Friday, December 19, 2014

Crowsnest Pass -Capital Budget 2015-

Lots of scary numbers on this page, the following is Administration's recommendations. How will this be paid for? obviously some from grants, some from debt and some from the tax roll.
The items below have a cost attached to them and administration's priority level regarding the need.

In summary we are looking at the following:
Maintain safety $330,000
Preserving existing assets $250,500
Fleet Replacement $2,166,000
Infrastructure Replacement $6,062,000
Frank Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrading $5,000,000
Provide for growth $100,000
Enhancements $235,000

Total $14,143,500

Maintain Safety

LED Streetlight Retrofitting 30,000 High Priority
Gravel Rural Roads 300,000 High Priority

Preserve Existing Assets

Wastewater Collection System Video Inspection 39,500 High Priority
Fleet additions 211,000
Lane Reconditioner 9,000 High Priority
Hoe Tamper Attachment 20,000 High Priority
6" Trash Pump 42,000 High Priority
Grader Packer 20,000 High Priority
Bucket Truck 120,000 High Priority

Upgrade/Replace Existing Assets

Fleet replacement

Wheel Loader 250,000 Committed
Wheel Loader 250,000 High Priority
Light Pickups (3) 110,000 High Priority
Fire Command Unit 84,000 High Priority
Facility Vans (2) 130,000 High Priority
Sanding Trucks (2) 360,000 High Priority
Steamer Truck Deck 5,000 High Priority
Street Sweeper 250,000 High Priority
HydroVac Truck 450,000 High Priority
Low Boy Unit 95,000 High Priority
Fire Support Unit 50,000 High Priority
Water Rescue Boat 10,000 High Priority
John Deere Attachments 40,000 High Priority
Loader Swivel Blade 30,000 Medium Priority
Welder 22,000 High Priority
Snowmobile 30,000 High Priority
Zamboni - High Priority $170,000 requires 2015 commitment for 2016 delivery

Deep Infrastructure Replacement High Priority

Sanitary Sewer Main Replacement 24 Ave 391,000 High Priority
Sanitary Sewer Main Replacement C#402 to C#412 2,420,000 High Priority
Sanitary Sewer Main Replacement BL#136 to BL#140 813,000 High Priority
Sanitary Sewer Main Replacement BL#107 to BL#108 451,000 High Priority
Water and Sanitary Sewer Main Replacement 128 St 302,000 High Priority
Coleman Booster Pump Station Facility Upgrade 55,000 High Priority
Blairmore Main Pump Station Facility Upgrade 55,000 High Priority
Sentinel Water Tower Maintenance and Access Road 125,000 High Priority
Road Rehabilitation 1,000,000 High Priority
Electrical Distribution System Upgrading 200,000 High Priority
IT Upgrades 200,000 In Progress
Office Upgrades 50,000 Medium Priority

Facility Upgrades For Discussion
Sentinel Bridge Replacement For Discussion
Frank Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrading 5,000,000 High Priority Dependent on AMWWP funding approval

Provide for Growth
Passburg Pit Property Acquisition 100,000 High Priority

Enhancements-Fleet additions
Watering Truck 35,000 Medium Priority
Concrete Crushing 200,000 Low Priority

My next post will show how administration intends to pay for all of the above.


Anonymous said...

Don't see the re-opening of the Hillcrest Firehall on that list, who requested that?

Anonymous said...

This is more like a joke than anything. It looks like a kid's Christmas list. When 27 out of 31 things listed show up as "high priority" makes me believe that most of this stuff is not so high priority.
Instead of wasting everybody's time, why not just give administration a budget that they have to live with. At least then you would know what is a high priority.
That must be one fancy snowmobile,lol.

Anonymous said...

I am not sure that everything is a priority all of a sudden. Too funny. Council is really going to have to sharpen the pencil and live within whatever they get. That is your job. Right.

Anonymous said...

I am not sure whether the old Ratepayers were critical of the previous Regime's purchase of equipment and other necessities. But I do know that the old Regime spent needless money on numerous items and dreams that could have been diverted to these new equipment requests.

I don't buy the High Priority designation for most of the items. That means each kid's request for Christmas presents is high priority, but in the case of the Municipality there is no Santa Clause, just us overtaxed ratepayers. Make some tough choices, boys and girls. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Get creative you can not fix everything in one year. Take Prentice's lead unfortunately the Pass is not like the province the money will come back to Edmonton when the price of oil rebounds.

Anonymous said...

There was "Frank Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrading $5,000,000" in the 2014 budget. Is this another $5,000,000 ?

Crowsnest Pass Home said...

No this was carried forward. A large portion of this will be funded by a grant. This is something we have to do based on our license for the sewer plant. The project as been approved by the province but there is no funding available at this time.
Based on a $55 a barrel oil I will be shocked if this happens in 2015.
Tomorrow I will be posting as to where the sources of dollars are that administration proposes to use to fund all of the above.

Anonymous said...

But Dean, Do you not see all of this as just a waste of everybody's time. We personally set our budget on the money coming in. We do not go out and say we want a new house, car, holiday and then dumbly realize we do not have the money.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, we spent money on branding, entrance signs, Best Western franchises and assorted consultants. Now we don't have money to keep our sewage treatment up to minimum standards (for what we are allowed to dump in the river).

TransparencyCNP said...

Dean 3:28
In the Accepted MSI projects for 2013 there are no approved grants for CNP. We are not even listed under "Specialized Municipality", page 4. What paid for the hospital demolition and entrance signs?

TransparencyCNP said...

Does this mean CNP missed out on our $1,700,000 2013 MSI allocation because we neglected to apply?