Monday, September 12, 2011

Crowsnest Pass Public Transit Survey

In the last few days you should have received your utility bill, included with it is a survey on public transit.

For more information on public transportation and the costs associated with it take a look at the following post:

I know most people take those surveys and throw them in the garbage typically out of 3500 surveys mailed out the municipality will be lucky if they get 200 back which represents less than 6% of the population.
The problem with that of course is that all politicians have an agenda, things that they would like to see happen over the course of their term.
For example these surveys are usually filled out by people that passionately care about the issue at hand.
So I expect that the vast majority of the surveys the municipality receives will support public transit.

How will the politicians react? well those that are against spending $300,000 a year of taxpayers money will argue that the response represents such a small percentage of the taxpayers that its recommendations are irrelevant.
The politicians that support spending $300,000 a year of taxpayers money will argue that the over whelming response of the public was in support of this. Obviously the 90% that did not respond would have if they really cared about this issue.

The bottom line here is which ever side of this issue you stand on if you do not respond a very small percentage of the voters will have a much larger say in how this issue is decided. 


I noticed the absence of one key question on the survey "Would you be willing to have your taxes increase to provide a public transit system?"



Anonymous said...

Not very often I comment on here. I have stated this previously come have a look at the transportation system in Sparwood. If you want to see a waste of money. Costs big dollars and nobody uses it.


DebC said...

I agree; I think very few people will use it. They should use the new trails, they go everywhere.They are awesome.
Transit is BIG BIG money, and usually it never makes money.

DebC said...

I agree it would be a total waste of money. We have the nice walkways that go to all the towns. Maybe people should be encouraged to use them. There is just not enough activity and it is not big enough here for transit.

Anonymous said...

I believe they are just going through the motions and this is just to satisfy an election promise.At least I hope so.