Thursday, February 27, 2014

Moving forward in the Crowsnest Pass

Some good news  for the Crowsnest Pass. I attended the Municipal Planning Commission yesterday, very happy to see that Westcastle Motors will be coming back to the Pass soon, they applied for a permit to set up on Highway 3 in West Coleman.
Also Dawn Rigby the owner of Country Encounters informed the board that they will be breaking ground on their new 50 seat restaurant with a five room hotel above it, this spring.

This really is the kind of news we need to be hearing in the Crowsnest Pass.

NOTE: Bid Opening this afternoon (Feb 27) on the tenders for the flood damage, 2pm in Council Chambers.


Anonymous said...

Good stuff never thought we would see a car dealership in the Pass again. Thank goodness this didn't happen a year ago. The municipality would have had a wine and cheese event at the Elks Halls for a major Economic Announcement.

Anonymous said...

This is good news.
However I do find it disturbing that this council would even consider giving 40K that came from the cancelation of Rumrunners to the mine disaster event planned. I think this money should be set aside in case TITV goes next year as that will require extra funding.
Where do you stand on this issue?

Anonymous said...

Dean any idea when the flood repair work will begin?

Anonymous said...

Do you think we'll ever stop hearing about what the last council did? People wanted change and got it so can we stop whining about the last council and focus on what this one is going to do or not do. Dean you stopped giving out numbers. Lets see some.