Friday, August 14, 2015

Getting the answers you want! Alberta climate change

Remember the Prentice survey not too long ago, prior to his financial plan being released to the taxpayers. A blatant exercise in presenting the questions in such away to achieve the answers that fulfill your political objectives. (Would you be willing to pay more taxes? or shut schools, and throw seniors out on to the street, that kind of stuff)  

Well I didn't think Prentice could be out done until I got the email today on the new governments "climate leadership discussions".

Check it out for yourself, if you believe that Alberta should increase taxes to subsidize green energy, allow Ontario and Quebec to set energy policy for us through "cap and trade". This is the survey for you, I am sure that every environmental group in the province and beyond our borders are filling out the survey as we speak.

At the end of the day these survey's mean nothing if 100% of the responses said expand the "oilsands" "build more coal mines" and "do not" use our tax dollars to subsidize green energy (check out Ontario if you want to see how well that worked). What do you think the government would do?

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Anonymous said...

I guess Pincher Council will be busy positioning themselves as the "Gateway to Castle Crown Provincial Park".