Monday, September 30, 2013

Crowsnest Pass begins Development????

Here is a link to a story on the Crowsnest Pass, related to our hotel development. Surprisingly our EDO makes it sound like a Best Western is coming here. Interesting to hear the reporters comments at the end that breaking ground should happen in a year or so.

To my comments:

I was asked if I was concerned about seeing us becoming another Canmore. I got the impression that the reporter felt we were going to be flooded with new hotels.

"We need development, people recognize that, we just want to be a part of it. We don’t want to move too fast. We’d like to see it happen, just in a controlled, sensible approach."


Anonymous said...

Here, Bruce is putting his campaign platform for everyone to see. The start of the imaginary hotel should be in a year, or so, says the reporter.

Medican part two. There will intense negotiations involving thousands of dollars of taxpayers money paid to the best lawyers and consultants money can buy.

This could conceivably drag on for four years, with the hotel built in year five.

Anonymous said...

Before the "first snow fall" ho ho ho. For an encore I will come down your chimney with a big bag of toys.

Anonymous said...

"unique charm of the pass is maintained"

can someone tell us what that means??

Anonymous said...

This is weird that they would come all the way here for something that isn't even happening. Did they approach you, Dean or did you approach them?

Anonymous said...

The EDO should be aware of the fact that the Crowsnest Pass needs some major industrial development to keep our young families working and living here.
The commercial would follow along with the amenities enjoyed by all. but only when we are able to afford these facilities. Everything in its due time and not all at once. Someone has been feeding her a line of information that they have tried to make us believe and swallow. She better see the light and follow her own convictions.

Crowsnest Pass Home said...


They approached me.

Anonymous said...

Just another slow news day.

Anonymous said...

So the tale of the Best Western hotel goes on and on. I see nobody mentioned the $50,000 paid to Group Vachon.

Anonymous said...

Dean 9:08 :

Stephanie made you appear to be defending us against rampant commercial overdevelopment.

Fortunately, "the municipality" recognises this problem and is working to keep it under control.

I liked the "four season" bit. What is the big tourist attraction at this time of year?

Anonymous said...

Notice they say there are some opponents to the "proposed" hotel development. Who fed Global this bunch of crap?

Anonymous said...

They could have run this story a year ago, and nothing has changed.....oh, yeah I forgot, except for all the money we have paid out for a HOLE! Now that's progress.

Anonymous said...

10:43, I was wondering the same thing? This whole news story just struck me as a little fairy tale. Well, I guess if there is no news, we can always make some up?

Anonymous said...

Why would they approach you Dean?
I would have thought they would want to talk to someone on council.

Anonymous said...


Woke up to an e-mail yesterday informing me that she would be in the Pass and requesting an interview. She gave me the impression that she was told that the municipality was working on finalizing a deal. Nobody told her about the Medican deal or the $50,000 to Group Vachon.
Why she asked me you would have to ask Global that question.

Crowsnest Pass Home said...

Sorry the last comment was by myself.

Anonymous said...

Dean, they called you because they were looking for someone opposed to development. The best they could find was "opposition to rampant development." Very bizarre story. Has all the ring of the PR consultant in Edmonton, or something like that.

Crowsnest Pass Home said...

She asked me at least three times why is the community divided over development I told her it is not. Then she spoke about a second hotel and I told her the story about the first hotel deal (medican and the Group Vachon $50,000 gift). I said maybe the municipality should get the first hotel lined up before we begin dreaming of a second one. Then she brought up the concern about turning into another Canmore.
I think somebody said it best about being a slow news day. The reporter tried to create this "Community Divided story" I think she was so focused on that, that she did not hear me.

Anonymous said...

Well, it is definitely a community divided. She was bang on.

Anonymous said...

The Minister's Inspection Report says:

"... The Municipality had the appropriate conditions on the contract with Medican to deal with this issue and is now exploring its options to move forward with a new tender for the project.
It appears that administration is working with the businesses involved to address recent issues and positively support the project moving forward.

We recommend that:
78. The Municipality provides a clear explanation (excluding information protected by FOIPP), over and above Council meeting notes, to residents of the events and timeline leading to the cancellation of the contract with Medican and the intended next steps to continue to demolish the old hospital and develop the land.
79. The Municipality provides regular updates to residents on the project and its anticipated completion.

It's been 3 months since the deal tanked. Has Council passed a resolution giving Administration directions about a new tender?

They have already picked a hotel chain and a management company, even though neither applied under the RFP or made any investment or commitment. Will anybody take a new tender seriously?

"We recommend that:
81. The Municipality develops a plan to deal with the developer of Crowsnest Mountain Resort and determine what the Municipality should do to address the issues in regards to residents who bought land in the development.
82. The Municipality ensures that all new development agreements meet or exceed current standards for these types of agreements within Alberta."

Meaning developers must put up a deposit (or other guarantee) to ensure they complete their obligations under the agreement? (That was the problem with CMR - see page 106.) Will this be a condition of the new hotel tender?

Anonymous said...

This is a very funny story. We may be divided alright, but not about a hotel in Bairmore. Slow day in the news.

Mike M said...

Dean I'm not a guy who gets involved in politics but I need to say something. I was watching the news yesterday and I saw this story about development and tourism in CNP. It's a good news story but I was really surprised to see you in there giving your talk about development needing to move slowly. I really did shake my head in disbelief. Sorry Dean but you were the one who orchestrated the closure of the Crowsnest Centre. You wanted that place closed for years. You were also a big part of bringing in Bridgegate, River Run and Gold Creek while you were on council. All big developments and I don't remember any concerns by you about losing our heritage. You preached in your press release in the paper about needing to have more commercial development. Now you're saying you're worried about commercialization? Sorry but I don't buy what your saying. Sounds like you are doing an about face for the election.

Crowsnest Pass Home said...

Mike M

First of all there is definitely no about face here. Just to be clear I strongly support development nobody as preached more in the last ten years about the dwindling tax base and the need to diversify our economy than myself.
When I referred to sensible growth I was asked the question if I wished to see the Crowsnest Pass turn into another Canmore.
I also (which was not televised) informed the reporter about the fiasco with Medican and the $50,000 payment to Group Vachon. So when I was talking about caution it was to not repeat those mistakes.
Yes I spoke about heritage, and yes I supported the closure of the centre. You fail to mention that I also sat on the historical board for three years and supported the Allied arts and the underground mine every opportunity I was given.
The centre was a financial decision, and boy was I shocked the first time I heard Mayor Decoux say "we can not afford the centre, we cannot maintain the centre, and we do not need the centre" and even more shocked when nobody in council challenged that statement.
Bridgegate and River Run if you had sat in council chambers you would have heard me raise lots of concerns. But keep in mind those were developments on private land a whole lot different than development on municipal property.

So to conclude Mike I had no control over the way the story was put together, or the fact that the lady choose to only air about 45 seconds of the ten minutes that I spoke for. If you contacted Global in Lethbridge and spoke to the reporter I am sure she will tell you that I mentioned at least twice we need development here, plus a secondary industry, I also stated that without the mines we would be in big trouble.
So development yes, should we have all learnt from the lessons of Bridgegate, Medican, Group Vachon absolutely.

P.S I understand that some people only identify the negatives but I would also like to draw your attention to some of the success stories that started during my last term on council, Ironstone, Southmore, Mohawk Meadows, Timberline just of the top of my head.

Anonymous said...

Sorry but sometimes negatives outweigh the good. Lots of negatives though.....
I really don't think you should have been the one talking about it.
You did definitely come across as not wanting development - trying to discourage or something - I don't know.

Anonymous said...

the comparisons to Canmore have to end, we can only wish that we would become the next Canmore. Ain't gonna happen.

Anonymous said...

So, they just randomly decided to email you out of the blue to talk about development?

You... a private citizen who was voted out of council years ago who hasn't made so much as a peep in the media until you decided to run for council.

Yeah, okay.

Crowsnest Pass Home said...

5:14 Here is the email I blanked out the phone number (for obvious reasons) but if you wish to contact me at 563 4128 I would share it with you if you wish to confirm the email.

Hi Dean,

My name is Stefanie Dunn, I ama reporter for Global News in Lethbridge.

I am coming out this morning to do a story on tourism in the pass-do the citizens want it, are they happy to finally see change, etc?

Please call me ASAP,

Seems you have a strong voice in the community and I’d love to talk to you.

Stefanie Dunn

Anonymous said...

Dean, most of us know exactly where you stand on development I watched and listen to you at a number of council meeting. Anybody that thinks you are anti-development just haven't done their research.

Keep up the good work and good luck on Oct 21.

Anonymous said...

I think reporters normally do some research before going out to do interviews.
Maybe Stefanie Googled for:

"Crowsnest Pass" hotel development

and found Dean's blog with his email.

Anonymous said...

I also liked where she said CNP would no longer be a "pit stop" along the way. Instead "the hope" is to turn the space into a "rest stop".

I guess that's an improvement. When you're on the road, what does "pit stop" mean?


BTW, didn't Best Western say that hotel economics depended on what happened with the coal and logging industries? Stef thinks we will be overrun with tourists this winter. Not long ago some restaurants would close for the Xmas holidays.

Anonymous said...

This was just a PR job by our development officer, it will not help, but it will not hurt... This Best Western story is costing us $50,000. - so we may as well watch it on TV. We paid for it.

Crowsnest Pass Home said...


Strange you say that, Saje mentioned tonight about the municipality spending $500 on a PR campaign related to the Medican deal

Anonymous said...

John Prince coming to your defense.

Stupid is as stupid does

I wonder if you would have done the same for him if in his place? I kind of doubt it. Correct me if I'm wrong.