Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Special Council Meeting-managing your money

Appointment of Returning Officer:

Administration recommended that Ms Lisa Sygutek be appointed as the returning Officer for the upcoming election.

Annexation Process with Ranchlands:

Council voted to begin the process of annexing the southern most 870 quarters sections of the MD of Ranchlands.

Few comments MD of Ranchlands has expressed zero interest in working with the CNP.
Riversdale has not completed the purchase of Grassy Mountain at this time.
Fees for annexation are payable at the end of the process (roughly $44,000)
Notice of Intent can be withdrawn or amended at any time.
Linear Assessment value of those properties is unknown at this time. Point was made that most of that land is in the forest reserve so likely hood of linear assessment is very low. Also costs of servicing that area are unknown.

Hotel Development:

Council voted to pay the $50,000 to maintain the rights to the Best Western name for two years with the funds coming out of the municipal land reserves.

Comments- Vachon group paid the $50,000 to get the rights to the Best Western name and franchise for the Crowsnest Pass for the next 24 months. Up until July 26 Vachon Group could with draw it’s application and get the $50,000 back. Municipal council agreed to pay Vachon group the $50,000 to keep the Best Western franchise and name available. Here’s the catch the municipality just used taxpayers dollars to pay for something it does not own. Vachon group owns those rights even though it’s our money that paid for them. New Investors will have to work with Vachon group if they wish to use the Best Western name. Our new EDO offered to go to conferences over the next three months in Calgary, Vancouver and Toronto to find Investors. Brian Gallant spoke about how important it is to support the $50,000 expenditure of taxpayers money to maintain the valuable Best Western name. (Councilors Saje and Saindon were opposed)

Crowsnest Centre Demolition:

Council today decided to re-tender the demolition of the old hospital and nursing home with the cost to be paid for by taking money out of the municipal land reserves and MSI grant funding.

Comments: There were three bids last year on this project Frank Bessinger told us today that the low bid was $577,000 (begs the question why was Medican given credit of $800,000 in there purchase agreement?). He does not know if bids will come in at the same level due to all the work in southern Alberta right now and timing may be an issue.

Note Thanks to my astute reader that sent me the following link to the Alberta Purchasing Connection site

Boy no messing around here it almost appears like this was all predetermined the meeting ended at 3pm the job was posted at 13 minutes past 3pm and closes at 3pm on July 30. Are we really going to find the best contractor and price in 7 days.

 Note: Cost of administration $4325 per day


Anonymous said...

And he complains about a few eggs....jeez, what does he expect?

Anonymous said...

According to Christopher Vachon's Linkedin page he was with his own company Group Vachon (incorporated Feb. 1, 2011) doing "hotel investment, development, management" from November 2010 to March 2013.
In April 2013 he became a Vice President of Penrose Hospitality Inc. (incorporated May 2, 2013, part of The Penrose Group, CEO Ty Schneider who is also court-appointed Chief Restructuring Officer of Medican)
[Penrose Hospitality] currently has a development contract to build a $13+M Best Western Plus Hotel & Mini conference Centre in Okotoks

JULY 12, 2013 CNP press release:
"The Vachon Group, who is still the official applicant for the hotel development, intends to continue working with Crowsnest Pass on the complex."

Tom said...

I think Bruce is scared of Mr. Painter.

Anonymous said...

Nice to see Lisa as the returning officer.Sad that she will not be running for council.

Anonymous said...

Municipality of the Crowsnest Pass is spending $50,000 of taxpayers money to reserve a Best Western franchise? Mr. Gallant spoke in favor of this? Thought he had a bit of business sense. Not a good way to spend taxpayers money.

John Prince said...

What are you, Blair Painter, and the Ratepayers going to do about this?

All of these issues can and probably will be quite damaging and have serious repercussions for our community and the democratic process, while at the same time possibly hamstringing our future mayor and council. I know what I would do. But I'd like to hear from you guys first, since at this time both you and Blair have declared your intentions with respect to seeking leadership positions, while I'm still debating with myself whether its all even worth it anymore? Chance for you guys to demonstrate some leadership, don’t you think?

At the same time, the Ratepayers seem to have gone into hibernation in that we haven't heard from them in some time. Maybe they'll discuss this at their next meeting (on Thursday) and take much needed action, before it is too late? Although, I do not see these items on their current agenda, nor a call for action?


Anonymous said...

"Are we really going to find the best contractor and price in 7 days."

I don't think CNP will get many bids, given the irregular way the hotel tender was handled and the Chinook Pipelines lawsuit:

"As the statement of claim says in regard to the 2012 Infrastructure Improvements tender package:

"...language was clearly calculated to exclude any bid that Chinook or others might make for this tender. Chinook fully expected that such language would be used to exclude Chinook and other bidders from successfully bidding on the 2012 Infrastructure Improvements, to award it to the higher bidder to whom the Municipality attempted to award the 2011 Infrastructure Improvements, and to thwart a free and fair tender process, making it a sham."


Anonymous said...

Please note that you can view interested bidders by clicking on the link. Interesting that there are no local companies interested.... Is there an out of town friend?

Anonymous said...

It's possible but unlikely that a hotel could be built and open within two years.

If that doesn't happen, can these $50,000 "rights" be extended (for another $50,000) or would you need to start over with a new application under BW's 2015 rules, so your two year ownership of the rights makes no difference?


I was expecting dozens of comments on this. Is everyone left speechless, "at a loss for words", "struck dumb"?

Anonymous said...


We're all just gagging on the stuff that's being shoved down our throats.
Makes it a little hard to speak!

Anonymous said...

We the people deserve everything we are getting from the present regime. Total disregard for the normal process while trying to.salvage a sinking ship. No rationality here, and if there is, please please let us know, Mr Mayor.

Anonymous said...

This $50 000 reservation payment is absurd. They bought a pig in a poke with taxpayers money. Should have just given the money to some good cause instead of burning it. To think they will get it back from the land sale is even more absurd. This is not the same money you ................ Lost for words. They all have to go, we need to bring some common sense back to the council chamber.

Anonymous said...

None of this should be a surprise to anyone. This is exactly what I expect from this council. The second I read the mares report I knew all of this would happen. The lemmings are only going to do as they are told. Gallant told me a week ago that he would not support the 50k going to Best Western. What happened Brian the mare did not tell you in advance what to think. The council meeting was clearly just for show as everything had been decided already. It is also clear why Emile would not answer Deans question regarding bids to demolish the CLC. It is only 223,000$, but who's counting(and even more if there is a grant available).
I find it very disturbing how easily all members of council can lie.

Anonymous said...

Hey Dean didn't know you Blair and the ratepayers have the power to stop this.Please wave your majic wand and fix it.

Jason Greensmith said...

Hey Dean, can Mr. Prince demonstrate what leadership role HE has taken with respect to these issues? Talk is cheap. People are calling on you and Blair to "demonstrate leadership" but are content to sit on the sidelines and complain.


Anonymous said...

Myron just about cost us 223000.He is in way over his head as CAO.

Anonymous said...

We voted for these turkeys and therefore they have the power to stick it to us. We need to vote everyone of these birds right out.

I see they Mayor, writing in Pravda, the taxpayer funded newsletter of "fact and truth," is becoming a little unnerved by the local Cavers, using the Mayor's words.

Anonymous said...

Today's Promoter has a quite different account of the contract issues from what the Herald reported. I'm thinking the Herald got it wrong.

The Promoter says "Some councillors expressed frustration that Medican could pull out of the agreement". These guys are clueless. Myron said there were clauses "nullifying the agreement", but even if there weren't, all CNP could do is sue Medican, which is in a bankruptcy process. I think CNP would be in line behind the existing creditors.

Anonymous said...

CNP will be the bankrupt one with the creditors lined up to get their allotment. What a song show.

Anonymous said...

I read this weeks promoter. The article reported on the state of the hotel venture. It's enough to make a person park ones cookies when one realizes how arrogant Mr. Vachon is in presenting his position.

Some lowlife has just blackmailed us. Nice business sense there Bruce.

Wait for the next wammy. When the Vachon 'group'(read one), which still retains rights with absolutely nothing invested, dumps Vachon, and changes the name of his registered operating company transferring holdings for the 197th time, leaving us in the lurch.

Smart money says that the new Bozo Enterprises Ltd. can offer our next council an offer that they can't refuse.

Anonymous said...

Should I be contacting the EDO for the $50,000 grant.

Anonymous said...

This mayor council and especially administration don't have a clue. There is not one thing that they have done that has been handled right. Everything they have done has been a total disaster,is there anyway we can sue this bunch for mishandling our money???

Anonymous said...

Ding!!!!!! Times up.

"63. Can a municipality disclose bidders lists/lists of plan holders for municipal
projects to contractors, construction companies, agencies or other persons
on request?

Yes. A list of bidders for a municipal project should be routinely available on
request as part of an open tendering process. A FOIP request for this
information is not required."