Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Latest Poll Results "Transparency your opinion"

The latest question was: 

Do you feel that the municipalities business is being conducted in a transparent manner?

Out of 39 votes 29 or 74% said no. 10 votes or 26% said yes.
Take it for what its worth, but that's a fairly one sided vote.

My next question involves the relationship between this council and the media, thinking back to my last term on council, I certainly felt that the last council was followed much closely scrutinized than this council by the media. I feel that some parts of the  media were very biased to some of the previous council. In almost a year I have not read one negative comment, article or editorial about this council.

Maybe these guys are doing everything right? Any way it will be interesting to see if how my readers agree or not.


Peter Rosner said...

As i have said previously the first order of business for this council was to buy their silence. Hello Pass Herald there are some stories waiting for you.

Anonymous said...

I feel during the last term the Promoter did a decent job of reporting the news not trying to make it. The frustration right now truly is nobody is questioning these guys.
I can remember every week in the Herald there would be either an editorial or one of Nathan Gallaghers article slamming the shit out of everything you guys did.
No I did not agree with everything you guys did, but you did do some good things but only one paper the Promoter ever commented on those issues.
The media should in my mind report the news, if they want to use their editorials or personnel columns for politically commentory then be balanced when Council does good say so and when you do bad do like wise.
No one Council can be all good/bad.

How long before we see the ad in the herald 96 weeks to the next election.


Anonymous said...

I'm happy to see that the papers aren't putting their personal opinions into what they report about Council. Personally, I don't give a damn what they THINK, I just want the facts. I think they're doing their jobs.

Crowsnest Pass Home said...

Peter I'm sure the numbers at the end of the year will show that.
The last number I was given we were on track to spend $12-15,000for the 2010 calender year.
Its also almost ironic that Mayor Decoux was complaining last night that the MGA forces municipalities to spend a lot of money advertising in an antiquated form of media.

Two comments there the MGA states that you have to advertise in a local paper, no "s" on the end.
Also I did not realize until last night that the newspaper industry is antiquated. (Check the tapes)

Larry your right the Promoter did do a decent job if you go back and read my comments it refers to some parts of the local media.

On the count down maybe that will start once the comments above are passed around.

I expect the Mayor will come out and "clarify" his position on that issue.

10:35 I didn't hear your voice over the last three years!
Any way you will see how quickly that changes if this council ever put the advertising out for tender.

Remember efficiencies, efficiencies

Anonymous said...

In fairness to the media, Council doesn't give them much to go with. Everything seems to be based on recommendations from the administration, hired consultants or the "Task Force", with little discussion or disagreement at Council meetings.

The Mayor claims to be the Policy Guy, but they seem to spend their efforts handing out exemptions to zoning and other existing policies.

Perhaps I am impatient, how many months has the Grand Strategic Plan been in gestation?