Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Crowsnest Pass Brand/Logo

The results to the Brand/Logo survey are now available at:  http://www.crowsnestpass.com/public/download/documents/9083

I will voice my opinion at the council meeting tonight on this subject.
The public as made it very clear that they do not wish us to spend any more time, energy, effort and (especially) money on this issue.

The great thing that came out of this whole process in my mind is the opportunity that was provided to give the public the chance to provide their input. And input they did almost 800 people responded that's 15% of our population compared to say a Lethbridge could you see 20,000 people responding to a city survey?
I think between using our utility bills and the municipal web site, those are great tools that I hope will be used on a regular basis moving forward.

Also of great importance the cost of allowing the public to voice their opinion on this issue? $200.


Anonymous said...

Sure, but this sets a precedent. Will all things that have been decided on be brought up again via survey? Where's the discussion on the fire hall?

Anonymous said...

I am not sure a survey was needed for that decision. It is a no brainer. Wonder why it was even brought up?

Anonymous said...

In my opinion the results were garbage to say the least. What was great was the opportunity to voice my opinion. I hope the Muni does more of this.
10:30 yes more issues should be coming back to the public for their input.
At least now I feel like we have a council that will give us a chance to speak out.

Anonymous said...

People spoke out at the open houses and info sessions. Just because a certain group didn't get their way doesn't mean the public was not involved. It is a huge waste of time to re-visit issues like this. Not to mention, Survey Monkey isn't exactly the most accurate way to gather data. Meanwhile, other decisions are being made without even being reflected in council minutes and then questions about them get completely ignored.

Anonymous said...

The open houses and info sessions (some called them wine and cheese parties) took place after the brand was a done deal.
For most of us the issue was never about the logo itself. It was about the $400K that was spent to do it.

Anonymous said...

5 minute CBC radio interview:
Should cities have slogans?

The City of Edmonton's slogan is "The City of Champions," but it may not be for long. Council is considering changing the motto, or eliminating it all together.

So what does it accomplish for a city for have an inspirational catchphrase on its welcome signs and letterhead?

We'll discuss that with Bill Baker, who runs the blog "Small City Branding Around the World."

Anonymous said...

The link to the survey results does not work. Both on your blog or on the Municipal website!
Please have it fixed. Thank you.