Monday, July 8, 2013

The myth of the "Silent Majority"

Excellent article in this week's Pass Herald from S.C Rudegan regarding the myth of the "Silent Majority", I think his words really clear up another misconception.

Note: Cost of administration $4325 per day 


Anonymous said...

This article is on target. The silent majority in the Crowsnest Pass are just “us,” the ordinary taxpayers, who are tired of being led by the nose by those who think “they know better.” If Bruce was in fact in education somewhere, he would know that if 2510 qualified voters signed a petition, essentially calling into question his competence, there is a numerical impossibility to have another “silent majority,” who are happy with him, in our small community. This council has shown no respect for the tax dollars or the taxpayers for us to be happy with them.

Anonymous said...

2510 on the petition.
1000 under the age of 18

population of 5500.

That only leaves 2000 for the silent majority??????????????????

I think S.C. Rudegan may be on to something here.

Debby said...

And let's not forget to ask the German's how being the silent majority worked for them in the 1940's!! It frightens me when the few 'yay say-er's' make ridiculous comments suggesting the 'vocal majority' stop complaining if they are unhappy with their government. Do they not understand the true value and importance of a democratic society? They are the dangerous ones, not the 'complainers.' Excellent article S.C. Rudegan. You are 2 for 2!

Anonymous said...

Well said Mr Rudegan. The majority are getting so tired of hearing their crap. Thank goodness we only have to live with them for three more months.

Anonymous said...

Please people wake up We have to get rid of this administration rubble.

Anonymous said...

I am part of the majority I am silent only because I choice to be. I will speak up on oct 21 with my x if Bruce and his six councillors think I am voting for them they will be surprised. Yes there have been problems with previous councils but never in my 24 years of living in the Pass have I seen a group like this one. Yes I voted for change which in my mind was for a council to do some reno's to spruce the house up a bit. These guys knocked the house down poured a new foundation and totally rebuilt. The $20,000 paint job, new carpets and curtains. Turned into a $300,000 rebuild.

Part of the silent majority that is not supporting Bruce.

Anonymous said...

I agree with 9:28 these guys should not confuse silence with support.

Anonymous said...

This S.C. Is an incredible writer so well spoken and right on point. Job well done.

Anonymous said...

I agree.

These guys knocked down the house, poured a deficient foundation and didn't really build much.

Anonymous said...

"If voting could seriously change anything, it would be illegal" (Graffitti)

That quote is ironic, but there is a grain of cynical truth in it. We, as a community, voted for change in the last election. As a community, we are now a bit disappointed in what we received! The grown-up, retired, returned-as-a-newcomer Mare turned out to be a lot different than we hoped or expected. How did we come to choose him? Maybe he was the least contemptible of the three candidates?

I am asking myself what I want from the next council. Who can I trust and encourage to run? We need to encourage some familiar and respectable candidates to offer their services. ...People who can identify problems, work out effective solutions while communicating with their electors and supporters, not just each other.

Anonymous said...

The biggest problem with this next election will be knowing who to vote for.
Figuring out who not to vote for is easy I can think of seven names of the top of my head.
What concerns me is due to every thing that has happened over the last three years. Plus the fact that the Crowsnest Pass always has a lot of interest in politics. We will probably have 4-5 choices for Mayor and 30-40 for councilors.
This creates my greatest fear, that the vote gets split so many different ways that we end up just like federal elections where somebody gets in power with 35% of the vote.
That is the last thing this community needs. Lets recognize that to make mistakes is human to repeat them is foolish. We need to have in addition to the aforementioned people we do not want. We need a credible (One) candidate for Mayor and six to ten credible candidates for councilors.
Three more years, of what we have just had will destroy this community.