Monday, December 29, 2014

Paying for all the good stuff.

Further to my post of December 19, administration's recommendations on what we need to spend on our Capital Budget.

$14,143,500 is a very large number and a lot of is subject to grants, but here is the breakdown of the revenue sources.

Grant AMWWP $3,327,500
Grant MSI Capital $4,376,000
Grant FGTF/BMTG $1,300,000
Grant ACP $114,000
Longterm Financing-Equipment $1,310,000
Longterm Financing-Frank WWTP $1,672,500
Operating Budget $1,347,500
Reserves-Equip + Electrical $696,000

Total $14,143,500

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TransparencyCNP said...

Some questions:

"Operating Budget $1,347,500"
Why is this in the Capital budget?

"Grant MSI Capital $4,376,000"
I thought we only get $2,100,00 per year.
I have been trying to get information about the grant situation. The MSI Guidelines say that municipalities must publish a list of grants, but CNP just refers me to the MSI website. The latest report there says we did not get ANY capital grants for 2013 (we should be under "Specialized Municipality", page 4). I tried looking at the "2013 Consolidated Financial Statements" on the CNP website but I get "404 not found". Weren't the entrance signs and hospital demolition supposed to be paid for from 2013 MSI grants?