Thursday, September 26, 2013

Do you want it or not?

One of my readers posted the following comment. I think it is apparent where this group is going if re-elected the key question over the next four weeks is this what this community really wants for the next four years?

Mayor Decoux “now that a lot of hard work has been done, they can move on to “more sophisticated work”.

Larry Mitchell “he hopes to be re-elected to finish the things council started and to create a future by not dwelling in the past”

Jerry Londsbury “council needs to finish the initiatives of the strategic plan. A lot of thought and work went into it. It would be nice to run it through to completion.”

Brian Gallant “council started a lot of initiatives to help improve the community and wants to see them through”

Emile Saindon “he wants to continue working for the residents of the municipality and to finish what council started”

Seems like a fairly common theme here, I fully expect that strategic plan 2 will be much worse than 1. With the team above he would certainly have the tools to carry number 2 through.

I think the choices in our election are becoming much clearer. 


Anonymous said...

your platform available anywhere?

Anonymous said...

Yes. I would want it in light of how things are starting to shape up.

Anonymous said...

Easy to criticize. What's your Strategic Plan?

Anonymous said...

an election promise??

Anonymous said...

I think it is apparent where this group is going if re-elected ...

It's not clear to me at all - these are very vague statements.
Do we need more policies and bylaws? If so they should tell us.
Do we need more reorganization and hiring? Ditto.

If not, what are they talking about?

A public forum hosted by the Crowsnest Pass Chamber of Commerce will be held on Thursday, Oct. 10 at the MDM Community Complex at 7 p.m. Everyone is encouraged to attend and ask questions of the candidates.

I hope people will ask specific questions, preferably of the "yes" or "no" kind (not vague questions that can be brushed off by bafflegab).

Anonymous said...

If Bruce Decoux is so confident about his Strategic Plan Mark II, why is so reluctant to release his plan. Wonder how much he is paying for this hair-brain consultation. Very arrogant attitude toward the voters of this small community. Too much strategizing, not enough common sense. Strange.

Anonymous said...

It sounds to me as though the ex council had a secret meeting in which they all agreed on the same agenda and platform...more victimization through the blueprint for disaster strategic plan...Such complete cohesion by Bruce Almighty and the puppets. I can't imagine how much more they can inflict upon us. It has been coming at us at a regular rate for 3 years and yet they have 4 more years to put the icing on the cake???

Anonymous said...

11:45 & 9:10
Do you really believe the mayor and his council are the only group having secret meetings? Also, does it not concern you whereas the present council has a declared plan and strategy the others do not? Their's is quite secret.

At least with the former we have an idea what we will be getting and what we can expect, but with the latter, we have no idea at all. That's scary.


Anonymous said...

The present should have a plan they have been together for three years. I did not like the first half of their plan why would I want to see the second half?
$50,000 to Group Vachon says it all. At least if we had purchased nuts and bolts for the warehouse we would have an asset that we own and is worth something.

Anonymous said...

Why would our council vote to pay a private company $50,000 for a hotel brand? There is a distant possibility Bruce will stand in front of the crowd at the MDM on October 10, and announce he has finally found investors to build the hotel. The investors are coming, through the North-West Passage, on a boat from China and should be here before winter, unless the boat gets stuck in ice. Only the present council is qualified to extend proper greetings to the Chinese investors. Therefore, Bruce will ask us to vote for his entire slate in order to have the hotel built before the snow melts.