Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Alta Link-Crowsnest Pass

If you are not aware by now Alta Link has one of their options, is looking at a Crowsnest Pass route to run their Castle Rock Ridge to Chapel Rock Transmission line.

Municipal council came out strongly opposed to this route for many issues including, environmental, aesthetics, etc. If you go out to the east side of Pincher Creek and take a look at the horrible sight of transmission lines it should be enough to tell you why we don't want them here.

I know our neighbors don't want to see this new transmission line neither. But at least they gain all the millions of tax dollars from the wind mills annually. Alta Link informed us that the transmission line would generate $80,000 a year in taxes for us.

We are being told that in the next couple of months Alta link will be coming back with their options narrowed down to two.

If you are concerned about this issue contact Altalink at or 1-877-269-5903.

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Anonymous said...

MidAmerican Energy Holdings purchased Altalink last fall, as well as several other energy companies in the western USA. MidAmerican is part of Warren Buffetts Berkshire Hathaway, and is run by a well connected Albertan Greg Abel. The entire electrical transmission system is supposedly to keep the lights on in Alberta and western Canada, but my bet is that it's more to move power south. The bet is also that more wind turbines will be contructed along the Livingston range when the power lines are completed. More mess.

One best get to the Premier soon before the lobbyists tie this one up. Shades of Wacky Bennett in the old BC Hydro days, as they built the hydro dams to eventually move the Canadian water and power south. Now it's Alberta's turn and WE have to worry as they connect our power infrastructure with the present and future Berkshire companies they bought and are buying south of the border. Nice to have that income from high price "renewable energy" that is guaranteed by the governments, and for which we pay for.

The Crowsnest is but a small piece in the puzzle and will be ignored when decision time comes -- if ithe decision hasn't already been made. Nice to have friends in high places.....