Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Demolition of Centre ahead of schedule

It appears the Crowsnest centre is going to be demolished, one corner at a time.  

From what I was told nobody was hurt. We should all be thank full for that.


Jack said...

The Mare is keeping his promise.

Doomsayer said...

Looks like another proud graduate of Emperor Decoux's School of Driving & Life Skills. The driver appears to follow the school motto:
"To H#ll with anything & everything in my path & damn the consequences"
Of course, the driver won't suffer any consequences, after all, if stupidity was a punishable offense, our mayor & council would be serving life sentences.

Anonymous said...

That reminds me. When were the Best Western board going to meet and decide if we get their hotel on the CC site. I thought it was 2 weeks ago. I guess we will have to settle for a Holiday Inn. I am afraid that this accident is the only demolition that we will see at the CC any time soon.

Anonymous said...

So what's happening with the hotel? anything happening on that plan to take over Ranchlands?

Anonymous said...

Also there is that judgement to consolidate the RiverRun properties. Bruce was expecting it March 31.