Monday, June 1, 2015

Rum Runner Days, Summer event???????

Open Discussion/Meeting for Marquee Summer Event 2016

Time: 7:00 pm
Location: Elks Hall, 2025 129 Street, Blairmore

The Municipal Council of Crowsnest Pass would like to invite all interested User Groups and Non-Profit Organizations of the Municipality to a meeting to discuss the possibility of a marquee Summer Event in 2016.Interest in moving forward with this event will be determined at the meeting.
Thursday night you get to be part of the decision, you could be part of the event.
Got an idea drop by share it, put your name on the list.  


Anonymous said...

was this meant to be vague on purpose? What specifically is the marquee event?

Crowsnest Pass Home said...

Yes it was meant to be vague on purpose. We all know the issues over the last few years with Rum Runner Days/Fireworks etc. So council decided that we would not focus on any one event, time frame, location etc. We left it wide open to anybody that took the time and interest to show up (35 people turned up). We heard everything from car rally's to fireworks to saskatoon festivals. We are going to take the feedback we received last night share it with the public and let the residents decide where we go from here.

Anonymous said...

Whatever you do, I hope the Municipality will consider liability issues.

MGA 535
"volunteer[s] performing duties under the direction of a municipality ...are not liable for loss or damage caused by anything said or done or omitted to be done in good faith in the performance or intended performance of their functions"

RRD was run by an informal committee (not legally registered) which was supposedly independent even though it was recruited and funded by CNP and headed by a Council member. It is not clear who is liable if something goes wrong, such as damage, injury or a payment dispute (as happened with RRD). I have read that all members of an informal organisation can be held liable.

I think these events should be run as official municipal projects so volunteers have MGA protection. If there is an independent committee, it should be a Registered Society with its own liability insurance.

I don't know why CNP would prefer an independent committee. Aside from liability issues, we have no accountability for spending - we have to take whatever numbers they give us.

TransparencyCNP said...

Re your July 27 motion about the work load of the Development Officer:

How many hours do the Development Officer and other Administration officials spend attending Council meetings and preparing presentations and reports for Council?

Looking at the minutes, Council is continually getting involved in decisions that would be more efficiently made by Administration according to policies. In most cases we already have policies giving Administration the necessary authority.

Council votes to approve every Agenda. Have you ever voted against these micro-managing items?