Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Prince of alternative Media as struck again with another story about the cutting edge changes we are seeing in the Pass

Dealing with the Media Policy

Well when the media prints something you don't like or fell is wrong: do the following

and if you think this is a one time deal check out the following :

Pretty soon should we have all the reporters present their stories to administration to check for accuracy before printing them.

Had to feel bad for those two young ladies the other night first lose their mothers home and then be berated and the way I heard it lied to.


Anonymous said...

I think the newby reporter needs some guidance and mentoring. The right way though. This is the second time there has been an issue in the reporting - once with the Alberta Government. Not usual is it. Training is needed I believe. If I was training her I would have said, just because a town official summons you, you don't need to go. End of story.

Anonymous said...

End of story?? You must be kidding!
The bullies would and may still run her out of town!

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:45 You would be a horrible reporter. You get a chance for a one on one meeting and you would pass on it.This girl is in trouble because people are trying to hide something or are lieing or being bullies.Legally she probably has not done anything wrong. I think the municapality is afraid that she may release that recording to the public. More shame on them.
There should be no lawsuit here.End of story!!

Anonymous said...

This fiasco could have been handled by our Directer of Media Relations. What, we don't have one?

Peter Rosner said...

Control is the name of the game--- Good post a lot of foresight there. Seems that a lot of people thought we were spreading paranoia back then looks like the article and replys hit the nail on the head.