Monday, September 23, 2013

Nomination Day, the race has begun.

Well as of noon today the nomination period as closed. To probably nobody's surprise the candidates for Mayor are the following:

The Incumbent Bruce Decoux and challengers in alphabetically order Blair Painter and John Prince.

The choices for Council a whole lot more complicated just because there are a lot of choices. (surprisingly less candidates than last election)

The Incumbents that decided to run:

Brian Gallant
Jerry Londsbury
Larry Mitchell
Emile Saindon

The challengers for the six councillor positions:

Marlene Anctil
Dave Filipuzzi
Doreen Glavin
Sasha JaegerBaird
Timothy Juhlin
William Kovach
Shar Lazzarotto
Paul Saltarelli
Ed Strembicki
Jamie Thompson
Dean Ward

On the right hand side are a couple of polls your opportunity to pick who you would see as being successful if the election was held today. I will only leave the poll up until Friday Sept 27, then I am going to run it again the last week before the election. To see if the mood of the voters that read this blog changes based on the up coming campaign. (Please pick one for Mayor and up to six for council)

Comments are welcome if they get personal I will not published them, if you want to attack candidates positions on issues that is fine just do not make it personal.


Crowsnest Pass Home said...


Just deleted your comment do not waste my time and yours with that kind of crap

Dean Ward

Anonymous said...

Gutsy idea on the on poll idea, but interesting. Best of luck on the 21st. An interesting slate. We will wait and see how we evolve.

Anonymous said...

I was a bit interested as to if Doomsayer was going to throw in the papers for his nomination today.(Maybe he did?) Totally disappointed here. We needed the wisdom to get us on track.

peter rosner said...

we have some excellent choices and I am glad some of the ratepayer executive is running. They offer a strong sense of what I feel comfortable with when voting for people that I feel can lead this community forward. Personally I see a mix of a couple of the previous council and the rest all new. But I wont say who just yet.

Anonymous said...

Dean do not put to much weight into this poll.

Anonymous said...


Crash the poll. We will decide.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I also think the poll is not a good idea. A few people (around 50 that have voted) is not representative of the CNP.
Also, we have found out time and time again that polls mean nothing; i.e., Wildrose having a landslide, not; they are just about never right. And they are supposed to be official.

Anonymous said...

Hey Dean, didn't you learn nothing from the poll from last election.

Anonymous said...

Anon630 nothjng wrong with poll.Alberta always goes back to pc party.This is cnp and this poll could be a way of how people are feeling.

Anonymous said...

Guys lighten up a bit nobody knows yet what Oct 21st will bring. Yes this poll is not CBC or anything scientific. Its just a poll. I for one am curious to see how this compares to the end results. At least it got people talking a little.