Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Crowsnest Pass Help me out with CAO's

At the Fire/Rescue Master plan yesterday administration made a comment about us going through 13 CAO's in 15 years.

I could sure use some help from my readers, that number does not make sense to me, so please fill in the gaps if you can.


March 2004 to Oct 2010 Gord Lundy

Oct 2010 to July 2011 Tully Clifford

July 2011 to June 2012 Kevin Robins

June 2012 to Present Myron Thompson

Did we really have 9 CAO's from 1998 to 2003? one every 6 months.


Anonymous said...

Around 1998-2001 - Doug Topinka and Bevin Keith

Anonymous said...

Was there a point to that comment? Has current council done anything to make our CAO less stressed out?

Anonymous said...

John Kapalka was CAO of Blairmore before amalgamation and became the first CAO of the amalgamated CNP in 1979 until sometime in the 90’s

Rom McCullough was here after Bevin Keith and before Gord Lundy

Anonymous said...

Anom 2:46 posted Was there a point to that comment? Has current council done anything to make our CAO less stressed out?

Are you asking did Headrick have a point in miss stating we had 13 CAO’s in 15 years or are you asking does Dean have a point bringing this miss information to light?

Anonymous said...

Where one statement is exaggerated what gives one comfort that the rest are not.


Anonymous said...

4:58, why was that comment made in the context of the Fire Plan presentation. It does not look like our newest CAO is really enjoying how things are unfolding. Last time he looked a little stressed.

Anonymous said...

They're probably counting all the "acting" and "interim" CAOs and the rent-a-CAO.


Anonymous said...

Anom 10:31 I don’t think so. It is BS with an agenda.

I love politics! You can use statistics to manipulate a partially informed public. If that is not enough you can make up your own facts and rely on the faded memory of the public to not get caught. This council is so busy cleaning up the “mess they inherited” they can not see the good that was here.

Lets state the facts a different way.
Since this council was elected we are on our 4th CAO. Gord Lundy, Tully Clifford , Kevin Robins and Myron Thompson have all revolved through CAO’s office. This makes the average term of each CAO 7 months.
In the pervious 13 years we had 5 CAO’s John Kapalka, Doug Topinka Bevin, Keith, Ron McCullough and Gord Lundy. This makes the average stay 3 years.
If you want to take a look at our 34 year record the same CAO’s served as our 15 year history making the average stay 4-1/3 years.

Does all this mean anything…no. Just like 13 CAO’s in 15 years does not mean anything (if it were true). It is just BS to push though a Fire Plan this community does not want. I guess this is how things are done in the big city.

Very disrespectful to those who have served us in the past.