Thursday, April 11, 2013

Municipal Inspection Team for the Crowsnest Pass

The Municipal Inspection team will be in town next week to conduct interviews, if you are interested in talking to these people the contact information is below:

Chris Hutchinson, Principal
Description: Description: RusselFarmer_logo

Cell: 403-966-7259

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Anonymous said...

Russ attended a Council meeting to see how they did that.

I'm thinking he would also like to see how our "open and transparent" administration works. We could email questions to CAO with CC to Russ. Just things CAO should have at his fingertips, for example:

MGA 196(2) Notice of a council or council committee meeting to the public is sufficient if the notice is given in a manner specified by council.

Mr. CAO, what is the manner specified by council for giving the public notice of Policy Committee and Agenda Committee meetings?