Saturday, September 10, 2011

Crowsnest Centre Lands-Development Feasibility Study

Administration brought forth a recommendation to spend $4000 to use Rich Eichler Consulting Ltd to conduct a feasibility study to identify development opportunities for this site.
I was anticipating a large fight over this proposal, when previous council rezoned that land to commercial Councilor Mitchell was furious, in fact Councilor Taje had proposed to put aside that land for future municipal use and Councilor Mitchell strongly supported that position.
So I expected that strong voice to lead the opposition to this proposal, I also expected some members of this council to spearhead the drive to invest into and reopen the centre. All I heard for the last couple of years from those individuals was what a great place it was and all it gave to this community and how critical it was to keep it going.
(Remember the editorials Crowsnest Pass will lose the education consortium if this place closed)
But then again based on their actions most of our elected officials have realised that the municipality could not even afford to operate a library in Bellevue let alone a 30,000 square foot decrepit building that the Alberta government determined to be unsuitable has a hospital 35 years ago.

Any way maybe I'm of base here and the recommendation of this study will be to use the site for future municipal use.


Anonymous said...

Dean I hate to say this because I truly believe we have had some people on Councils both past and present that are good people that have the communties best interest at heart plus have the ability to think for themselves. Unfortunatly some people are sheep.
Here is a great example last council wanted to look at commercial opportunities for that land, Councilor Mitchell was strongly opposed to that. Do I think he will oppose that position now? of course not.


Anonymous said...

What ever became of CHANGE?


Tom said...

Where is the Pass Herald??? How much money are they getting for advertising? How do you say "bought off"? Oh Lisa your true colors are starting to show.

Anonymous said...

Its time to reopen the Center. With a little TLC, this building could be the draw we need to pull people off the highway. Its a dream location with a few strategically spent dollars, and keeping in mind the great historical significance of this building. How? could the municipality not make it work.
Take all the savings from the Bellevue Library, plus the incorporation of the two public works shops. Spend that money on the center and watch Blairmore thrive.
Remember the old phrase "One must spend money to make money"

David A

Anonymous said...

Why do they need to waste taxpayer money to have someone to tell them what their options are?
The options should be clear.

1 Fix the centre.(worst option)
2 Tear down the centre and hold the land for future use.
3 Tear down the centre and sell the land to a big box store or hotel chain.
4 Tear down the centre and build a Rec centre there.
I really do not see any other major options for this land.Anyone else out there with ideas.I personally think it should be option 3 and would love to see a Costco and a parking lot full of BC cars.

Anonymous said...

You are 100% right I would add to your Costco with a large big name hotel.

David A where have you been for the last twenty years they tried that route. It was a tremendous failure. Pincher Creek brags about having $8 million in reserves. If all the dollars put into the center had gone into reserves our municipality would have the same today.

This town is not broke they just spend too much money.

"Change" quickly besides administrators leaving like rats on a sinking ship can anyone name me real change that's taken place in the last 11 months.

Larry some people have not had an independent, individual thought in their lifes. They begin their lifes, little children who need parents and teachers to tell them what to do. Then they spend their adult lifes looking for a good wife who makes all the decisions or a bandwagon to jump on or off.

At least thats what I believe

Anonymous said...

Hank, "Change", My taxes, utility bill, spring clean up, snow removal, Bellevue library.

Anonymous said...

Lets give these guys a chance its been less than a year.
To my way of thinking the upcoming budget and contract talks with Cupe will be two big tests.

I am expecting them to get the financial situation under control. No more tax increases, or new hiring, its also time for them to stop giving to Cupe. (8 hours work for 8 hours pay) Do those things and I will be satisfied.


Anonymous said...

Interesting in todays paper Councilor Gail raises concerns about "getting the best bang for our buck" on a $4000 study on the center. But no similar quote on the $90000 for the other facilities.
Then he votes for the $90000 but not the $4000!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

If anyone was at all serious about the rec-centre/pool concept, they would be thinking about possible sites for it. The Crowsnest Centre site is one possibility, have any others been suggested?

If not, we can conclude that none of them are serious about this campaign promise.