Thursday, May 31, 2012

Rum Runner Days 2012 Making it pay

Rum Runner Days 2012

On Monday I requested that Councilor Saindon send me a copy of the budget for the Rum Runner Days, which he kindly did yesterday. So I will describe in very simple terms what I found. (Please lets keep in mind that at this point these numbers are projections they may well work out, they could also be out in left field, time will tell)

The weekend is projected to make a “profit” of $8,780 how is this number achieved.

With revenues of $160,500 and costs of $151,720.

Where does the revenue come from?
$16,000 cash on hand
$25,000 municipal soft costs
$50,000 Municipal contribution
$2,500 Carnival rides
$3,000 Business Licenses
$6,000 Vendor permits
$10,000 Camping
$1,500 Friday Night wine and arts
$2,000 Lions Club
$15,000 Saturday night concert
$2,500 Saturday night food and beverage
$15,000 Merchandise Sales
$2,500 Show and Shine revenue
$9,500 Parking and Shuttle Revenue

Total revenue $160,500

Where is the money spent?

$19,200 Municipal Staff costs
$6,600 Municipal Office
$3,000 Advertising
$3,500 Website design/modifications
$2,000 Promotion
$1,500 Wine and art night
$8,500 Saturday night concert
$3,000 Gazebo Park Entertainment
$3,500 Kids Show
$13,500 Stage Rental
$4,000 Show and Shine merchandise
$20,000 Merchandise Purchase Costs
$12,500 Washroom rentals
$4,000 Waste pickup and disposal
$1,500 Security Fencing
$2,500 Tent and Accessories
$20,000 Rcmp Policing
$15,000 Regional Peace Officers/Sheriff
$1,920 Bus Rentals
$1,500 Donation to Boys and Girls club
$1,500 Donation to Coleman Society
$1,500 Donation to Kanaskis Rodeo Assoc
$1,500 Donation to Quad Squad

Total Expenses $151,720

I am sure a lot of people besides myself will be waiting to see how this weekend turns out.


SJB said...

Wow!! So much of that is wrong. Emile should have updated it before sending it to you. Much of it has changed within the last month, even the last 2 weeks. We are now considering a free shuttle service with paid parking. There is a Friday night concert event planned that will generate revenue. Camping projections are high. Vendor permits projections are high. I have no idea where the predicted $15,000 for the Saturday night concert comes from. But if it brings in that much, probably so will Friday nights concert. Advertising is very low. We have already spent that and are just getting started on advertising. Saturday night concert expense is higher than what we are actually spending to have that band play. I was not aware that we were paying for the Show 'N Shine merchandise or getting revenue from it. How can merchandise purchase costs be higher than merchandise sales? Something is wrong with that picture if we are selling t-shirts and losing money doing it!! Come out to a meeting and ask questions. Get proper answers.

Crowsnest Pass Home said...


I don't think it's unreasonable to ask for what should be public information. If yourself or Emile or anybody else wants to send me updated numbers I will gladly change what I have here. I posted what I received.

Thanks Dean

SJB said...


I absolutely agree with you. I just don't know how many times we are going to have to update the budget. He should have told you that the numbers were much different on it now, than when he did it up. My point was exactly what you said. The budget is public information. Free to anyone who asks. I do not have any updated numbers as that is Emile's responsibility. I just know that those numbers and areas of expenses are so obviously wrong.

- Sasha

Tom said...

$1500.00 for wine and arts out $1500.00 for wine and arts in. I guess somebody is drinking for free. Then again it is not all about making money. $ 35,000.00 for policing. WOW
Dean I think Emile is blowing smoke up your a$$. He couldn't even send you the right figures.

Anonymous said...

If this is true, it hardly seems worthwhile.

Anonymous said...

Maybe this is how they came up with the 2.5% tax increase


Crowsnest Pass Home said...

Time for a little clarification I received an email from Councilor Saindon this morning.
That reinforced that this is the budget for Rum Runner Days.
He also stated that there are a number of changes which are being discussed but not finalized at this point.
So he will not change the budget until those changes are approved by the committee.
In all fairness he stated (has I did in my original post) that at this point these numbers are projections.

Anonymous said...

I think Emile goes kind of above and beyond. He always is willing to clarify things.

I think your site is very informative, and fair. You do not only publish what you agree with, but everyone's views, which is good, and not always done on all blogs. Thank you.

SJB said...

I don't think anyone has any complaints about Emile and how he handles things. He is straight forward and always willing to clarify. He is a good man. He is a good member of council too. I am happy to work with him. He is super busy though and very involved. I really do not know how he manages it all.

Anonymous said...

Nice to hear good things coming out about council. A lot of people just look for the bad and nit pick; I am sure they try to do the best job they can. Can't please everybody. To some people they would never do anything right. To the ones that work hard and have a sometimes "thankless" job. thank you.

Anonymous said...

This is getting sappy, when are we going to sit around the camp fire and join hands.


Anonymous said...

How is it possible that I think the first 3 things on the revenue list are not revenue.How is cash on hand, municipal soft costs and a contribution by the municapality considered revenue.they should put no more money into this than the other celabrations in Coleman and Bellcrest.
The really funny thing is they killed rumrunners days with the cancelation of thunder and are now trying to build it again. Why bother!What happens if 30,000 people show up?More likely however it will be a nice quiet local event.