Thursday, February 20, 2014

Thorsby Fire Department

Check out this story and one of the characters involved:


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if someone has any information on how this Kevin opperates let the affected communities know.

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A little info to fill in the holes. Once a Fire Chief, always a Fire Chief. A large part appears to be transitioning the voluntary fire depts into the new age. (See Admin Appointments). Sometimes good is done, sometimes it isn't, but one thing is sure, Transitional always does good!
City finalizes contract with former City Manager

City of Leduc
July 18, 2006

LEDUC, Alberta. The City of Leduc has reached a final contract settlement with the City’s former Chief Administrative Officer Kevin Robins. City of Leduc Council has honoured Mr. Robins’ contract and mutually­acceptable terms were agreed to including financial settlement in the sum of $386,592.86. This settlement will finalize the City’s obligation to Mr. Robins.

“Kevin Robins made significant contributions to the City of Leduc as an organization and as a community,” said Mayor Greg Krischke. “Kevin’s long service, achievements and accomplishments are greatly appreciated by Council, City Administration, and the residents of Leduc. We wish him all the best in the future.”

Kevin Robins was employed by the City of Leduc for 24 years. He spent his first 12 years as Fire Chief for Leduc Fire Services before becoming City Manager in 1994.

*************Not all items from note included below.
Council Notes From All Over
by Feature Editor
Thursday, September 19, 2013
Linda M. Steinke

Thorsby Fire Chief Norm Osness met with Council to update them on the Fire Services Agreement between Leduc County and Thorsby. Osness said he’d already held a joint review of the Agreement with the Leduc County Fire Chief, addressing items that needed attention (such as clearly identifying territorial boundaries) and both parties are happy with it.

Interim CAO
Kevin Robins, CAO of the consulting firm Transitional Solutions has been appointed as Thorsby’s Interim CAO. Christine Burke will remain Acting CAO when he is out of the office. (Robins or his associate will be in the office 16 hours per week.)
Transitional Solutions has been tasked with recruiting a new Town Manager. If the name sounds familiar, Robins formerly served as the City of Leduc’s CAO. Welcome to Mr. Robins.
Motion Tracking Sheet items:

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Commenting on people like this is getting very close to being slanderous.

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Anon8:22PM Reading the article in the original post reminds me of the old TV program Dragnet, where Jack Webb said:" the story that you are about to hear is true, only the names and location has been changed."