Thursday, July 18, 2013

Mayor's Newsletter spurs economic spin off

Good news now that we have an economic development officer in place, things are looking up already a new cottage industry has popped up a thriving T-shirt industry.

Apparently there are t-shirts now available based on the now famous "caver" expression. The t-shirts have Crowsnest Pass Caver on the front, on the back they have the following.

Cares for his or her community
Appreciates Nature
Volunteers where and when needed
Enjoys friends and family
Remembers and appreciates the past

They are selling for $20 with all proceeds going to the food bank.

Very creative and well done, thanks to the Mayor for creating the catalyst for this new industry

First order of T-shirts sold out, to place your order phone the Rose Peddler at 403-562-7373 and give them the size and quanity

 Note: Cost of administration $4325 per day


Loreena Russomanno/Caver said...

ha-ha-ha I love it! Where do I buy them?

Anonymous said...

When life hands you lemons you make lemonaid!!

Anonymous said...

The front fits, the back is full of B.S.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:31 Why doesn't Misty and the silent majority make there own t-shirts with the mares definition of a caver.
Just imagine a mayor that resorts to name calling. He wanted to poke a little fun. I guess this is the cavers way of poking back.

Anonymous said...

I am one person that will be proud to wear a t-shirt. They think they have a silent majority wait until Oct 21. Bruce or mini Bruce will get a rude awakening.

Anonymous said...

Just bought a T-shirt, I love it. I hope all the CAVERS go out and buy one and show this mayor and council that we ain't putting up with their BS anymore.

Anonymous said...

Who is the mini-me?

Anonymous said...

Rum Runner Days is just not the same anymore BORING....I miss it. My kids miss it. Vote in the next election to bring back the Thunder. Ask the first person you see running for a position if they support bringing back the Thunder.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunealy if you made lemonade and tried to sell it this weekend you will go broke.

Anonymous said...

Got the t-shirt yesterday, very good idea and the food bank can use any donation they can get.