Wednesday, November 7, 2012

After months of crunching numbers the results are in.

Before I discuss the numbers that were presented last night people need to go back and read the article below, regarding the cancellation of Thunder In the Valley.
Two justifications from the politicians/administration safety and costs.

Some quotes from that article:

According to Thompson, the total cost to put on the entire Rum Runner Days weekend, including Thunder in the Valley, would come in at around $197,000 this year, due in large part to the need for increased policing costs (an additional $35,000) and $25,000 to bring in regional peace officers to help with enforcement during the fireworks, as well as additional costs such as $23,000 for CP Rail police and fencing along the railroad tracks in Blairmore, the cost of running a shuttle service for those attending the fireworks show, and roughly $40,000 in “soft costs” such as employee time and services. 

“If this event is now going to cost us over $150,000, I’m going to have a really hard time supporting additional costs,” said Councillor Brian Gallant.

Then below is the budget I received from Councilor Saindon on March 13th.

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