Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Canada Census 2011 For those that love numbers

Canada Census today’s released some very interesting numbers on the age of the Canadian population.

Canada has a total population of 33,476,690 broken down into three age groups 0-14, 15-64 and 65+.
For the whole of Canada 16.8% of the populations is between 0-14, 68.4% is between 15-64 and 14.8% is 65+ with the median age for the country being 41.5.

Alberta not surprisingly is younger than most of the rest of Canada the 0-14 represents 18.8% of the population the 15-64 group 70.1% and the 65+ is 11.1% with the median age for the province being 37.1.

On a local level how do we compare in the Crowsnest Pass, the 0-14 group sits at 12% the 15-64 is at 66% and the 65+ makes up 21% of our population with our median sitting at 51.3.   


Anonymous said...

I think it is very apparent that the Pass is getting much older. It would be interesting to see how we compare to the surrounding communities. Especially with all the people hired in the last few years at the mines.
How did that impact them? the Elk Valley is it getting younger, older?
If you have the time Dean I would appreciate that.

Thanks Sue

Anonymous said...

Sue, it's on the StatsCan site:

CNP 2006

CNP 2011.

Most of the 2011 data is not there yet.