Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Rum Runner Days (The real numbers)

Well it seems only like yesterday that the Thunder in the Valley event was deferred.
The issues being the safety of the public all those unruly characters coming to our town filling the jails and costs, numbers were thrown around like confetti at a wedding, $100,000, $150,000 with every new number being larger than the last.
I wish I had a copy of the editorial from the Pass Herald written by Lisa Sygutek it was very well written and spoke about how inflated the numbers were to justify the cancellation of Thunder in the Valley, she was right.  
Never the less the decision was made to proceed with the Rum Runner weekend and bring in new events, family orientated (Wine and cheese festival) vendors, bands for the evening remember the Rum Runner Days flyer that we received with our utility bills (expecting 20,000 plus people).  So the security was all in place for the influx of people finally after years of not knowing what this weekend cost the taxpayers we would have certainty of financial information.
So in March I asked Councillor Saindon for his committee's budget which he was kind enough to share with me it appeared the weekend was projected to actually make money. Revenue's of $160,500 with expenditure's of only $151,720 well finally last night three and a half months after the event Council was provided a financial breakdown of the weekend.  

Revenues projected at $160,500 actually turned out to be $45,452.
Expenses projected at $151,720 actually turned out to be $89,456.

Remember all the big numbers for RCMP/Security/Peace Officers at one point the number of $60-70,000 was being thrown around then with the committee budget it was dropped to $35,000 actually ended up being $18,017.
On the issue of unlawful behaviour we had 5 less people in jail this year than last.

Note: When Councillor Saindon presented his report last night he spoke with great emotion about the difficult time his wife went through with personal medical problems, and the stress of what she was required to do to put on the Rum Runner Days weekend. That I have a lot of understanding for I know what it's like to be in the centre of the Crowsnest Pass political world when you are having to deal with a family crisis.

What I did not like was when he criticized all the people that choose not to participate in the weekend either as a volunteer or participant, and the criticism of people and groups not willing to change, to make Rum Runner Days into what council's vision of it should be. Just maybe on this weekend the silent majority disagreed with council.  


Anonymous said...

It took them 3 months to come up with that!
I would have liked to have seen a more detailed statement.Did all those buses fall under entertainment or under transportation.

Anonymous said...

Also where did that 16,000$ cash on hand go.

Anonymous said...

Wow those numbers could have been put together on the back of a Beer Mat. On a Friday night at the Blairmore Legion


Anonymous said...

3 and a half months what a joke?

John Prince said...

This is so sad, to think council thinks we are all a bunch of dolts and rubes who don't know when we are having the wool pulled over our eyes with slight of hand tricks that even children can pick up on. "If the glove don't fit, you must acquit", is what they are saying to us. Ya, right!

This my friends is why this council no longer has any credibility with its residents, and has lost the trust of its citizens.


Anonymous said...

Something stinks here. Were the costs for stage rentals, Porta-Potty rentals, bracades, band contracts, public works employee hours, etc. suppressed because the beer coaster wasn't big enough? Even to a grade four student the math doesn't add up.
What happened to the well itemised $151,720 projected cost and have all contractual obligations been paid?

Anonymous said...

Dean, I have a copy of the Feb. 22,2012 RRD Income Statement that the Rum Runner Committee were using for budgeting as a reason to kill TITV due to high costs. Some of the expenses included: $32,280 for Municipal Staff; $10,000 Municipal Equipmt; $11,200 Municipal Office; Potty rentals $16,500; POLICING $60,000; Total project expenditures $168,880.
Nothing like the "actuals" that where presented last night. That is almost a $80,000 difference!
So sad that Saindon felt the citizens shunned the weekend, but like many decisions made by Mayor, Council and Admin, it was not what the people wanted.
This proves there in no financial reason to kill TITV.
It will be interesting to hear da Mayor's concept for Rum Runner Days, he better be careful including TITV in his concept as it is a registered trademark.

Anonymous said...

The municipality will wash its hands of the RRD. Sad legacy for a. Council we elected with so much hope.

Anonymous said...

They must have saved quite a bit not having the fire trucks in the parade. Didn't have to pay for that budget line.