Monday, November 10, 2014

Tourism Investment Forum-Crownest Pass Opportunities

Attached is a very interesting read regarding investment opportunities in the Crowsnest Pass:
Featured on Page 26-27 is the Eckardt's Tecumseh Mountain Resort.
On page 30-31 the Sentinel RV resort development.
Lastly on page 35-35 the Crowsnest Pass Ski Resort Expansion.

Tourism Investment Forum

Building Alberta

Alberta's Tourism Framework recognizes the important role that access to capital plays in supporting the efforts of Alberta's communities to diversify their local economies through tourism.The Tourism Investment Forum (PDF - 6.8 MB) provides communities with a unique venue to showcase land-based, for profit tourism development opportunities to potential tourism investors, developers and lenders. 

The Forum will feature projects from across the province, and include opportunities such as four-season and RV resorts, lodge and cabin developments and many others. The Forum's business friendly format is sure to spark new ideas and connections to help grow Alberta's tourism industry.

Communities will gain valuable exposure among investors who are actively investing in Alberta's tourism industry. All opportunities meeting the submission guidelines will be compiled into an investment opportunities booklet (PDF - 10.4 MB) and sent out to investors prior to the event in order to generate investor interest. In addition, these projects will also be featured on a section of the Department's website dedicated to tourism investment opportunities. There is no cost to participate in the Tourism Investment Forum.


Anonymous said...

Great read and great sounding opportunit, especially re the ski hill.

Anonymous said...

I did not know that the municipality was looking for a business partner. Be very careful. It very seldom works out for the government side of the deal. If we must have a chair lift and ski hill improvements I think we are way better off to take on the debt on our own. Having a partner will cost us all a whole lot more over the long run.

Crowsnest Pass Home said...

Keep in mind that any proposal regarding the sale of municipal assets would have to come in front of council.
8:45 I very clearly hear your concern.


Anonymous said...

"The 20-year plan for this community-based project
also includes medium to long term, private business
development and investment opportunities such as
development of a hotel, RV park, townhomes and single
family homes for recreational resort ownership, and
employee housing."

Where can I find the 20-year plan?

Crowsnest Pass Home said...

Contact the municipality 562 8838 and leave
your name and number for Lyle Hannan who is our Director of Community Services and Ski Hill manager.