Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Pass Powderkeg Ski Hill update. (Press Release)


February 4, 2014


The Pass Powderkeg Ski Hill Society and Municipality of Crowsnest Pass have decided to move forward on a new management partnership. At the January 21 Municipal Council meeting, Council approved the Society’s recommendation to have general management of the Ski Hill be provided by the municipality’s Director of Community Services.

“With the recent resignation of the Ski Hill General Manager, the Society took the time to evaluate its management structure, budgeting, staffing needs, and relationship with the municipality,” explained Pass Powderkeg Ski Hill Society President, Neil Johnston. “The Board felt this was the best option to meet our current needs in a cost effective manner, while retaining flexibility for the ski hill into the future.”

The proposal of the Board, which included a projected annual savings of $62,000/year, was unanimously supported by Council. “The Ski Hill is an important and valuable asset to the community,” stated Mayor Blair Painter, “and we are pleased to support the Ski Hill Society’s recommendation while realizing overall cost savings and efficiencies. We see this as a win-win situation.”

Council took the Society’s recommendation as an opportunity to cement additional changes already under consideration by the municipality. In conjunction with Ski Hill management, Parks and Recreation Facility operations and maintenance will be moved into the Community Services department. Further, Protective Services was removed from the department, with the Manager of Protective Services now reporting directly to the CAO.

Management of Parks and Recreation Facilities won’t be a departure for the Director of Community Services, Mr. Lyle Hannan. Hannan brings to the position a bachelor’s degree and 15 years of senior management experience in Parks and Recreation, including management of facilities such as golf courses, arenas, pools, halls, and parks. “I am very excited to work with Council, staff, and the
community to preserve and enhance our community programs and facilities,” confirmed Hannan.

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Anonymous said...

Does this mean that the ski hill will no longer have a separate budget? I would like to see a system like Lethbridge:

"The budget is organized by type of operation (tax-supported and utility operations) with each operation considered a separate budgeting and accounting entity. Amounts are budgeted and reported along departmental/program lines, with accountability and authority for budgetary approval, amendments and actual disbursements resting jointly with the business unit leader, the City Manager, and City Council."

I know this would add some accounting overhead but I think it would be worth it. With our present "line item" budget it is impossible for the public (or Councillors) to know how much each facility costs.