equivalent to 1.9%
2012-$6.820,152-Increase of $264,162 equivalent to 4.0%

Go figure the municipality is increasing its taxes by 2.5% but the amount of General Municipal Taxation is increasing by 4%, in the past people have argued that this difference was caused by increased assessment not the case this year the assessment base actually dropped.


Anonymous said...

In light of our economic situation, it is very disappointing that the administration did not develop an option of zero tax increase, in year one, that did not involve a deficit. They have put in front of the council four different options, cutting expenditures in light of declining assessment did not appear to be one of these options. When asked to come back with a zero tax increase option, they presented an alternative that involved a deficit knowing that municipal deficits are not very popular in Alberta. Total lack of administrative imagination combined with a lack of political leadership in these difficult times. If it comes out in the next few days that the 2.5 per cent does not cover the increases in all expenditures, including the school requisition, the council should send the administration back to work on the budget before it is finalized. One keeps hoping that some leadership finally emerges from the ranks of our council. After all, most of us voted them in.

Anonymous said...

I don't think zero increase is a realistic expectation in the least.

Anonymous said...

Well being positive I hear that the municipality is doing it's share to help the auto industry bounce back.
Apparently they are buying four brand new pick ups. Two for public works plus two for the community peace officers.

Crowsnest Pass Home said...

You heard right it was stated at the council meeting that they would be opening bids on Wednesday (18th) for four pickups two for public works. Plus two for our soon to be money maker (Community Peace Officers).
They also stated that they are going to go out and get quotes for ripping down the old hospital.

Anonymous said...

While zero increase would have been difficult, it did not appear realistic from the start, given what appears to be an administratively and policy oriented hard work of our council. This said, if the 2.5 per cent is all the increase we get, that will also be not too bad. However, the numbers appear to tell us a different story. Hopefully we are wrong and 2.5 per cent will be the final number after the last reading of the budget by-law.

Anonymous said...

These numbers really caught my attention the Increase in Municipal Taxation for 2012.
Is almost has much as the three previous years combined.

Another point people need to understand the tax increase for 2013 is not cast in stone.

Was the loss of tax revenue from Devon factored into that? plus does anybody out there believe for a moment that assessed values will not change over the next year?