Friday, May 17, 2013

MD of Ranchlands and annexation

At the last Council meeting CAO Myron Thompson reported that the MD of Ranchlands council were meeting the same day (May 7) and that he was hopeful that they would respond to our municipality's request for further discussions on the issues of either amalgamation or annexation.
Having had some interaction with the CAO and council of Ranchlands during my terms on council I expect that in the not too distant future possibly as early as next week it appears they will lay out their position.

My fellow blogger John Prince has the following post available @.

If the speculation proves to be true that they are taking out advertising in the local papers both here and in Nanton, that advertising may appear at first to be directed towards the residents of the Crowsnest Pass and the MD of Ranchlands.
Keep in mind the real audience is in Edmonton at municipal affairs our local politicians can make the case all they want about inequalities of linear tax bases but at the end of the day a decision will be made by the Minister of Municipal affairs.
Bottom line, will we be seeing Ranchlands tax base has our financial saviour anywhere in the next few years? Call me negative call me what you want the answer is No.
Edmonton will not make this process easy for us and neither will Ranchlands, give me one good reason why they would, and don't think for a second that every MD in the province isn't watching this. We all know how much sway the rural areas have amongst the provincial conservative party.
Will our Mayor try to spin this into it's now critical to keep myself and those other six fellows I spend Tuesday nights with in power to finish of the process of annexing Ranchlands?  


Anonymous said...

Under NO circumstances should we vote these misfits in again. Four more years of these bunglers will kill what is left of the Pass.

Anonymous said...

You keep repeating yourself, verbatum.

Anonymous said...

This can't be repeated enough times. Look around what these people have accomplished. Total disaster.