Friday, November 2, 2012

Rum Runner Days Getting the numbers

Barring another deferral Tuesday night (Nov 6) the public is finally going to have the numbers made available on what Rum Runner Days weekend cost us.
Just for a reminder and comparison purposes below are the numbers Councillor Saindon sent me back in the spring.

It will be very interesting to see how the final numbers come out and where council goes from here for next year.

With revenues of $160,500 and costs of $151,720.

Where does the revenue come from?
$16,000 cash on hand
$25,000 municipal soft costs
$50,000 Municipal contribution
$2,500 Carnival rides
$3,000 Business Licenses
$6,000 Vendor permits
$10,000 Camping
$1,500 Friday Night wine and arts
$2,000 Lions Club
$15,000 Saturday night concert
$2,500 Saturday night food and beverage
$15,000 Merchandise Sales
$2,500 Show and Shine revenue
$9,500 Parking and Shuttle Revenue

Total revenue $160,500

Where is the money spent?

$19,200 Municipal Staff costs
$6,600 Municipal Office
$3,000 Advertising
$3,500 Website design/modifications
$2,000 Promotion
$1,500 Wine and art night
$8,500 Saturday night concert
$3,000 Gazebo Park Entertainment
$3,500 Kids Show
$13,500 Stage Rental
$4,000 Show and Shine merchandise
$20,000 Merchandise Purchase Costs
$12,500 Washroom rentals
$4,000 Waste pickup and disposal
$1,500 Security Fencing
$2,500 Tent and Accessories
$20,000 Rcmp Policing
$15,000 Regional Peace Officers/Sheriff
$1,920 Bus Rentals
$1,500 Donation to Boys and Girls club
$1,500 Donation to Coleman Society
$1,500 Donation to Kanaskis Rodeo Assoc
$1,500 Donation to Quad Squad

Total Expenses $151,720


Anonymous said...

Nice timely post Dean. I can't wait for the number comparison. I don't believe in the tooth fairy or anything of the likes, so I don't expect much in respect to their meeting of those numbers. I do believe in Santa Clause and have asked him for a bright red, toy, firetruck for Christsmas... I believe!

Anonymous said...

Always be carefull of what you wish for.

Anonymous said...

I can’t wait to hear the explanation for the spending on their local street festival, Rum Runner days.

So Far demonstrations and outcrys have been peacefull, lets hope it says that way;

-Turnover of staff and administration:
they claim they left for personal reasons

-Letters, phone calls, emails:
most went un answered then publically accused of being the ramblings of the uniformed.

-Town Hall meeting:
people who spoke out of turn and against counsil, were told they were digging their own grave, then escorted out by fully armed, Chief of Police

They lied to and mocked the tax payers for believing rumours. (that were proven true)

–Empty streets at Rum Runner days:
They claim RRD was a success

– Rally’s outside council meetings:
They claim they were in danger and called for police escorts

-Firemen that gave years of service, turned in their pagers: They claim the FM were
unprofessional and fired them all

- No one volunteers:(After dismissing the ones they had)
They claim people just want to complain but no one wants to help

- Removal and disposal of fireworks, paid for by tax dollars for our world known, annual tourist attraction:
They claim they had no knowledge of them and that they were illegally stored

Request for financial statements: They claim these take time to prepare

Request for explanations and justification for their high spending:
They claim they have a mandate

-Letters to the editor and editorials:
They claim Newspapers are archaic and attempt to change laws so they do not have to advertise there

-Comments on their Facebook page: They claim Facebook is full of amateurs and attempt to delete posts until they come in so fast and furious they can’t keep up

-2000+ names on the petition for municipal affairs to intervene: They claim they have the support of the silent majority and people here are resistant to change.

There is no getting through to this council. They have an agenda, and are going to push it through, regardless of what the tax payers want.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:28 I 100% agree.

Anonymous said...

The key issue is, beyond RRD2012's mysterious "$16,000 cash on hand", was any of this spending of public funds legally authorised, and if not, who was signing the cheques and contracts.

If this information does not come out I will be making a FOIP request. Should have done it months ago.

Anonymous said...

Looks to me that revenues will be off by about 50 -60 thousand. The question will be did they keep the expenses as budgeted.Either way it will have cost taxpayers at least 100,000 for RR weekend.

RJ Pisko said...

Come on Anonymous - there are many of you. Show some chutzpah and identify yourselves. I'd love to discuss things with you, and understand where you're coming from. I challenge you here and now to quit hiding behind the convenience of anonymity - no one is going to bite you, harass your kids, or soap your windows. You might make to the "watch list", though . . . Own up to your ideas - free exchange of ideas is on what we base democracy on. (Oops - dangling participle . . .)